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  1. Thats the idea, pardon me, obviously I wasn't clear. The PPO idea is just a sandbag emplacement they might add to the list wherein one might set up and help defend one's FMS etc. The player unit and the PPO emplacement would seem a logical and well assorted pair of additions, thats why I threw in the PPO idea.
  2. Wow, thats cool. And the site looks aa specific.
  3. Naw, just an aa lmg infantry unit who can set up anywhere. But, since they've put in PPOs, allowing the engineer to build aa pits in one stroke, just as with atg pits, would seem a natural follow on. Pintle allows you to fire almost straight upwards, and with 360 degree movement - much more handy against air than using the current lmg in an AI pit.
  4. Its definitely not a problem with game quiting rage potential like the flop. Best I can tell thats progress.
  5. On the website I pointed to they speak of the importance of remembering to lock the tailwheel. However, in game, with the wheel unlocked there's only a slight kick to the right on initial rev-up then its all gravy, no problems, no tendency to swing, with the later 09s.
  6. There is one problem with the current 09 as far as I can see: there is almost no tendency for the plane to swing on the ground, which could make at least the later 09s difficult to takeoff and land for the untrained according to those who flew it.(Go here: and seek the word 'swing' for pilot opinions on the matter) The g6, with 1400+ horses, on jamming the throttle forward keeps a very straight line without any control or brake input whatsoever, even when the tailwheel is lifted as soon as possible which the pilots say is a no no. The f2 and 4 also show little or no swing, while the e series have a mild swing to the right. It feels akin to the p-38 with its counter-rotating props, as though the rotational inertias of different parts are working at cross purposes and canceling each other out. To me the model feels a great improvement, still given the power to weight of the 09 it seems there ought to be a stronger tendency of the nose to pull to the side.
  7. Thanks for the response. I find it interesting. Used to have a big book on aerodynamics. It may even have been called the big book of aerodynamics. I don't mean to push ya cause it seems like alot of work, but I was wondering if the engines may not rev up as fast as they ought as the precession seems a bit tame when you gun the throttle. Don't mean to nag, just discussing! God bless ya and good work best I can tell.
  8. 09 seems much more stable. Hatch if you happen by, I would be curious to know what all was changed. Guess that bodes well for the Bell.
  9. I'm disappointed by the change. The situation in game seemed more an opportunity rather than a problem. Empty towns are like fallow ground waiting to be sown with FMS/FRU/MSPs. Making PPO positions permanent (via permanent missions for example) extending their range from the parent brigade potentially several towns, perhaps with spawning regulated by distance, allowing them to be switched between brigades, etc., maybe even making capture of empty towns dependent solely on destroying the enemy PPO presence taking flags out of the picture, that could have led to a much more various and more warlike battlefield. Would have covered empty and rear towns without flag movement, and allowed attackers to drive deep into enemy territory without needing to move a flag up. I reckon you could advance the mobile spawn tech with town based supply as well, but the empty ground seemed like the ideal laboratory for experimentation, and for possibly getting the game get away from cap the flag, which has always been my biggest gripe. Visions of a real wargame had started dancing in my head, but I guess we'll have to wait. So basically, if in charge I might try and extend the reach of Flags incrementally via the PPO tech. That said, I don't have CRS' knowledge and perspective, and their reasons for the change are understandable and well put, so godspeed to'em.
  10. Me, I just think the ideal would be to leave the truck at the FMS as a spawnable PPO. Maybe only spawnable by those given the go ahead by the ML. You can have that truck if you can keep it.
  11. G43 isn't a light weight gun like the carbine. What the gerry engies and mortars ought to carry is a luger with an extra clip.
  12. I will cry. Here is Spit1 vs 109E4 stats: Bf 109E-4 101 135 0.75 Dec 12 17:55 170,570 194,119 0.88 Spit, the best allied air has to offer, is gettin whooped. Don't make the 09 too uber! Or make it an E3, and take away the minengechoss and the armor. It'll turn much better!
  13. Thanks for chiming in Hatch, best of luck. I swear I'll get a paying account soon as I get more money, I swear!
  14. I read much of the report, its interesting. I don't know what all changes they made in the audit that gave the 09 its pronounced flop, but a torque reduction did seem to be one of the changes, and from what I've read that ought to make a flop worse. And the report is interesting as well in that the planes here used to behave as they state in the report when stalling under gs. Spitfire: If the stick is pulled back too far on the Spitfire in a tight turn, the aircraft may stall rather violently, flick over on to its back, and spin. Remember that? Exactly what the spit used to do, Ok it recovered almost immediately if the stick was released and so folks didn't spin much, but it sure flicked over. 109: When the slots were fully open the aircraft could be turned quite steadily until very near the stall. If the stick was then pulled back a little more the aircraft suddenly shuddered, and either tended to come out of the turn or dropped its wing further, oscillating meanwhile in pitch and roll and rapidly losing height ; the aircraft immediately unstalled if the stick was eased forward. That thar is a flop! Albeit easier to recover (like it used to be) and so probably a lot less than what we got now. Hopefully they can get it right.
  15. From the Saturday update if you didn't see it:
  16. A flipped truck for a barricade. Could opt to flip your truck, you'd despawn and the truck would appear on its side. When hit it would go to the truck's damage state. It would be cool if you could leave vehicles in the area of an FMS as a PPO, then that vehicle would appear in the FMS spawn list. So you could drop em off there if you're logging, or leave trucks and 251s there for inf to use for assaults and laying ammo dumps. Then an FMS could be set-up far from town and still be effective. And vehicles sitting in the area of the FMS could be targets for planes, and planes could be PPOs at forwards fields ala the above^^ poster, which in turn would be targets for planes.
  17. Aces High has any easy mode, takeoff box you can check. Maybe CRS could do something akin - easy values on the ground, real values in the air.
  18. The 09 isn't borked per se, I believe its behavior is a result of having the torque reduced. Now don't hold me to this, I'm no aerodynamicist, and perhaps someone else knows better, but this is as best I can figure what is going on. Do you remember long ago when the allied aircraft used to snap in an accelerated stall? Do you remember when takeoff was more difficult and newbs complained all the time that they couldn't get off the ground? Those 'problems' were functions of torque. They went away because in the big air audit, round about version 1.19 or so, torque was reduced. I believe the reason for that change was in fact hoping to keep more newbs in a game that desperately needed them. The change however also affected what is called static directional stability, making it worse. Static directional stability is the tendancy of aircraft to return to their heading after a force skews the craft. While more torque adds more yaw moment in a given direction to the plane, it also increases the tendency of the plane to quickly right its flightpath. Think of a gyroscope, when it spins fast it stands up straight, when it slows it wobbles. It is harder to deflect when its moving fast as well, it rights itself better after being hit. Thats the problem with the 09, which lost its stability in that audit; It wobbles for want of torque. If you increase the torque the wobble, the fishtailing, will be reduced. I believe the reason the 09 and p-39 suffered more noticeably than the other planes is because they are by nature less stable than the others, the airacobra having its engine aft, and the 09 not only having the fuel tank behind the pilot, but being relatively short as well, the tail lacking leverage. Also I believe the 09 has the highest power to weight ratio, meaning torque effects come into play all the more. Anyway, just ask hatch, who iirc did the audit, to give you axis vets a /realmode command, which would load real torque values into your ride, and voila you'll have your stability back, though you might struggle to get airborn. As I said, don't hold me to it, but thats as best I can figure what happened. I'd love to have a realmode option, the p-39 and 190 supposedly had some wicked stall behavior, and It'd be cool to see their fully torqued departure characteristics and to have to deal with them.
  19. And, oh yeah, you already got that broken down barrow/cart modeled, so we're pretty much good to go.
  20. Wheelbarrows! Its war, you're under fire, the trucks can't get anywhere, so you improvise, you fill a wheelbarrow with ammo and run it around! Thats how riflemen can carry ammo! Problem Solved
  21. Unreal4 engine is paid for by revenue sharing.
  22. I thought thats probably where the carbine would end up, as with the fg.42, so paras are perhaps in the plan. But it would be great if they gave the carbine to US engies and mortarmen. Then those units would see a lot more play, though players might cry imbalance.
  23. A Macchi ftw! Bring in c.200 with the Italians. One with bombs, one without. Gives the axis a good turner from the get go. And makes the longsuffering Sparrow happy.
  24. Just as a matter of self defense, I would like to state that I was talking about balancing the introduction of the stg, which is a very cool and appealing weapon, and one of historical note. As JWilly pointed out, the popgun, I mean carbine, ain't exactly an upgrade on the same scale. Obviously, the .30 cal would be the counterpart to the lmg and not the assault rifle, but it does make for a more balanced addition to the game if brought in along with the carbine and uber weapon.
  25. Increasing the push speed would help. It might be difficult to move it quickly in real on the kind of ground represented in game, but it seems from the behavior of the trucks that the ground is considered to be in a hard, dry and I guess one might say, optimistic for mobility, sort of state. I can push my 3700 pound car by myself faster than the 88 moves in game, at least on a flat. The 88 has a weight of 16,000 lbs plus, but it had of crew of around 10, so it could perhaps be shoved about a little more rapidly than the game has it, at least on hard ground. I do think it is a valid criticism that the evolution of the game with msps, frus, and far more cover, has taken the effectiveness of the 88 away to some degree, moreso than with the other atgs which can be more easily concealed. Thus perhaps the shield and a bit more mobility might help to make up for it.