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  1. 3 pages, and not one "Get Off The Deck n00b"? As someone who lost 200 hurricanes before i got my big-boy wings in RAF, i can tell you that a 109e boom-and-zoom attack is pretty deadly..:/
  2. Hun On The Heels Another strike for freedom today, as <allied side> troops march into <city> to the great enjoyment of the people living there. (only for captures of cities in french/belgium area, by allied troops) ------ Jerry Strikes Back! War corrospondants report from <city> that the local garrison was overrun by a show of force from the Axis troops in the area (only for captures of cities in french/belgium area by axis troops) ------ Sabotage! The loss of <dock/railroad> can only be ascribed to an act of vile sabotage from <other side>, leaving the brave <this side> troops entirely exposed. Investigations are ongoing. ------------ A Heros Return <Rank> <Soldier-name> was greeted by his unit commander when he returned from a Sortie into enemy territory where he was able to lay low <#kills> enemies in the service of his country. (#kills > 5, RTB) ------------ Rations Raised Lord Umpterton / Fürst Jorrig announced gleefully that despite the <other side>s relentless attempts to distrupt the <this side> factories, chocolate rations will be raised to 50g next week. (RDP level below 50%) ------------------ Ship of Destiny <Rank> <Name> was posthumously recognized for his bravery when he took out a <shiptype> from <city> to keep the supply routes open. Sadly, he was struck by a shell from <killers vehicle> at <time> <date>, which proved fatal. (Navy, TOM 15min+, 0 kills, Status Killed) -------------------- Skywards mr <name> For his distinguished service, we recognize <rank> <name>, a bold <vehicle> pilot. He lifted from <origin> to fly <cap/cas> over <target> at <date/time>, but didn't return. (Airforce, TOM 15+, Status killed) ------------------ The Dynamic Duo!! <Country>'s favorite sons <player1> and <player2> took to (the skies, the seas, the farmlands) of <origin>, in a concerted effort to rid the <target> of <other country> troops. Both returned safely, after dispatching <#kills> of the enemy / Sadly, they failed to return, but eyewitnesses account them taking <#kills> enemies with them. (multicrew)
  3. What about the 23 mm of "stuff" behind the mantle?
  4. wb
  5. Guess it was bound to happen, after they moxinated that moose.
  6. Such drama... And I missed it... Next you'll tell me that Ring and Ireg were conjoined twins
  7. For what its worth, the thing that hooked me in, back in 2001/2/3 (or whenever i subbed first), was the fresh, open and constant communication from the devs, about the state of the game and the frank interaction with customers in the forums. I remember waiting impatiently for next weeks newsletter to see what new stuff was coming, and rushing to the forums to get extra info. I didn't want to miss a single post, so I even developed a Rat Quote Tracker for the old forums to that effect. The video today, gave me that same feeling. The feeling of being kept in the loop. Of experiencing the process *with* you; being able to throw feedback *at* you; share in the frustration of the difficulties that lie ahead; dream at the potential yet to be fulfilled. Truely, I admit to having been absent for *some* years now, so for what I know, it may have been like this for all that time, and you may not even know what I'm talking about. ANYWAYS, consider my interest re-piqued.