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  1. i have litterally tried this game on my parents desktop which was built recently and it wont run it because i couldent get the correct updates for the video card.
  2. atleast 30-40 fps on low settings and why is that? how is it a computer with components from 2018 not be able to run game that has graphics equivalent to 2005? if this dont run it i doubt any modern pc will. it seems sa bit desktop elitism to not optomize it for both laptops and desktops. ive sat and thought about that for the last 2 years. this will be my last attempt to play this game
  3. well im asking because i spent alot more on my last laptop than this one and it couldent run it. this one is 275 and manufacterer refurbished. ive talked to a few people and they say its a super solid set up for that price and is quite a steal
  4. AMD Ryzen 3 2200U 2.50 GHz Processor 8 GB DDR4 SDRAM Memory 1 TB Hard Drive HD 1366 x 768 Resolution AMD Radeon Vega 3 Shared Graphics my last laptop couldent run it and get more than 10 fps. would i be able to get atleast something playable with this setup?
  5. this is my specs Windows 10 AMD Quad-Core A8-6410 Accelerated Processor with AMD Radeon R5 graphics i have turned down every video setting and lowered the screen resolution. im getting around 12-15 fps when not in battle/very light combat this game should not be a problem considering i can run war thunder with 20-30 fps on low settings. if you have played war thunder you know it can get a bit intense visually especially on small maps. not sure what to do from here. its not an issue with my cpu or memory because ive checked those percentages when the game is running and they run at a decent level. its not a net issue because i have the fastest internet package my provider has and i can do anything else and not have a problem. ive tried closing everything and running the game with just the required back ground processes running ive changed compatability modes with no effect besides the game loading quicker. any ideas? yes i know i need to upgrade my hardeware but i cant afford it right now i just need tips with making it more playable on my setup
  6. i didnt get a response either
  7. can someone walk me through the steps on how to konfigure a controller to work for this game. i just got mine and i have no idea how to do this. it should be possible. i dont see why it wouldnt be
  8. can someone walk me through the steps on how to konfigure a controller to work for this game. i just got mine and i have no idea how to do this. it should be possible. i dont see why it wouldnt be
  9. i think im done with this game for a while. im under enough stress as it is i dont need to be playing a game thats going to make me more stressed out than when i started. this game is dying. ive only been here for a few months but ive seen a dramatic decrease in population of this game. i may be back on and off sporadically but i really dont see this game lasting another 3-6 months. niche game yes but for this game to get a increase of players, changes have to be made for this game to survive. some times you have to give up certain things to continue ive seen it happen on many games. happened on AA that changed from being extremely realistic to more arcadey game play after a drop in players for sticking to "realisim" while i dont want to see that happen to this game. some changes have to be made or its going to die. ive seen it in just about every game that ive played on PC every game comes to a tipping point basically "change or die" and this game is at that point.
  10. unfortunatly my laptop can just barely run this the highest fps i got in this game was around 40 i usually stand between 10-20 fps. when i run teamspeak it pretty much makes the game unplayable because how much the fps drops. not sure why the fps is so low because this laptop has no problem runnin war thunder seamlesly
  11. again i never said turn it into a run around free for all i just said make it a bit more fair for newer players. its only fun for vets and more experienced players cause its easy for vets to get kills against new players. to me the way i see it after having not made any progress in getting better despite reading and watching tutorials its like giving someone two days training in boxing and throwing them in the ring with muhammed ali. i mean im only asking for a change in the spotting accuracy and proceedure its not like im asking them to give new players the golden gun. the only thing i care about is fairness making the changes i suggested is not uneasonable. to me both americas army 2 along with brothers in arms (offline) gameplay were just as realistic if not more so than this game ive beaten the main three titles in the BIA series of games and they ruined AA2 with AA3's health bar change. if AA can have a good marking system and still be fair to both new players and experienced players so can this game
  12. im in a squad and have been play for a few months. basically what im hearing you say is i should just continue to die and not have fun so everyone else can have fun. thats a very selfish attitude sacrifices or change has to happen so that ALL players bot new and expericed players can have fun if it means sacrifices to realisim im down for that. its not like im saying go to battlefield style game. im saying it should be a bit easier for new players. i for one will not continue to play a game that im not having fun in. and from what ive seen in the nubers of online player dwindling. this game cant afford to lose more players. the new players who also are more frustrated with this game than are having fun will also quit. its a good idea and concept and has been around for years. but times change and for this game to survive it also has to change. no new players want to die every five seconds just cause the "Experienced" player cant handle change cause it might make it fair for all parties then thats their problem.
  13. not sure why people arent getting this. let me put it to you like how it really works for new players since not many seem to get it. for a new player its very very very frustrating because lets say your supposed to attack a town and someone for once actually made a semi accurate mark you do your "scan everything" deal and cant see anything. you get fired at but you cant see wher its comming from. and end up sitting there for 15 to 30 minutes while everyone else in town is doing exciting stuff and actually participating and having fun. after 30 minutes of sitting there you get tired of waiting there and do your best to move ahead or do what ever you got to do to get into town and within less than a minute you get shot dead by someone you cant see and is most likely the same person that was marked. how would you feel if you couldent make it into the AO from any direction. you are then determined to get into the AO and you die and respawn after 45 minutes of this how would you feel if you couldent get in to town. this is NOT FUN its absolutely frustrating. everyone keeps talking about a "learning curve" i still dont see any learning curve to this its either your good or you arent no in between. as i said if you poll most beginning players i would say that about 75% of them will leave the game and never come back. this is why it needs change.and i know some of you wil talk about realism but lets talk about that for a minute. this game by no means is realistic. if it were truly realistic you get one life. if you die your computer shuts off and never turns back on again, respawning is not realistic.and yet none of you all say anything about that. but try to make the game a bit more enjoyable for new people (which would increase the population of the game and give it a better of a chance of not shutting down because of how presumeably expensive it is to run this game. to keep this game up nd going i would willingly give up atleast a small bit of "Realisim" this game has to have more fun and keep the game open
  14. i think im still in 91st unfortunately i cant run teamspeak and the game on this laptop at the same time. it kills my fps i usually can only get about 20 fps and having team speak running at the same time drops my fps to down to about 5 fps. im not sure why this game takes so much resources. ive been able to run war thunder on here with no problems with the fps