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  1. Having the same issue with latest patch. I am able to play Offline without any issues but when I log into campaign or training server at the loading screen I get CTD when loading bar gets to "loading terrain features." Win10 home (v1803 build 17134.345) / Intel 8600k / 16GB RAM / GTX1070ti
  2. Looks great. Glad to see more detail and higher resolution textures going into the game. Concerns about performance should be pretty minimal. You can purchase a used GTX 1070ti for $150-200 on Ebay which gets you over 100 FPS easily.
  3. Overall I think the buildings look very realistic and historical. Yeah maybe the kitchen looks a bit too much like 1960s America and less 1940s France, but I can survive that. Either way just resubbed a hero account
  4. Looks great! Particularly excited about the longer grass and the new building interiors.
  5. Seems like this is something that WWIIOL has had from day 1. Seems like the big sales pitch they are making is that they are a service that provides turnkey server/networking work. Just upload your game and they will take care of everything from the hardware to the software side. But as far as the design this seems like what we currently have... multiple servers that control certain parts of the map that seamlessly switch from Server A to another controlled by Server B. I remember back in the first month of WWIIOL when the servers broke and had to be physically moved there were multiple servers each running an independent version of WWIIOL (there were 6 total IIRC). But when the hardware issues were resolved the servers were meshed back again and all of them ran one map. I don't know how the server architecture or network architecture works for WWIIOL. But my understanding is that we never had one gigantic server that ran the whole map, but rather there were several smaller servers that controlled players in certain parts of the map and all communicated with the main overall strategic layer sever that controlled town ownership, supply, etc. Seems this is exactly what the folks at Improbable are doing. But please correct me if I am wrong.
  6. I would be all for giving it a try. The negative rank points is actually not a bad way to prevent griefing along with .votekick. The biggest issue is that it only takes one idiot to machine gun everyone defending a bunker right before an enemy cap to real sour the entire playerbase. Which is what happened last time, although I should note it kinda devolved into parody since everyone was just "trying it out"
  7. I have very fond memories of our arch-enemies, 3CD. The 31st Wrecking Crew held the Namur-Revin line within our orbat so that vast majority of fights we were involved in were against 3CD. They are a great group of guys, and the no-camping gentlemens' agreement is true since we in the 31st honored it and had inter-squad communication. Without a doubt the toughest enemies we faced which is why we were assigned to that sector of the front. Great teamwork, great combined arms coordination, and if you even made the smallest mistake as their adversary they would quickly show you the error in your ways. I've been axis since 2001... but it you are looking for an allied squad there is no better one than 3CD!
  8. Actually friendly fire is easy to implement and during one early intermission in I think 2001 or 2002 it was (didn't end too well). The difference between this game and others is the way it implements damage but physically modelling fragments or projectiles, rather than HE in other games which is statistically/hitpoint based (i.e. you are X meters from a bomb = you always die, whereas in WWIIOL you could be 25 m from a bomb and miraculously survive, while another guy at 50 m gets hit by shrapnel and dies, which is something you would never see in other games). Could it be better? Sure. But I think with the roadmap and the ratchat its clear that progress if being made, which is why old time players like me who have just been lurking around and checking in on the website every 6 months or so are starting to post on the forums.
  9. I agree with Hatch 100% here. To give players some perspective there was also a "HC" in the game even in 2001 (I was in it, started the game day 1 as a Lieutenant General). But it was mostly for starting missions (nobody had rank back then), organization, and coordination between squads. Back then the major squads had their own sectors of the map they were responsible for (31st was traditionally Namur - Revin) and to shuffle around squads when necessary based on the strategic situation. When flags and then AOs started there was a lot of backend HC work that had already happened often naturally. For example my squad ran an entire Army top to bottom so there was a lot of buy-in, but more importantly there was always multiple HC officers on at all times. The same was true with many larger squads. Granted things weren't all rosy and there was criticism of the above model as being a good ol' boys club with squad members promoting squad members in the HC hierarchy, which led to several of the large squads leaving the HC system after an ugly power struggle. But for all its faults it worked. Players were organized and battles were large. Hatch I think echoes my own criticism of AOs in that they limited squad choice, making squad nights or any real operation taking planning an exercise in frustration or futility (often both) as the map OIC either couldn't spare an AO, or had differing strategic goals. I think players would be surprised how much time it took to plan out a once-weekly squad op. It was a lot of dedicated work by a lot of dedicated people: 1) pick strategic target and discuss merits/will it benefit front/can we defend it/are we over-extending 2) scouting main and flanking attack routes 3) scouting likely enemy resupply routes and planning how to cut them off 4) stockpiling equipment from behind the lines. We had a dedicated logistics officers with legit a notebook they would fill in (!). This crazy [censored] (Hikarr) would write down every tank we brought and from where it came. At one point we had a air squaddie with 3 accounts that would shuttle in 3 Ju87s at once on 3 systems (Ring) for operations. All crazy people, but honestly doing supply runs on teamspeak was fun too as crazy as that sounds. 5) organizing the column(s) which often required 3-4 separate channels, not including a command TS channel 6) coordinating with the squad air wing for both CAS and CAP 7) coordinating with the squad flak detachment (we had one of those too... back before SPAA was even a dream) that would often operate dozens of km away from the action setting up a flak trap at likely ingress points that the pilots would bait EA to fly into 8) coordinating with others squads/HC both before and during the op It was dozens of hours of work by many people. But it was fun. Hell, this one time we actually went as far as staging a mock practice op in a behind the lines town with a similar layout and topography.. completely nutso stuff. But it was fun... I still think why it was so fun to do something as boring as be the guy with binocs on the flank, or the lone stug cutting off a resupply road listening to the action over teamspeak. It was because there was a sense of ownership and a sense of buy-in. A lot of that got lost when all of the above was given to the HC and more importantly Map OIC. Its just too much work for even a small number of people.
  10. June 2001 31st Wrecking Crew "Paris in 24 hours!"
  11. Pretty much agree with what was said here 100%. Game should focus on facilitating squad play, giving tools to allow for easier squad nights, etc. HC's are a good layer for the game and should stay, but make it more like it was in the mid-2000s where squads organized/performed operations and were responsible for their map sector with HC acting as a squad-squad and squad-lonewolf liason and overall map-wide strategy. Rather than the later system where HC's attempting to organize and perform operations without buy-in from squads.
  12. Been thinking about doing much of the same myself...…. Paris in 24 Hours!