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  1. What do each of these spots entail?
  2. I prefer yellow for squad mates. But the rest of those colors I use.
  3. What will the change in tier speed be? Do we have a definitive amount of time for when tiers will progress?
  4. The campaign actually ended late Monday morning Server time. If it ended on Sunday, most likely the start date would have been tonight as CRS doesn't wanna have 3 or more day intermissions since they can get boring for both sides.
  5. I think if they were to change the victory conditions, it would have to be capture a capital instead, but the problem with that is the current team would have to have the ability to make at least a few more cities and then the capitals themselves. and even at that, make capitals have 3 or four different attackable sections since berlin, paris, and London are quite large. maybe have different sections of each city be it's own "city" like roermond and roermond west, you could have maybe east and west berlin or north and south london or even split them into 3 sections
  6. Bierbaer and to all the GMs and mods for their hard work trying to keep the game fun and fair for both sides. Keep up the great work
  7. Campaign is over
  8. I don't believe this really would work as intended. in theory, it is a good idea and could have positive effects, but it also could have negative effects such that you have people who are there just for the tipping system and not working for the PB. You could also have more guys in HC who aren't really doing much other than playing the game and because of that, the PB might tip them more than those who are doing the nitty gritty work of moving the map of keeping supply good for the sole reason of seeing them on the field more. It also causes it to not be volunteer work and at that point, they are getting money for helping the game so in theory, they'd be employees of CRS so they would have to pay minimum wage and all that fun stuff. it sounds like a great idea but I don't think it is the way to go to generate more HC.
  9. I think I got like 200-300 points in one sortie sitting and camping an airfield.
  10. I like this idea, instead of a welcome back soldier it is a welcome new soldier. Obviously have them need to rank up but you might retain more players that way
  11. I'm fine with firing from the hip, it's running around and firing so freaking accurately that makes me hate the lmg. I'd be fine with hip firing as long as they get an accurate recoil or at least make it more inaccurate firing while running around
  12. You don't have to tell the player base about all brigade moves, just the ones in areas where they are fighting. You'll do great in HC. Just practice makes perfect on moving the map
  13. Great Work Allies. You Fought Hard And Well Deserve These Awards
  14. it is just the allied discord server and it is an awaiting endpoint error. all other servers i have on discord i can connect.
  15. Congrats to you all and thank you for your hard work and dedication to the allied side.