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  1. Thank you all for your kind comments and advice...I agree with several of you, 911 should have been called. I will definitely do so if there are any future issues! Please do yourselves and your families a big favor, and get yourselves checked! !S Allykill
  2. On Saturday, September 17th, 2016, I had sharp & unrelenting pain run through my left arm, shoulder & Chest. My first heart attack. I called my sister and we rushed to the hospital. Turned out 4 arteries were blocked, and I never even knew it. Monday September 19th I had quadruple heart bypass surgery to correct the problem; I was on the operating table 8 hours. Everything went well, and as of today I am fine. I am enduring some excruciating pain at the vein graft sites, since the replacement veins were taken from my left arm, 2 from my left leg, and one from my chest area. I will have scars, but that is of no consequence; I have some very good pain medication. I just wanted to let you all know, and to thank each & every one of you who gave me their blessings and were (and are) super supportive. Maybe that is one reason I love this game so much; the people who play here. And I am proud to call most of you "Friend". Allykill
  3. When this game was created, the developers created a Master Control Panel. They can use this to manipulate the offensive & defensive strengths, and the potency of all weapons in this game. This is why in 2001 I fought against "GOD", an allied player wearing a German "Puffy Pants" uniform and he was unkillable. This is why now some of you see (or don't see) invisible enemies. And UNTIL this control panel is set to 50/50 the game will not be fair IMO....I of course have no solid proof of this; however, use your best judgement...It isn't rocket science.
  4. LIES...I thought the HC system was gonna go bye-bye?
  5. Our "Natural Advantage" is our intelligence...Most of us know when the game is nerfed to the point of imminent Loss of campaign, and choose NOT to feed the allied stat Ho's...dcoy's brain seems to be bleeding, somebody get him an ambulance....
  6. When an enemy is marked, he isn't going to stand there and let you kill him. He will stay on the move, and may be quite some distance from the original mark. Look at the mark and judge for yourself where he might be. It is Common Sense. EIs mark you...are you going to stay in one spot & let them kill you? I doubt it...
  7. A whine is a whine...seems Dell is whining on the forums...Great way to solve to PPL who can do Nuthin' about it...