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  1. MWW2OLGA!
  2. They fixed false dawn?!?!? False dawn isn't a bug, its a feature, its a ww2ol tradition!!!! Bah Humbug!!!
  3. If and when scout cars are introduced it would be a logical time to introduce leaving one's vehicle as well, so one might exit in order to observe, rather than having to drive around in plain sight of the enemy.
  4. Two weeks.
  5. Another cool STO would be a certain percentage of an airbase's supply manifested on the grounds: That would make for another nice bomber target, and maybe you'd have to scramble to use those planes:
  6. I definitely agree that the movement of units across the terrain is a much better, more compelling, more warlike gameplay design. Capturing choke points by wiping out enemy installations in an area, and setting up your own is a much better design than cap the flag, and more in line with what most customers are likely expecting from a wargame. To add to your idea, I would also suggest fighting groups ought to have an effect on enemy spawning to reduce camping. For instance, lets say you're moving into the outskirts of the territory of a brigade. As you approach the outer spawning positions, you project a zone of influence that limits the spawning of nearby enemy positions, limits it in number, or throttles it, so that when the enemies you're attacking die they have to come to the aid of that position from the brigade's further spawns. That way camping isn't as great or necessary. The town based, cap the flag gameplay has always thwarted this game's living up to its potential as a wargame, and I agree they ought to develop along the lines you suggest. The question then arises, how do they get there from here? Making fundamental, untested changes can be risky; you don't want to invest too much time and resources in things that won't bear fruit, and that might actually drive players away. The logical place to try something akin to what you suggest, and that would allow for such design changes on an experimental basis without changing the current dynamics wholesale, is in the areas of the line that don't contain brigades. Developing FMS tech to allow for more extensive coverage of the map when gaps arise, with greater FMS variety and reach, would allow these changes to be worked on without costituting a risky universal shift to an untested paradigm. If FMS' could be set two, three and four towns away, just as units could be spread to cover greater territory in RL as the need arose, maybe with throttling of the spawnlist based on distance, and if different FMS' were created the allowed for vehicle spawning and such, then the gaps in the line could be covered by players, not just HC, the capture mechanism of empty towns covered by such FMS' could be experimented with, and you could even have blitzkreig offensive war, setting up offensive spawns several towns into enemy territory. However, they are changing back to no-brigade, town-based spawning, so all gaps in the line will soon be closed, and there will no longer be brigadeless towns on the line. Sadly, with that change, a perfect opportunity for positive evolution of the spawn and capture mechanism will be destroyed. Luckily, another place where experimentation with moveable, player placed units is possible would still exist, and that would be the territory between towns with no connecting FBs. There, FMS' of greater variety could be tried and tested, with different spawn, capture, and influence traits, as proving grounds for future spawn and capture changes. Perhaps as well, when everything is town-based, they could keep the brigade code, and attach them to mobile spawns as a compliment. Who knows. Anyway, big thumbs up for your ideas.
  7. No no no, jamokes, this is how its done with what we got: Transport gets to the other side (ought to turn off ews on transports) they plant a Beach Head FMS different than the current thats tougher with better supplies (its a transport so you get bofors and a few tanks and trucks). Doesn't have to be complicated, overly large, or involve new textures. Now you got a little more purchase. Maybe only engies can kill it so you have to fight your way to it and not simply strafe it out of existance. Trucks can still set regular FMS of course.
  8. Player placed FBs would be great for gameplay variety. I would just like to point out a couple things regarding their possible implementation. First of all there's an area of the map suited to their testing where one might see how they work and hone their characteristics, and that is the area between connected towns without FBs - perfect testing grounds. You could allow them only there to see how they play before full implementation. No need to end the current FB system - for risky, map wide, game changing, possibly resource heavy alterations - in order to try them out. Secondly, though the Rats are not currently able to do map work, the FBs are here now, gone later elements. They could probably be eliminated from the landscape via coding that would simply turn them all off. Of course, not sure how simple it would be to code the FBs and their effects on supply and spawning out of the game, but it may be quite feasible without any direct map work.
  9. Wonder if they still have these available - the old inf spawn with barbed wire. I used to roll light AAA into the inf spawn, it made a great AAA pit.
  10. Maybe the tent alone could be used, though something with camo netting like the old bunk had would be nice. Though you'd want protection from above, not just concealment, I reckon.
  11. Lasting player placed and designed FBs and spawn positions!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine if you had a much greater variety of PPOs to choose from - barbed wire (used to be in game), aaa pits, concrete bunkers, camo nets. Imagine the variety!!!!
  12. Artillery positions: Otherwise known as 'stuka snacks'.
  13. Nice potential PPO already ingame at training grounds:
  14. PPOs and STOs are one of the main ingredients to making this base-capture, cap-the-flag game an actual wargame! If you don't mind, I will illustrate the potential awsomenimity of PPOs and STOs with some screens made with the offline tools, that I never got around to using. This may not be exactly what you're thinking, but its along those lines. Visible supplies: the Gerries are planning something major! Visible supplies demand scouting! Blimey, the Gerries are planning something major! Scramble the bombers! Here they come! Man the AAA! Awesome!
  15. Trading points for the ability to pick up weapons on the battlefield would be one way to use them. Pick up a luger for 100 points etc. I wonder if it'd be hard, technically, to interchange weapons. As to making both sides exciting, fact is the French and British had a lot of cool interesting kit that isn't in game. Being that they can't make the big models, at least very rapidly, atm, that obviously isn't something they can address with any speed. However, when the SPAA is finished, perhaps they can consider unique appeal when considering what allied vehicle to model next, maybe an aircraft carrier. They're adding more appeal to the axis side with the Italians, maybe they could balance by giving the allies the Dutch, though I'm thinking that ain't quite balanced.
  16. It was the Passover sacrifice. Don't worry though, the game has been saved.
  17. All your base are belong to us.
  18. I wonder, since evidently they lack those with the requisite knowledge to build the map with the terrain builder program, could they make a class of permanent PPOs and have a player terrain builder group to flesh out the map a bit. Have a set of buildings and terrain feature PPOs that a select group of players would be allowed to place under guidance and review from the Rats, and that once placed would endure permanently, and possess a damaged state as well. What I would personally like to see is FMS and PPO tech developed and diversified leading to a game based on player positioned mobile spawns and defensive positions.The current situation where they are changing to town based supply is a bit of a missed opportunity. Much more variety to the fight might be provided if FMS' were allowed to cover empty towns, even several towns away from their brigade. Players could cover gaps in the line even if no HC were on.
  19. This
  20. ^^^ Mobile spawn points, a more realistic blast animation, PPO craters, push out the vis range for arty to 8 clicks like the destroyers, bring it on baby, sounds like a war game. Oh, and they long ago had the french 75mm already partially modeled.
  21. Gee, thanks for giving this guy a mobile platform CRS.
  22. My idea for fighting population imbalance: Give each side equal spawns by allowing players on the lowpop side to spawn multiple units. Here's how it works: if one side has 22 players, and the other 10, the side with 10 gets 12 extra spawns. Each player on the lowpop side gets an extra spawn, and the two highest ranking members get two extra spawns. Here's how it would play: a player spawns in on lowpop side and the nme is moling a big city. Player spawns into distant depot to check it out, no nme found so player despawns. Despawn screen says "would you like to keep this spawn active?". Player clicks yes and avatar remains in world where player left it, like a PPO. And just as with a PPO it can be killed if found, and its death, as with a normal death, counts against supply. Player then goes and helps defend ab with bunk under assault. Meanwhile a mole has taken the depot where his other spawn is located so player clicks on his other spawned unit on the map screen (your spawns show for you on map in a different color than normal marks). Player is asked "do you want to keep this spawn active" and clicks no since the AB is under control, then is immediately taken to his old spawn already ingame. He checks the depot, no nme, then he leaves his spawn in the flag to cap it and goes where needed. Thus he doesn't have to run a mile to check the flag then sit around recapping the depot. When a player's side has become highpop their ingame spawns remain available, but there's no longer any asking of whether you wish to leave your avatar ingame. A spawn goes away on despawn as usual, while the other side now has extra. I think this would help with some of the frustration of lowpop. Also, allowing players to place unit PPOs that may be spawned into in the future has potential for other gameplay advances - leaving an attacking unit in the field when one has to leave the game in order that it might be taken over by another player, for example.
  23. A couple of stat categories it would be interesting to see: Cas stats for the fighter bombers based on ground units killed and k/d ratio. And the related category of tank-killer (panzerknacker) stats for the heavy cannon armed rides they are introducing, where stats would be based on nme armor units destroyed.
  24. My guess: the interiors of the old vehicles are what need the most work in game graphically, so now that they've got a license to build they're obviously going to prioritize their remodeling. With breakthroughs in multi-source lighting, shadows and occlusion, they're able to not only redo the interiors, but also able to add thousands more polys than they could have in the past while also giving them realistic lighting effects, so the new interiors look perfectly realistic! You gotta admit, them old tanks really need it.
  25. In watching Mozislak destroy the allied air force in his thread in the general discussion forum some flak action, it reminded me that using aa guns, at least when targets are plentiful, is probably the most simply fun thing the game has to offer; it is mindless shooting, find a good spot and fire away. Since the steam release is upcoming, and potentially many dweebs seeking fun will be inbound, to add to the game in a way that would put enjoyable tools in the hands of the incoming newbies and be relatively quick and easy to produce would be a logical development choice. That is where pintle mounted lmgs come in. The lmg models are already in game. The AI already has them on a pintle. A more detailed mount would be a relatively quick unit to model. To add the AI aa gunner's circle of sandbags to the PPO list would seem straightforward enough (not certain though that a deployed, accurately modeled mount would fit). It could be a level one or two unit. It would be useful against infantry as well as air. And it would be fun. MIght have to do something about the blinding flash, and I don't know that the french actually used any such device, but overall it would seem a good modeling candidate at this time.