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  1. HC mistakes, morale and overpop all lead to momentum for one side or the other. When momentum kicks into high gear, it is hard to stop though not impossible. Swing players begin to switch to the side that is winning and momentum just swings even further to the overpop side. In my opinion, player morale is the number one determinant in victory. Morale drives the level of commitment of the player. Experience seems to indicate if your morale is busted you are less likely to log in and play for your chosen side whereas the side with higher morale gets more of its players logging in. Good teamwork and a host of other factors are all involved but morale is key I believe.
  2. @kuronyra, yes the 91st is still very active and always looking for new members. Someone from the 91st will find you. @krazydog @raydr
  3. Big question is: at Day 72 will these percentages still be approximately the same? If they are, what will be the mood of the playerbase regarding a potential stalemate? Will the morale of one side take a hit for one reason or another and start the other side on the road to a map win? Time will tell...
  4. Not sure what it says about recent cap timer changes (and other recent changes) but I observe that on Day 36 of this campaign we are at Day 0 town percentages: 55% allied and 45% axis.
  5. For others having similar issues: Windows 10 C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Cornered Rat Software\Battleground Europe <-- shortcut location "C:\Program Files (x86)\CRS\Battleground Europe\WW2.exe" <-- Offline shortcut points to this file
  6. Getting killed a lot is true for most players. Just remember it does not negatively affect your promotion points. If it did very few would ever get a promotion. Your best chance for survival is to snipe at the enemy from a distance. That said the best chance for earning lots of promotion points is capturing and then defending a CP and killing the ei that try to take it back. Doing that successfully, alone with a bolt action rifle, is rather slim so try to play along side some of your teammates. Lastly I'd recommend you upgrade to at least the $4.99 account so you can gain access to better weapons as you get promoted. Note also that just guarding a capturable CP can earn you points, around 15-20 points for just 30 minutes of guarding. Find a 'quiet' capturable CP and guard it for awhile. Despawn, respawn and guard some more. -------------------------------------- P.S. I'm a paying customer. Don't know why it still says Free Play Account.
  7. In my humble opinion the game is already lethal enough without adding to the mix death by artillery. That said, if handled in a way so that it is quite limited, it could add something to the game I suppose. P.S. Why am I showing as a Free Play Account. I'm a paying customer.
  8. The webmap has not been updating for several days. Is that going to be fixed any time soon?
  9. During my first 3 days back beginning March 30 I played Allied. Here are a few screenshots from that time:
  10. Been using this about a week. I wish an enterprising programmer would adapt it to run on Android so I could run on my smartphone or tablet.
  11. As you are probably aware both of those errors are related to your display (videocard) drivers. Hopefully someone who knows something about them can offer a possible solution.
  12. Beautiful ride in the countryside...