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  1. It's difficult to really do much about tz3 and other low population problems. Low pop is the reason for campaigns going the way they do. Only way you could fix this would be mass advertising in areas that are awake and can play during the low population times to get people to join. 


    The bottom line is that no matter what CRS do to the game, the only thing that would be able to change the pushing of low population times is to get more players on during those times for both sides

  2. We could just make it a 2 or 3 month campaign and add Italy so there are 2 capitals for the axis and two for the allies and then you'd have land for Italy as well allowing for maybe putting the Italian persona in. And with adding the Italians you could have the start of game screen be you choose axis or allied and then you pick a persona from the side you pick. There are so many things you can do and add with/in 2.0

  3. Probably in the 2.0 version instead of taking all the factory towns, taking a country capital such as The Axis Can win by taking London or Paris and The Allies can Win by taking Berlin. Yes, this would most likely make campaigns quite a bit longer but it would make it a bit of a more historical ending as the Germans fought until Berlin Fell to The Allies and the USSR

  4. For a 1-2 day event we could run with the axis trying to get air superiority over britain and if the axis are able to defeat the British and get the british factories to as destroyed as possible, then the next day the Germans could attempt to para drop and do naval invasions to try and take Britain.  It would also be fun if London was apart of the map with the Germans winning the scenario with the fall of London but it doesn't have to be there for the scenario

  5. I'd love to see a real D Day type situation including Normandy area. The allies have the objective of getting to Paris while the Axis are trying to stop the invasion and/or Repel any invasions that succeed. It'd be cool to see that as a mini campaign or as a fun little week long intermission event to try and get some guys back to the game. I can understand if it would be too hard/time consuming to make the towns from the Norman Beaches to Paris.