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  1. Allied side uses their advantages in a very effective and consequent way . Congraz ! I cant say that i enjoyed this campaign but that is the game. Thank you for all brave axis who fought to the end - who ran against mattys - who tried to stop rolling allied with para sapper ...
  2. Ah atm we have the Problem that axis cant recap cps in Twerp - instead of discussing freaky historical stuff this game should run stable !
  3. With great respect !
  4. Only 1 solution: reduce 88 to smoke only! Or better delete it from axis spawn list. Not acceptable that an axis gun kill a char in tier 0 !!!
  5. Soldiers, this guys made an incredible good Job ! Without this men we would have lost much more towns in the "dark hours".
  6. For me the only question is whether this set up - like all other - helps to bring new player to the game or not. I personally can see how ppl wasting supply day by day and would prefer if the OIC could lock it.
  7. For me - and i tried my best on allied side - this cut and comeback shows why we love this game. After so many years and campaigns not expected things can happen. This game is never boring. And yea the axis performance was incredible good and much better than allieds was. Example: We (allied) tried to get Eindhoven how often? Cant remember how and always failed cause of the hard resistance. For me maybe the key battles alliedside lost. And not one of this battles didnt end with an allied victory cause of supply problems. The truth is allied cant cap cause resistance was to strong! Same situation in Köln. 3 link towns several attacks but always kicked out. And always recapped fbs so we (allied) has to start again with fbs. A lot of these attacks where started when we (Allied) were op. And again i cant remeber that we (Allied) stopped 1 attack cause we were down on rifles. The final attacks failed cause we (allied) had not enough fms up or decided to cap city cp or downbombed factories instead of pushing abs. They failed cause there was no organisation of our attacks. When axis started their counter attack AHC was not ready to answer this attack. Sunday when we (Allied) capped peer and axis flags were trapped a few hours we couldnt hold the lines and didnt use the time. This Maldegem stuff i didnt understand. For me it seems Allied are always totally surprised when axis start the run to maldegem and laon. We all know the laon highway but it happens nearly every map. I heard a well known danger is no danger. You can do what you want give allied side 20 Div, make Twerp uncappable let them start campaigns in Tier1 with fireflys axis will win aslong allied spent there time in game witj whining and talking about cheats and unkollable eis ..... And btw this campaign is not over. Allied comeback is on the way. And if hierbart is responsable for this allied desaster i will focus on kills o him. And if this campaigns goes to axis i will do what i can to change that next one. Not so nice to get slaughterd but.we.had great fights and i had fun!!