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  1. Ok, if you insist, ahem: The Stug's ability to take down an FMS quick was justified because with such a short gun it has uhh... self esteem issues.
  2. You know what would be interesting, if we split the tiers in half or thirds or quarters. Then you could have a few 190s added with the spit V, then half way through the tier more 190s are added with the brits getting a few Vs with clipped wings. Then the later 190 and the spit IX are introduced next tier. You could have a more interesting, nuanced, progression, with the kind of innovation and response of real life.
  3. What are the things you could do to make the air war less onerous and more appealing to the Germans that are within CRS's current capabilities? Flak38 in flak30 clothing is often touted. Allowing timed bursts for the flak36 would be really cool. AAA pit PPO to make aa more survivable. The idea of an earlier 190 is a good one if you ask me. Could give the brits a few clipped wing spits as a response. You could add a stuka variant with a 500kg or 1000kg bomb in tier 1 or 2. The stuka is a very slow vulnerable aircraft, that might make it more attractive, and lethal, especially with the he audit. Could be a stuka progression - 250kg, 500kg, 1,000kg - maybe with the twin defensive mg at some point (dunno the history). I know loadouts would handle this, but they are who knows how far off. Though they would be nice. Could introduce the blen-T (i know its not real but the beaufort was close) and model a heinkel with 2 torps (I believe they could carry two). Could balance that by more blens in the list. Could introduce a later war Heinkel with the upgraded defensive guns - 13mm mgs, and 20mm cannon. To balance that you could give the Americans the Havoc with the six fifties in the nose (don't think you want the one with six hispanos). True multicrewing would benefit the Heinkel greatly, especially with upgraded guns. Madrebel's idea of fire control of multi aaa is great, though it seems a bit much at this time. Any good ideas?
  4. This is indeed a very good pic. Could be sold as a tee shirt.
  5. Blasphemy! The map should be turned into ONE BIG CITY and every player forced to like it! The channel could be like a venetian canal. Gondolas baby!
  6. We'll need potted plants, so you're never certain.
  7. It was plaster spalling.
  8. And barracks ought to be a 'safe space' too, for want of a better word.
  9. I'd love to see persistent units in situations like that. Transport a tank, despawn, and it stays in the field like an MS. Then the tank is in the town spawn list and you can spawn it where it is. Or better yet, spawn a crewman and run to the tank and jump in. Would be cool and give recon and bombers something to do.
  10. Hey CRS, don't know if its easy, but if it ain't too hard could you extend the FMS range, so its like 3 or 4 towns, throttled with distance perhaps, so defenders can cover an extended defensive line when need be? Albeit after a long drive. Might help defense until town supply is in. P.S. And while you're at it could you give us armor FMS's, then persistent mobile spawns, and make them transferable between brigades, and get rid of FBs, then you could really open up this virtual battlefield!
  11. Here is an idea to add variety to the map using the player base: make terrain object PPOs, and task a group of players to place them in game. Here is how it would be done. A separate class of 'permanent' PPOs is developed - they do not time out - which might include current or new objects. CRS would give a group of responsible, veteran players the capacity to place them, just as engies can place more types than riflemen. They would only be able to place them offline or on the training server. They would build up an area on the training server, or offline and take screens, then show it to CRS, and perhaps the community, who decide whether to include the new terrain, as is, or perhaps with some recommended changes. Then, when the fight is well away from that area of the map, or in between maps, a Rat unlocks the privilege of placing the objects on the main server and, under supervision, the players add the new objects to the terrain. Don't know about destroyable objects like buildings, but might be able to flesh out certain areas of the map with indestructible objects like farm fields, orchards, walls (might need a climb animation), fences, hillocks, ponds, and cabbages.
  12. Oh c'mon now, you know what I mean! I hope. A while back one of the Rats actually said they had considered making all terrain objects PPOs. I recall him using the word infinite as to capacity (was obviously an exaggeration). I'm just thinkin about speedin things up. The terrain editor is a bear from what I remember Doc saying. As you say, the server propagates the temporary object, thus the server is aware, thus placing it on your client places it on the server, which places it on all other clients, and so if it don't timeout it is effectively a permanent object. In a virtual world effective reality is all there is. You were speaking about undulations in another post somewhere. What is the atg pit? What is the foxhole? Stretch'em out and lay'em down - undulating terrain! No timeout and it stays there forever. You know how long it takes an artist to make an undulation? You could make dozens in an hour. Give em to the players, crank out the new client, you'll have undulations in a week! Where's the harm in trying, other than wasted resources of course. And of course there are limits, thats what Rat guidance is for. I doubt every sector of the map is filled to the brim. Happy new year!
  13. Flew the tankbusters offline. Poor, poor, poor dam tankers! Get your cap and spaa out! Defensive guns on the stuka are cool, and well done, and no fair!
  14. Krauts can do wonderful things with cabbages...
  15. Spawn and capture mechanics also lend themselves to the lack of cooperation. One man can capture an objective, and often has a better chance, using stealth, than a squad. And the general abundance of supply makes death an afterthought. The game mechanics have always unduly favored the leet loner, though it ain't nearly as bad as the days when a rifleman and truck could cap the whole map. Bushman wrote a post about six months in that garnered a big response, and that I still remember. He was basically remarking how upside-down it seemed that his goal, if he wanted to win, was not to fight the enemy but to sneak his way to the flag. If WW2 had to be won by capping flag buildings, and everyone had a zillion lives, then this is how it would have been 'fought'. The goal sets the strategies.
  16. Along the lines of vanity markings, kill decals would be cool. And they could go away on death in the given vehicle. Tying the usage of xp to the ability to pick up fallen weapons might be a cool use, with reasonable limitation on which units could pick-up and use which weapons. The fallen weapon could be enemy or friendly, and perhaps it could be kept until your next death using that unit. Might want to make that cost alot of experience though, as a large number of friendlies using nme weapons might make the battlefield pretty chaotic Of course, not being able to pick up a usable weapon when in need (out of ammo) on the battlefield because of a lack of xp might be considered unrealistic as well as very frustrating. Maybe, though, it could be allowed, only the weapon would jam.
  17. There might be an option CRS could try without too much ado. The first FMS they were going to implement, the large enclosed one, might keep any vehicles, or atgs, from standing where inf spawn. Course, you'd need separate spawn points, an interior inf spawn, and an exterior gun spawn. Don't know if a gun could roll into that one, too lazy to go look up the old screens. You could give the placer this alternate FMS option. They could choose their model based on whats best suited to where they're placing it or whatever. Variety is the spice of life. Or you could reduce the door size on the current FMS and have inf spawn inside.
  18. Hey, thats a great idea for testing the introduction of mines, let engies place a handful within a certain distance of FMS and see how they go. When one's placed an icon could be placed on the map of mission members, warning the spawners of the mines locations. Would be interesting, and maybe hilarious at times what with rag doll effects and all. I say let'em play, they oughta take the spawn down when this has occurred, or before. All's fair after all. Give players more defensive PPO options if you can.
  19. Placing the flag isn't optional. Flag would be placed automatically when new building is chosen. And as I stated in my first post, flag buildings would have to be within a certain distance of the depot. Though there are in fact a small number of opposite side of the town supply depots already. One way to designate the building would be with an AI guard at the door, maybe an MP.
  20. Reconnaissance in force! But, if a map icon isn't enough, and you really must have a visual clue, as per Delems ^^^, stick a flag on the building, or some tank traps by a door, or both, or something, posters on the wall, map, wet bar, yada.
  21. On top of that give the building a limited amount of PPO slots that will stay in the game as long as the flag stays in that building, so players can set their defenses carefully. Then get rid of AI inf and instead allow players to drop a limited number of inf like you can drop doppelgangers offline in the capture building. These would have AI ability. Then have these PPAI (player placed AI) show on the map in a different color than player controlled inf. Make them spawnable by clicking on them. Then make capture the best method of all, Kill the Enemy. You kill all AI and players and occupy the building, you shut down and control the depot, no timers, flag is neutral however. Mission leader then has to set a radio table in same or nearby building to own and spawn. Mighta got a little carried away pardon.
  22. Bring back the radio table and let higher ups place it in any building they like within a certain distance from the depot, then the cap building could be any and all. It'd have a map icon and attackers could place an icon for it when they locate it.
  23. 3 short campaigns in a row after steam release is no coincidence. This is WW2ol with numerous AOs and the numbers to attrit with speed, the map moves quickly and it isn't big enough to allow such a campaign to endure. I must say, though, a dynamic map is an exciting map. CRS, variety is the spice of life, if you want your potential new subscribers to experience what variety the game has to offer, you'd better do something. Personally I think Shermans appeal more than Somuas. Could reduce AOs, start in a later tier if possible, or have tiers last only a couple days. I'd recommend starting in the later tier or reducing their length, the fast moving map does make the game more lively, and lives up to the original 'Blitzkrieg' title.
  24. Vought Vindicator tier0 French dive bomber, or LN.401 < had hispano in the nose!