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  1. I reckon the .30 cal mg is what CRS considers will balance the stg.
  2. And I'd like to note, they already had the french 75mm at least partially modeled long ago.
  3. The smaller caliber artillery wouldn't be a game changer. From range Its not easy to get kills with the larger guns we have now unless you have a bead on the ab, and that doesn't happen all that much. The guns are very vulnerable, and their numbers could simply be limited. It might be interesting to provide a couple of arty units per side which could be moved by HC where they think best. Then they wouldn't be a part of most engagements, but would add something different to some fights, allowing their effect to be gaged with a certain caution. The game development that might allow arty to be fully implemented would be moving from preset city-bound spawns to more broadly spaced, player placed spawns furnished with defensive ppos. If players are spawning from widespread, and varying locations furnished with good defensive works, they wouldn't present as concentrated and easy a target.
  4. It is a scientific experiment to see if they can eventually get your head to explode. Yes, you are a lab rat.
  5. That is good to hear, and thanks for the response. I just hope Doc isn't too devastated, poor old man.
  6. Well, of course I didn't mean an 8 hour day, just an hour or two here and there. Better a little advancement than none. And we'll up it to $20 or $25. Hey Doc, what do you say?! Are you there?
  7. Yeah, that was his handle, iirc, back in Air Warrior and maybe Warbirds many moons ago. Just to clarify the idea here: the Rats said they haven't got the ressources for terrain development at this time, and Doc seemed to imply his finances weren't the best in a post a while back, but he's the one who built most of the terrain, and devs needn't all be at Rat central to assist in the age of the interweb (if there still is a Rat central) so.... if you want some terrain development Doc and a crowd-source effort seems a logical possibility. So let me ask: if that were doable, would you part with a little extra coin for some more maps?
  8. Frubee This idea is for an interim fru in between a normal fru and an fb. The frubee would be a fru wherefrom, akin to an fb, all units might spawn, though in a more throttled fashion as with the depot supply. Its purpose is to shorten time to battle, add variety, create a sort of frontline, reward teamwork, get more fighting out into the field, and, in the long-run, possibly help transition the game to one of player placed spawns. How it would work: Frubee can be set up to about 1500 yds away from enemy facilities in attack target. 2 or 3 perhaps, are allowed per attack. Defensive frubee may be established as well within a certain distance from defense objective. Offensive frubee cannot be set farther from town of origin than the AO so that tanks are not spawning behind enemy lines. The earlier fru ppo the Rats created that seemed altogether too large for a normal fru is the central construction of the frubee. The frubee would reward a concerted ZOC effort, which the Rats have been touting and driving at, with closer spawning, and more concentrated, coordinated fighting, without taking away the regular fru option. And scouting would take on greater importance. A fear might be the mass spawning of tanks from preset frubees in order to zerg and camp the target. As with depots and frus this would be dealt with via supply throttle and placement distance restrictions. Throttle could in fact be based on proximity to target. These would play especially well when the fb is distant, when there is no fb between towns, and in attacking large cities, where the use of captured abs has been sought by some players. Here you may set up your own ab, as it were, in or near the target when a significant chunk of the city has been captured. The frubee could be destroyed, as with the fru, by a certain amount of damage from any unit. Thats the initial iteration of the frubee. Its basically a big fru with capacities inbetween the normal fru and the fb that may be particularly useful in certain types of battles. Now here is its evolution. Missions may be made from frubees, and lesser frus placed on them. PPOs of a limited number that are placed around it within a given area will be attached to the frubee and stand as long as the frubee survives. Bringing supply into the matter, the frubee's ability to spawn units will be geared to its supplies which are represented by the supply tent object and set-up by trucks in the area of the frubee as a ppo. These would have a cap as to how many, and supply would be based on their quantity. These may be killed by air, tanks, inf and arty, allowing all units to take part in attacking the frubee, and necessitating defense against ea. When the frubee is empty of supply tents more must be trucked in to regain spawning ability. A thoughtful placement is therefore required. The attacker would maintain their fb until both the fb and frubees were destroyed. Though supply throttle might be lowered with fb damage as it represents a sort of rear staging area with the frubees the front lines. Central frubee construction would have a destroyed state, which could be rebuilt by engineer. It would also have a flag and need to be captured. You need control of the frubee area such that you can put your flag up on it, which takes a little time as with a depot capture. Then the frubee is yours, like a captured depot, to be either used or discarded. Defensive frubees would need to be captured in order to capture a town. Though supply would be shut down with ab capture. Frubees would eventually become independant of missions, staying up when the mission on which it was placed is over, thus becoming a semi-permanent position. When a town is captured its frubees would go over to the conquerer, to be dismissed or used as they will. Eventually the frubee, or some evolution thereof would replace the FB, possibly even ABs.
  9. And who would construct frubees? Seabees!
  10. This is an idea to expand the capture dynamics to make things more realistic, warlike, and less gamey. It does not change the current way of capturing a depot or other flag, but adds an option thereto for those of a more organized inclination. Basic depot capture would remain as it is now, by an attacking presence in the flag building, with the timer dependant on numbers. The second option would be an expansion of this: in a mission with a specific flag as the target all members of the mission within a certain radius of the flag would count towards lowering the capture timers, though a presence in the building proper would still be required for capture to take effect. So if attacking a depot and there is one soldier in the flag building and seven mission members within say 100 yds, cutting, guarding the rear and sides etc, their presence would lower the cap timer just as numbers within the flag building proper do currently. This makes the experience more realistic and less gamey, less twitch heavy with more importance to tactical set-up. The reason why only players on the mission proper would count towards capture is because players in a certain location by happenstance, or who just happen to be moving through a given area oughtn't count towards capture, the idea being to reward coordinated tactical effort. As well, this would be mission based with an eye towards a complimentary purpose - the cutting of resupply to the attack objective. This would be effected by the attacking group maintaining a certain level of presence - unit cohesion - in the target area, so that the depot would not have an unending supply of units. The attackers would have to be attrited below a certain level for resupply to recommence. Though the actual capture would be shutdown with the death of the attacking presence in the flag building proper. Just to be clear, I'm talking about stopping resupply, not affecting the initial spawn list. This set-up would reward more coordinated and thoughtful attacks, as well as more thoughtful defense. And the battle over depots would, at times at least, be much less a twitchfest, and more a tactical combat. Also, the attacking ML could change the target on capture of the original, or as they see fit if a different target seems more propitious.
  11. P-39 with 37mm and p-38 with rockets, thank you. And, oh yeah, a B-17 or Liberator. Wish I knew how to 3d model.
  12. This is an idea for the possible implementation of trenches. As we know you can't dig into the terrain, so a trench must be an object, but a trench object on top of the terrain would basically be a berm with a slit and might not look too keen or realistic. This is an idea that would allow for trenches that would not be as obtrusive. The idea here would be to allow the placing of trenches on slopes of a certain angle. An apron on the incline would be created with the trench running through it. It'd be pretty big, and so need alot of room, and a significant degree of slope, but there are many such hillsides in game, so that would not likely be a problem. It would be a little trench containing plateau, like an apron, in the hillside and so not as unnatural in appearance as a 'trench' above flat ground. The trench ought to be about as deep as a crouching inf I suppose. Don't know how long you could make it, 20/25 ft maybe, and as a large object it ought probably take a good while to setup.
  13. Ah c'mon its got guns, torps, a floatplane, a complement of aa guns, and, if it could submerge, the ability to pop up out of nowhere to engage the enemy (which does include transports) how cool is that! And the Germans should in fact receive the uber dingy because uber weapons were what they were all about. Besides, eventually the Americans will get nukes, which would balance the scales.
  14. Surcouf for the french, escort carrier and martlets for the Brits, and rubber assault dingy for the Germans.
  15. Thank you for writing that up, now I don't have to. I was going to post this idea, as I think it may be the best way to deal with side imbalance, and it has a lot of other game play potential as well. For example one natural evolution of the idea would be the ability for non-mission leaders to spawn into these units, which could help against camping, and let the lo-pop side deploy more rapidly. This could lead to player placed and spawnable ai in general, and is a natural compliment to eventually having player placed permanent bases. Problems with the idea would be the when, what and where of placement. It would hardly be fair for a group of bazookas to suddenly appear behind advancing armor. Neither would it be fair for ai to be placed in such a way as to take advantage of an ability to see and shoot through bushes and berms and such. If a good set of rules could be employed that make its placement reasonable I think it would be a great idea with great potential.
  16. Fms

    Yeah, but thats the HC spawn. They still haven't got to the muddy little hovel we grunts get. Which btw will double as the HC latrine.
  17. Ok, this is what you do. Make a few CPs in Norway using the snow tile. Don't know if their was actually much snow on the ground, but what the heck, its different. And if you can, make most of the trees pines. And add a new building or two, especially for the flags and depots, something scandinavian of course. Huddle up, bear down, throw Doc some change to build the CPs if necessary. Nothing will entice folks to stay like the promise of a new and different playground. Unveil it last week of June for super surprise, and most special special event! Promise more such dev, lay out the plans - North Africa, Russian Steppe - watch them resub! HAHA! Madness!
  18. Numbers may always be adjusted based on effectiveness. And cannon rounds put out a spray of shrapnel, that I believe has been recently increased, while its hard to hose down planes with mgs unless they're heading more or less straight your way. (which I'll admit they often do in game)
  19. As regards the light recon aircraft for battlefield info, I think they should have neither halo nor plane type nor trip aws. You gotta get close to see what they are. I think it would be an interesting and immersive addition without any new reporting features, just scouting and marking. Should be able to refuel at the fb, or a fru.
  20. I think this is an opportunity for some variety. 50 cal on aa mount and bofors for the USA. 50 cal not a great aa gun, but cool and American, and probably effective enough against the low flyers, and infantry. If its not very effective can increase the numbers vis a vis the cannon guns. Can make it pretty and replace the current m10 fifty.
  21. ^^^ Will be needed if we get free dunkel.
  22. A robot for each side. Allies get blue robot, Gerries get pink. And put the race car back in!