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  1. I really like the wardogs part.
  2. Small changes are fine, little bit here, little bit there, still can be a positive thing. If the new terrain editor is easier to work with, perhaps more players could volunteer. And heck, one needn't have complete knowledge to be useful at a task; you don't necessarily have to know how to form the ground tiles in order to place objects, after all, all players may currently place objects in the game world, and it is not difficult. Of course, don't know if that will be reflected in the new editor.
  3. Paras can indeed make for a good hot drop on an undefended town.
  4. And we lose to these guys ...
  5. That is interesting, isn't it. To be honest, I think this engine would be just fine with a few optimizations, more polys, better explosions, and shadows. But of course those improvements take resources.
  6. Yep, and it should obviously be the p-47.
  7. Arty on the cheap! Hey CRS, if the old french 75mm model is still around in your memory banks: How bout add that and a few more 88s for the gerrys, heavy on the HE ammowise, and make like a couple arty units per side. The Brits could use it until the 25 lbr gets modeled. Could give them the destroyer vis and gun range. Would be great addition with new HE!
  8. Thats something of an an ideal implementation. It'll be cool when it arrives. Too bad none of us will live to see it. I'd settle for less; I'd take the models and 4 clicks of range. Maybe, as with destroyers, the range could be pushed out a bit. Of course, there are already cannons in game and so it'd be redundant and perhaps a waste of precious resources. Still its nice to use the iconic weapons like the 1897. And waiting on the ideal never stopped this game before. Regardless, one thing that definitely ought to be done, for immersion and appeal, is more realistic HE explosions. I have a pretty mediocre computer, and it handles the more realistic effects in other games well enough.
  9. A few reasons why arty might be a good addition at this time: It is an iconic part of warfare, yet the models are not as complex as with armor, planes, or boats, so not so heavy on the resources. New guns are already being modeled on the vehicles, including at least one important artillery type, the 105mm on the newest stug. Certain issues could be addressed that would have positive effects beyond artillery, like rounds not visually registering at long ranges, and redoing the explosion sprite and sound to be more realistic. Those would impact everything that fires HE, and add greatly to immersion, hence appeal. Could be the first weapon system to have detachable crew. Joining and leaving animation would be very simple. Future modifications of the 75mm: aa gun, from wikipedia "It is estimated that 913 un-modernized mle 1897 anti-aircraft guns were still in service in 1940". Halftrack with 75mm for Americans in tier, or halftier, before m10. DLC! Light artillery pack! Mo money!
  10. Yep, someone would work it out. I would enjoy trying. Throwing up the flak at the nme hordes in the heavens, and flying through that flak to the target, is part of the romance of the war. Would be worth modeling if ever the resources were available.
  11. This would honestly be fun. A longer vis range and time-out for the shells would be good too. I once spawned a bofors at a factory when a 111 was flying over. It was only in view for a few seconds, grayed out and very high. Would be nice to have aaa at the factories that could see and fire out farther.
  12. That is very nice! Now please put the race car back on the training server! And maybe add the track at Le Mans...
  13. One day there's going to be a game where you load the bombs into the bay, and fuel up the bomber. Its going to be intense, and immersive, and everythings going to count. And its going to be beautiful, mark my words. It should arrive in about two hundred years, and will probably flop.
  14. No. Instead everyone should be able to drop bots like in offline mode, with natural, gameplay considerate limits on numbers and placement. These bots, while not AI, show on the map, and are spawnable. Low pop side gets the most.
  15. A lockdown mechanic to limit spawning is fine to lessen the impact of camping, and perhaps make the flow of battle more realistic. To which the proper game mechanic compliment would perhaps be adjustments to MSP mechanics to give players more spawning options. For instance, if CP garrisons had persistent missions, as I seem to remember they did for awhile in the days of town-based spawning, then persistent defensive MSPs might be set. These might include vehicle spawning MSPs giving players an option besides the AB. More and variable, player positioned spawns would be harder to camp. Probably the MSP tech could be leveraged to make spawning much more dynamic, more akin to what players had hoped for at the game's inception where no, or limited frontline spawning was often requested.
  16. Here's my grand map dev scheme for ww2ol in brief, which I think could go a long way in keeping player interest and bringing old players back. First make map dev plan! Game world was only 12 or 16 cps at beginning and worked. Instead of adding 100 cps to current map make new smaller maps of say 25 cps each. Bocage map, North Africa map, Norway map, Russian steppe map, maybe even Pacific islands. Variety is the spice of life, gives an oprtunity try different approaches to layout, and maybe even testing novel capture mechanics. Initially Dev non ressource heavy locations, and integrate them in to game piecemeal. For example, look at Kasserine pass - no buildings - all thats needed is a ground tile, bump algorythym(like the berms in game), and can use current small bushes for scrub. When a small part of the area is done it can be added to the game as an event, or intermission terrain, while the rest is built. Many of the requisite vehicles and troops are already ingame with Italians on the way. Norway, same buildings with more pines. Can replace buildings over time with more genuinely local architecture with same footprint. Russian steppe same, just a lot more grass. Italy can use current mountain tiles for some areas. Such a map could be deved along with the planned introduction of Italian infantry. Russian inf could follow, and they could use lend lease until the first t-34s are delivered. Hold discussions to form map plan with knowledgeable community members with emphasis on most bang for the buck; most variety with most efficient use of limited ressources. Present plan to broader community and have one of those charity drives. Ask Doc Doom, as he has the most map dev experience, if he wouldn't mind working a few hours on the weekends for $10 or $15 an hour expanding the map. Send him the necessary progs, even buy him a cheap comp if necessary. If he won't, ask Bloo or Gophur, or whoever is able. If no one is available, sulk a little for what might have been. I think a well thought out plan might fetch thousands of dollars, and help keep the community excited for the future. I also believe that, upon looking at various battle sites, and considering whats in game already, many places could be introduced without necessitating anything near a whole new set of textures, tiles, vehicles, buildings etc.
  17. Bump Now that the map is being devved, perhaps its time to consider putting a part of those resources towards an alternate arena.
  18. Might have been interesting to try and deal with this by evolving the FMS tech: extend the range to 2, 3, 4 towns away, make them persistent, in a flagless town switch capture to dealing with the nme FMS', allow them to be swapped between brigades, etc. One step at a time of course. It seems to me a sort of fallow ground that could be used to experiment with mobile spawns, see where you could take them, both for offense as well as defense.
  19. Would like a bloody stump update with screens. Thanks!
  20. All the better!
  21. As they do now, and as they would with the OP's idea. Best answer to this problem is making the spawn and capture rules as close as possible to real life: modeling the battlefield with the accuracy given the weapons and vehicles. Until then though, this is clearly the most brilliant, realistic and immersive manner of addressing the OP's concerns.
  22. Here is what you do: allow one AI avatar to be dropped (as with the offline clones) in each capture building. He is not dangerous, he'll be reading the map. When nme units enter he gives a shout "Enemy!" or alternately "Feinde!". The cappers naturally kill him (he drops like offline clones), but now those in the neighborhood know someone is there and can respond as they see fit. If you put an AI in the building you won't have to guard, and if you snipe the clone through a window you won't have to worry about alerting the defense. Though, there ought to be a thud when the defense-bot falls. This might also be considered an early test implementation of persistent units, which would have profound, far-reaching implications for future gameplay. Thus the idea is not only simple, elegant, realistic and immersive, but also has a great depth of potential and as such ought to be implemented asap.
  23. I don't particularly like the airborne idea as presented either, however, if there were a join in flight for paras, with a limit on the number based on the plane's capacity, I think it would add to the fun and keep the action flowing without being too gamey, and be good for the game. If need be, could put a limit on the amount of time join in flight would be open in order not to have the circling, para, clown car.
  24. And should anyone wish to know what actually happens to a brit tank when nuked: Spoiler alert: it happily drives away and later serves in combat, very staunch piece of kit.