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  1. what is this rubbish?
  2. players themselves carry some of the responsibility for this there's too many 2 man squads attached to the squad name that's long dead
  3. I am suspicious of this new religion. It should be extinguished immediately.
  4. What is a pad God?
  5. That's exactly what the Fortified FRU should be vulnerable to, in order to encourage armoured support to the rear, creating a genuine ZoC
  6. This FRU has the potential to really take tactical game play up a few gears but I would agree with this post - the unit should not be vulnerable frontally. If it is vulnerable to frontal attack, all you'll see is armour sat at maximum distance pounding the unit until it dies. The game play I would suggest would most benefit the game and improve the way the game plays will be delivered only if the defender has to flank the FRU to kill it
  7. Very simple Battle of Britain Axis have 24 hours to transport trucks across the Channel from Le Crotoy to Oostende. Air and sea carnage ensues. If Axis succeed in taking a single UK town, they win the scenario.
  8. Interesting you reference the unsuccessful Ciney attack. As that was a really odd battle, Allies had immediate momentum, took both spawns and the AB, bouncing the Axis bdes. Axis were holding on well at the south CP and had dFRUs out to the south of town. Suddenly, and I mean suddenly, Allies went from 10-15 in town to 6 online. Allied numbers literally evaporated in the blink of an eye. Axis took advantage and their determined defence paid dividends.
  9. Extremely low population, no active High Command players on, the other side, with so many more people carve through towns at will and look to encircle and rout entire divisions? Is this part and parcel of this game?