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  1. Ah, was the bushes, not the trees, musta misremembered. Well, if the forests are handcrafted, then add more grass, fallen trees, stumps, rocks, and make some pine forests. Easy, right? Wonder if in fact the forest trees could be placed algorithmically similar to the bushes, might make terrain building quicker. Game might use too much cpu power laying them out though, I suppose, especially when moving quickly through the air, as there's a lot of trees in the big ones.
  2. One idea I posted a long time ago that I believe might be doable would be to vary the algorithms used to place certain objects. I believe that, for instance, the trees in the big forests are placed via algorithms. Using a variety of algorithms, as well as objects, in different parts of the map might liven things up just a little: forests like we have now over here, more pine trees over there, some with more glades perhaps covered in grass, others with more stumps and rocks, yada.
  3. The best thing they could possibly do to make this game play like a war, and not like a grand match of cap-the-flag, would be to evolve the MS tech, until all spawning is from player prepped positions. With that you wouldn't even need any sort of capture mechanism, just rules regarding supply lines.
  4. Those did make it harder to see inf, and even though very simple had a certain 'desolation of war' sort of charm.
  5. No. But you will get a horse to pull your flak. A horse for the big flak, and a pony for the little flak. Its historic, look it up! The Germans not only used horses, their leader was a horses [censored].
  6. If all the players under you are colonels, that means you have no privates.
  7. Could have the Maus and the Tortoise, just like in Aesop's Battles.
  8. This is an idea I thought might provide an interesting change of pace to the fighting in game, and possibly be something the Rats could implement relatively easily even with reduced resources. I posted it previously, but couldn't find it in a search. The reason I'm reposting the idea is that it needs terrain dev abilities to be implemented, and it seems CRS is nearing that point. Physically the idea is to have an exposed capture objective. Instead of a building, there would be something like a low platform, maybe six inches off the ground, fitting the footprint of the average flag building, with a flag in the middle of it. It might even merely be a pavement texture overlaying the ground. You would capture, as per usual, by occupying the platform. Defensive works could be placed around, and perhaps on, the flag area, making it different with each fight. Obviously you could be sniped from any range while capping an open flag and so it might seem a silly idea, but that is actually the point, it would force area control in order to effect capture. One of the game's primary complaints is the leet ninja capture method. One of the proposed solutions is to replace flags with Zones Of Control. Well to capture an open flag requires control of the surrounding area (and even the sky above). Thus an exposed capture space effectively creates a ZOC, but utilizes the current game mechanisms, thus it would be in relatively easy reach development wise. A simple platform and flag is not a complicated model to build, and would probably not even require new textures. The reason it is proposed that city flags be used is that with depots a spawn is usually next door. It would be impossible to hold an exposed flag against the infantry spawning in the depot, shooting and throwing grenades out the windows. City flags have no spawns. Also there are more than one type of capture building used for the city ingame. Evidently, when map-building, CRS can choose from more than one structure. Thus this idea could probably be tried on a very limited basis - a city flag here or there - in order to see how it plays. Different city flags, with different surroundings would obviously provide different challenges. The city at Tienen is located within a cluster of buildings, and as such is unexposed to direct fire from enemy spawns, therefore it would be a good candidate for this change. It would be a close quarters, house to house fight. No being stuck in the flag building, it could be defended from any of the surrounding structures, which would have to be cleared. Then there is the city at Essen which is right on the corner of a main street. It is exposed for a long distance in more than one direction, but it as well is unexposed to direct spawn fire. This would provide the challenge of controlling a big city sector. I think the capture of such flags would play more like war and less like cap the flag, and so possibly add to gameplay. In the very least they would add variety to the game. And not being development heavy, they could perhaps be implemented without stressing current resources.
  9. Yeah, I think the FMS takes care of that. The FMS being set by truck, a very vulnerable unit, also means that one needs to exercise a certain control over the area, or that there is at least no enemy presence, in order to set the spawn. One problem with cap points in the field is that they wouldn't change, whereas FMS' are player placed and so always varying. Imo the best way to take the battle outside the city, would be to make persistent defensive FMS' with persistent PPOS. These would have to be dealt with by attackers before hitting the city, or setting their own FMS'. They'd add variety, and would take the fight into the field. Not sure how you'd do that, but I seem to remember there being persistent defensive missions back in the days of town-based supply. With persistent defensive missions, FMS' attached to those missions could perhaps persist as well, and so you'd have a sort of defensive front line out in the field.
  10. Although the wish list expressed here may be a bit much, a better rendition of real life explosive effects than that currently modeled in game is probably quite doable. Computers are much more powerful than those at the time of the game's inception. It would be appropriate to add a more realistic, if not elaborate, explosion sprite with the new HE effects. Would be much more immersive.
  11. An idea worthy of consideration. After all, if you want to see combined arms gameplay, then reward combined arms gameplay. Heck, I'd like to see units in the area speed capture just like units in the flag building, just seems more realistic than the sardine can capture method.
  12. Effectively, I mean. Capping an exposed flag requires control of the surrounding area, a sort of effective ZOC, or sector, as it were, but without all the programming.
  13. Its the only one I remember. You could go through it but had to wriggle your way through.
  14. Combine the ideas and you have to exercise control over a city sector in order to cap AB. Seems reasonable to me.
  15. Yes! War is hell. Consider it a challenge.
  16. Don't forget these: Wonder if they're still available.
  17. Inf should have graffiti ability for the walls. Don't know what they'd use for writing, but might liven things up. Higher your rank, the more characters you can use.
  18. Been a long time since I've had access to the good forums. I remember Scotsman talking bout the scanner as Madrebel states, but was so long ago. Can that do textures too? Wow, Guppy for the win. Is the Guppy thread still alive after all these years?
  19. Here is my theory which is almost certainly wrong. They are partial models that were otw with Rapid Assault, but were left incomplete when it fell through. Perhaps they were going to mount Pacific and eastern front scenarios in that game. One wonders how much of that game is transferable here. I like the trees getting run over (3:00 mk).
  20. I don't mean to offend, but waste of resources! The Rats are closing on being able to do terrain work. What you want is to get rid of FBs altogether, as is the case currently between many towns, then have player placed positions in between towns - effectively, player placed FBs. Make FMS' permanent as it were, via permanent defense missions or some such, with some rules about where friendly positions may be set vis a vis nme positions. Then you have to fight your way from your front line position through the nme's to the AO. A different fight everytime. Don't waste resources on jiggering a very limited and limiting system, there are no resources to waste, go for the gold! No FBs, create armor FMS', many more PPOs, make defensive positions permanent until overrun or destroyed by the nme, bring the battle into the countryside, make it novel each and every time, no more FB flip-flop, no more every battle the Alamo (still you should remember the Alamo), make the game a war!
  21. But they did leave a bomb... Demolition charges, next PPO!
  22. Radar would be a great target. And if it ever were in game, it ought to be a PPO placed by HC so it would be in a different spot each time. One tower per square, which goes blank when the tower's down. And it ought to be an MS that spawns flak. I'd like to see a certain percentage of an airfields supply around the edges of the field, which you could bomb or strafe and take off the list.
  23. As a complimentary type of MS, allowing ML spawning if the ML maintains a certain concentration of troops in his vacinity might make for interesting more team oriented gameplay. ML could move about but his MS wouldn't be too stealthy because he'd need to keep a force about. Could place the FMS far, then move as a group closer and spawn off ML. FMS would be like a forward, forward base an FFB, and ML would be the FMS. IF ML's local force is atritted too much he is no longer an MS. And spawning can't occur off ML, as it is now, when he is too close to nme facilities. Move as a group, maintain cohesion, protect your lives and your leader, be rewarded.
  24. Yeah, the desire to turn and burn - instant action "fun" sort of flying - is strong in these games, and its inherently problematic for the German rides if accurately modelled. The Italian planes would change that to some degree, and the CR42 in particular. In fact the 42 would be ridiculous. It was, however, real, was involved in the BOF and BOB, and could own the tight dogfight. From Wikipedia: Pilot Officer Jock Barber remembered: "On my first combat, the 9 of July, I attacked the leader of a Squadriglia of Falcos, while [Flight Lieutenant] George Burges attacked an SM.79 bomber. When I shot the CR.42 at a range of 100 yards [91 meters], he did a flick-roll and went spinning down. I found myself engaged in dogfighting with the remaining CR.42s. This went down to about 10,000 feet [3,048 meters]; by then I had used up all my ammunition without much success, although I am convinced I got quite a few strikes on the leader in the initial combat. I realized pretty quickly that dogfighting with biplanes was just not on. They were so manoeuvrable that it was very difficult to get in a shot, and I had to keep diving and turning to keep myself from being shot down. George had by this time disappeared so I stuck my nose down and, with full throttle, was very thankful to get out of the way."[31] A week later, a dozen CR.42s from 23° Gruppo appeared in the sky over Malta for a reconnaissance. Flight Lieutenants Peter Keeble and Burges scrambled to intercept them, and the resulting action greatly impressed the Malta defenders with the CR.42's maneuvering capability. Keeble attacked one CR.42 – probably the aircraft (MM4368) flown by Sottotenente Mario Benedetti of 74a Squadriglia that crashed, killing its pilot, but then came under attack himself by the Falchi of Tenente Mario Pinna and Tenente Oscar Abello. Keeble tried to dogfight with the Italians, but his engine was hit and his Hurricane dived into the ground at Wied-il-Ghajn, near Fort Rinella, and blew up; he was the first pilot to be killed in action at Malta.[32] This was the first recorded air victory in the Second World War of the CR.42 against the Hurricane. Shortly after Keeble's loss, a meeting of all the pilots and senior staff was called to discuss the best ways of countering the agile CR.42. A suggestion was made that the Hurricane should put down a bit of flaps as this might enable it to turn with the CR.42, but the only realistic proposal was to climb above these aircraft to be in advantageous position. WW2ol's circumstances reversed 180 degrees.
  25. What do you mean, an African or a European FMS?