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  1. Got if fixed.Getting the calibration routine up was sorta hidden. Duh, went back into keymapper and Y axis was slaved to the Z.
  2. ask it all. Since Air distance are grey can souls be faded the further they are from your sight?
  3. Says it all point me into a sticky for setting up Track
  4. tks much...Iwould click old game sometimes not...now I know the used stick was good..but a new is better. Also sent back Thrusmaster peds..didn't calibrate..left out manual...and duh....I didn't notice the switch..from car to airplane..was trying to cal...car...RTFM Hard
  5. Used that on my used x 52 I sent back..new one otw..so it seees ww2ol as old game and that works? Hard
  6. what was the problem..bought a used 52 and had troubles in game recognizing Sent it back ordered a new one...so what was your fix? Hard
  7. Genobrst..what was your Warbirds Id...was =hard= in the Blacksheep...the rival was the F'ing Pigs...Worr and all. I bought Air Warrior in 95 but $12 an hour was a bit tad... Hard
  8. Says it all. I need to print out the keymapper so I can make a profile for the HOTAS. Found the stick ped test program hidden under Control Panel Devices. Hard
  9. Any old flying squads? Hard
  10. We are the cats meow, the bees knees,the poo poo be doo, the whipper of snappers, and the tipper of hatters. Hard
  11. Do any squads still exist from the early horror shows? I'm not a newb but it has been a while since I actually played. So long I can't even remember the one I was in. Do remember the blacksheep from Warbirds but damn... Hard
  12. Haven't looked at it in decade...it is yellow background and a brown soldier...it was the first display at the release. Hard
  13. So..you have time, a need and a not common skill. You know what to do.....so do it. Make the thing that makes the music. Hard
  14. Had 16 years of play before a 4 year break...back again come Saturday(stuff coming) Flew Warbirds from 95 to 2000. Beta WW2OL from 2000 to 6 6 2001...(the game is not ready mantra). Had a name change so beginning again, but whatever happens in this sim...it is the best out there. Longevity has its merits. Just enjoy killing your friends, and enjoy its flaws and all. Hard