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  1. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Could Be ! oy !
  2. Heheheheh ! Ahhhh. Great response & even familiar ! Sorry it took so long to 'reply' back. I did check back couple of times. But only now realize this had gone to 2nd Page! So glad you're You and moving up! in the world of WW2OL ! Later bud. & Enjoy the weekend*
  3. Good to see old friends & players again. & Who might I be? Well, I succumbed to getting a 'free' account so Hence my name has a # in it! & How did I get back finally in here? WINDOWS 10 ! & Where have I been? Pinning. I just could Not get WW2OL to open in XP. So an old friend mentioned another WW2 game. I said b4 all this XP problems surfaced, that I wasn't Up to learning a whole new game's mechnics. Level 12 atm ;P But this game BE rocks for it's communications. Without which there can not be TEAMWORK. Which translates into NO Victory(ies) either.* Chat is vital to win. Without u may kiss WINS goodbye. Btw ~ the other WW2 game stopped working online too. But somehow found the 'russian' site and can log in there!... Need to learn Russian! oy Keep Up the Good Work Gents! Wintons over&out!