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  1. You guys are throwing me off. I have that. The Campaign number is in the Center Column.
  2. The Complete list of CinCs For Both Sides after a good few hours of digging. Does Not include which Side won, or CinCs during Events.
  3. Maybe so it isn’t all American or all French or all British on the front, why not have a minimum percentage of frontline towns each faction must have, like make it so no faction can have less than 25% of frontline towns and the game wouldn’t allow it to go under that number. The 25% USA theoretical number that can be changed.
  4. I’m sure that’s one of the many things that will be something that CRS discuss when they begin to integrate things into the engine. While I’m not sure if the engine itself is what is the limiting factor or if it is the servers being able to handle the traffic, but I am sure that if it turns out that it is the engine, before CRS releases 2.0 the QA team will find out before it gets released and they’ll come up with a fix. And if they can’t find a fix, I’m sure they’ll go back to the drawing board to find a better way like they did with 1.36 which I’m glad they did instead of rushing it.
  5. It might have been just overstocked from an earlier mission. I only say this cause I sometimes see more then the max number of a unit such like there maybe are 5 more engies then the 10 that usually are there but then I look at the other brigade missing 5 engies and the HQ is full.
  6. That’s not true. Hundreds of times when I’m either defending or I grab the wrong piece of equipment, and there is both an inf and armor brigade in the town, the ticket for that piece of equipment will go into the other brigade vs the one I spawned from. And I’ve tried going brigade to brigade on the training server and it worked then.
  7. You can overstock supply into another brigade. If there is another brigade or HQ back line, just make a mission from said brigade, and move the equipment you wish to to the town where the brigade you wish to overstock is located. The ticket moves to the brigade and a resupply ticket is created for the brigade or HQ you moved the supply from. Very helpful for building up for an attack or defense. Still not sure if overstocking moves with brigade if brigade is moved, might test that out on training server later this week but you can supply from back line towns through this very helpful and handy trick. For those who do not know how to make a mission out of the HQ for a division: go to a brigade in the same division as the HQ but is not in the same town as the HQ. Then click a place of origin as one of the depots or AB in the town where the HQ is. Then, pick your target and then create mission and then Bang. Your own mission where you can defend or attack or resupply from. Good luck to you all on the battlefield and go Allies! -Birdman26
  8. I think we need a new form of electricity B2K. Something maybe a little more reliable than hamsters lol.
  9. Well done Adam
  10. I prefer yellow for squad mates. But the rest of those colors I use.
  11. What will the change in tier speed be? Do we have a definitive amount of time for when tiers will progress?
  12. The campaign actually ended late Monday morning Server time. If it ended on Sunday, most likely the start date would have been tonight as CRS doesn't wanna have 3 or more day intermissions since they can get boring for both sides.
  13. I think if they were to change the victory conditions, it would have to be capture a capital instead, but the problem with that is the current team would have to have the ability to make at least a few more cities and then the capitals themselves. and even at that, make capitals have 3 or four different attackable sections since berlin, paris, and London are quite large. maybe have different sections of each city be it's own "city" like roermond and roermond west, you could have maybe east and west berlin or north and south london or even split them into 3 sections
  14. Bierbaer and to all the GMs and mods for their hard work trying to keep the game fun and fair for both sides. Keep up the great work