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  1. Says it all. I can nose around but this box is a mail and xcom machine,. Greets all!
  2. Doc, this thing that wants to grab us can be beaten. First of the month Felicia and I will kick in more than wishes. We want you to join me in being a survivor. Colon cancer in 2002 so 16 years free and medicine is always making strides. Lived long enough to become age onset diabetes II, but having volunteered for the draft in '66, I'm fortunate to have them pick up tabs. Head and heart in the fight, smoke all the dope you can find, helps keeping the weight on. ; btw rats, getting ready to build a gaming machine and pick a HOTAS hardcase
  3. Says it all, forgot old password on hardcase account. Made a new one on the freebie while I build a new gaming box. Missed it. God the horrors of the beat launch on June 6. WW2OL cost me my warbirds training account, they just didn't see the possibilities. You just had to be there when they put in a bridge and farmhouse, killer always took the bridge;-; Flying Allied Force for the longest.
  4. Thks
  5. Rats, is hardcase still in the accounts. If so email my old password to Felicia's email....I would really like to see my 2001 time.
  6. Same here, got an email announcing the fat chewing and just had to start again
  7. Hello all, it has been some time since I was here. New name is hrdcase in game, but it is time to build a new gaming box. Soon. Completely forgotten old password on hardcase account.Anyway, looking forward to killing someone-) hrdcse forgotten how to delete this one.