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  1. Honestly I think most of the time it is well meaning players on your side, or new players simply trying to build stuff. Like other have said, it takes seconds to take them out and its a non-issue.
  2. There is a big difference from crowdfunding small improvements in a current game versus crowdfunding a completely new game. The first only appeals to current active players, the second appeals to anyone who likes WWII games.
  3. Yup agree here. If you coordinate and have a large strategy you can make big cuts, but we just really haven't been doing it on either side. Everyone is very risk averse with the new system. And as was mentioned all we need to do is adjust supply and the map can move much faster.
  4. I disagree, I think the current change is one of the best in a long time. Why should capturing an AB cause the whole defense go poof? I personally like it how you now have to physically capture an entire town, just seems more realistic to me.
  5. I don't necessarily see why crowdfunding is going to come from current fans. WWIIOL has enough of a large fan base who enjoyed the game at one point and certainly would get exited about at WWIIOL 2.0 and with a decent marketing push this could work to also capture a lot of other players who like the WWII and MMO genre. Realistically this game would need to raise closer to $5-10 MM to be able to get things done in a reasonable time frame, which is a reach but doable if it is done the right way. That amount of money gets you about 15-20 full time developers for a good 3 years plus all the associated costs (assuming the a developer with full overhead costs about in the $150k/year range). Even getting something like 50,000 people would get us more than half of the way there assuming they pledge $50 bucks. With some clever crowdfunding tiers you could easily get guys contributing much more, especially early in the development. Fortunately unlike lots of Indie games WWIIOL has some benefits: 1) established name (for better or worse, I think better) 2) popular genre 3) not niche product (sorta) 4) Dev team with established track record (again for better or worse) 5) maturing technology that makes the original vision more realistic to achieve than 2001
  6. Yup, I agree. Focus should start shifting to WWIIOL 2.0 with a planned Crowdfunding drive in 2020.
  7. Issue with infantry game is lag and the way the predictor code is implemented. Some players have learned to use their own lag and the predictor code to their advantage which is where a lot of the "the guy ran up the stairs and shot me" phenomen comes from. I wouldn't necessarily call it an exploit, but yes, it does many the infantry game frustrating. Ironically the worse your ping the better your advantage if you are an attacker (and vice versa as a defender).
  8. That would be a complete disaster... in real life the defenders had prepared defenses already set up. If you had players bring a tank or other heavy equipment from a rear FB it would be way to easy for an attacker to set up and lock down the town. Similarly we have depot spawning because in the first iteration of the game mechanics in 2001/2002 spawning only happened from the AB, so it was easy to camp the town and many tactics revolved around getting as many tanks as possible to rush the AB and pre-camp if before defenders had a chance to respond.
  9. Maybe adding concrete vehicles or something that would happen when we hit X% would be helpful.
  10. What if one of the turtles is a snapping turtle? Has anyone ever considered that? ....
  11. LOL the reward should be a sleeping bag and some ambien
  12. Some fun FB busting and Antwerp attacking
  13. I'm surprised you are saying this since your join date is 2001... and we played this game for 5 years with no AOs or effectively any HC tools outside of a HC Forum, HC-affiliated squads, and the .Axis/.Allied chat command. Somehow we managed to police ourselves and manage supply just fine. Yes, towns did fall because players used up too much supply. But towns have fall from innumerable HC and non-HC reasons... that will always be a fact of the game. I tend to be personally more skeptical at the idea of HC superiority vis-a-vis the playerbase. If anything if a fight is going nowhere, players will abandon it sooner rather than later and often it is battlefield leaders or HC pushing people on to stick with it. Personally I vote for the mob, becayse at the end of the day it is actually two competing mobs, and no matter what, each mob wants to win and will learn to adapt and improve themselves. With the HC leash-and-collar system players have no incentive to learn these things and just follow where the Red Boxes are set.