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  1. thank sajuk (too bad i can't upload one of my 2800 photos D: ) it make a sound and it open if you look back you can see it (and more rarely: you can see some derp guy dancing on your tank)
  2. hello zebbeee building in city and bridge can be destroyed (bombing or satchel charge.) what do you mean by realistic?
  3. Like that?
  4. OH godamnit! what a curse! XD (i hate when i see those sort of comment on youtube)
  5. ok, ok i admit i was a bit stupid to not thinking enough about this thread before posting. I alway believe that the b1 75' could turn more but, it make sense. its like an assault gun. i have tried and for me its F and V but thank for the advice. yes... after thinking, it's better to have a driver/gunner than separated. the french tank can have a slower reload then... like 3 second longer. the control don't change so much but they are some vehicles, or game mechanic, who are a bit difficult to understand when we are not accustomed... And last question, what is the role of the hull gunner if we can't do anything with him, same thing with the reloader... Personnaly I think if the reloader is dead, we can have a longer reload. and if the hull gunner is dead the 75 cannot shoot.
  6. Well, the B1 is a mammoth in the early campaign... but there a problem The driver pilot the tank... and shoot the 75mm gun... Its not to the 2nd shooter to do that? and we cannot aim with it! and the pilot cannot zoom because its the 75mm visor... so he is blind... He must be revised... after that he will kick some panzer ass
  7. yes there was a belgian fortification line on the dyle river: the KW (Koningshooikt-Wavre) line.
  8. here is the order of battle for the 2 armies. (i don't have the campaign map a the beginning so its not easy) (brussel ) starting location (brussel*) starting location not sure Belgium Ground force Armée royal belge 1ère division de Chasseur ardennais division (Marche*) 1er régiment de chasseur 2nd régiment de chasseur 3ème régiment de chasseur 10 eme division d’infanterie (Walloon) (Leuven*) 3ème Chasseur à pied 5ème chasseur à pied 6ème chasseur à pied 2ème divisie (flemish) (Antwerp*) 5ème regiment van linie 6ème regiment van linie 28ème regiment van linie Air force Aéronautique militaire belge (evere airfield) 1er Régiment d'Aéronautique 2ème Régiment d'Aéronautique 3ème Régiment d'Aéronautique Netherland Ground force Koninklijke Landmacht 1st Divisie (Breda) 1st regiment 2nd regiment 3rd regiment 3rd Divisie (Bergen op zoom) 1st regiment 2nd regiment 3rd regiment Air force Luchtvaartbrigade (vlissingen) 1st smaldeel 2nd smaldeel 3rd smaldeel Naval force Koninklijke Marine (bergen op zoom) 1st smaldeel 2nd smaldeel 3rd Smalldeel
  9. I agree! i spend like a afternoon for getting... 19% experience with my hawk...
  10. true, I remenber reading that the french high command was divised for the tanks turrets "1 or 2 crew?" Its real that it will be a disavantage for the tank, but like in real life, the gunner is not going to stay outside during battle, when the bullet begin to fly the first thing to do is to go back inside... generaly when i arrive near/in city with my panhard "here we are, get inside, shut up, and pray" This feature will be useful for driving and keep an eye around. as well for helping the french tank who are really blind.
  11. I don't think, The hatch can be opened in the back... just need to move the camera, and add a crew model on the tank when its open... they can copy on the panzer II i think, expect for the crew model... but i don't know how much is difficult... just sayin'
  12. If you want a real french "reconnaissance" plane... Take the potez 637.
  13. There is a little problem with the french tank when you are at the gunner position and you open the hatch, your gunner stay in the turret and see nothing... it will be good if the gunner or the tank commander go outside of the tank hatch, look at these photo can it be possible to make that? Here come the french cavalry. En Avant!
  14. eheh i have 50% belgian blood and they live in Tournai
  15. Merci! pas mécontent de voir des français Dans plein de jeux sur la seconde guerre mondiale j'ai essayer de modez pour rajouté des nations dite "mineur" Heart of iron III ou j'ai rajouté des photos pour les divisions Blitzkrieg en rajoutant des unités et dernièrement il-2 1946 en créant des skins pour des avions C'est une bonne idée, 1 ou 2 division Canadienne, le problème c'est que comme les belges c'est littéralement un swap color... avec quelque nuance bien sur. (intégré dans l'armée Britannique peut-être?) yes, yes its true that with a peak of 200 player, 6 army would be exagerated... Originaly the the T13 series was on vicker chassis so it make sense but take care that between the t13 b1 and T13 B3 model, turret and chassis have change.