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  1. Yup really happy about 64 bit. No multithreaded CPU... boy that would be nice. And offloading as much stuff onto the GPU.
  2. But the mouse-distance only calculates linear distance, it doesn't account for elevation changes.
  3. you get one extra day of rambo LMGing
  4. Well said. I know many have beaten to death the point of view regarding the divergence between RL production costs and combat effectiveness in the confines of WWIIOL. The StuH I think is a perfect example of this as it is essentially a completely useless tank due to limitations in the game engine. So while it may cost XYZ production dollars, its WWIIOL-value is effectively $0 since. I understand that it may be difficult to quantify a "WWIIOL-value" but using historical production costing to make the spawnlists is like measuring the weight of the toaster to figure out how many slices of bread you should have for breakfast.
  5. While I agree with you that based on raw performance the Axis fighters do have a slight edge. But if given the chance of an airfield full of Spitfires or one full of 109s, I think we all know what would get picked for the team. At the end of the day despite many edges, the 109 is deficient where it counts the most... Low altitude turning performance. It's a running joke on the Axis side about the nonexistent Luftwaffe. Actually I've said this in other threads and I think overall planes and tanks have hurt the Allies in the war effort since it saps away players who buzz overhead in planes. Apart from a few dedicated pilots Axis fighters get quickly shot out of the sky hence most axis play infantry. In a twisted way this actually helps the Axis a lot since infantry can capture. So even if Allies are overpop, the Axis probably have a tactical infantry advantage.
  6. Right now I chuckle when I see someone running around with a mortar.
  7. Yeah the alpha pictures they showed were stairwells leading up, but not always a fire escape. One was I think an atrium liking building with enterable rooms and stairs on the inside.
  8. Ironically you of all people shouldn't worry about capture timers. As far as claimable trees we won't but in the latest rat chat they showed new city buildings with claimable roofs and stuff.
  9. Have to agree here. The second the action dies down priority #1 is to sweep out and find and eFMS, followed very quickly by taking down the FB.
  10. Are we sure it has been "60/40" for two decades. I see a lot of these figures being thrown around as facts without much consideration how accurate they are.
  11. My understanding is that nothing you shoot is server tracked. The whole STO/Ordnance Server has been one of the many things we've heard about since 2001, but was never done.
  12. Not a huge fan of the heavy FMS concept... one freighter spawning an entire armored division? I can see how you could easily game the system with that kind of setup. Historically you wouldn't be able to land tons of heavy armor and artillery on a beachhead. Even today the Marines aren't able to land very heavy equipment in large numbers on a beachhead. IMHO we should work to model landing ships, and if we do create a TT FMS, it should be on the "loaded in, spawn out principle" where you say load 4 tanks into the hold, and the can spawn what you loaded. This means you actually put your supply at risk when it's not the ship. And not safely back in base while players send wave after wave of TTs until one finally managed to slip through a proceeds to warp an entire army across the English Channel.
  13. I think this would be a nice addition to the naval game.
  14. Hey bitore, missed your post. ZZ is still on a LOA, but everything is being well cared for on his R&R break
  15. +1 I've always thought that the Axis need more horsepower!
  16. I know of a fair amount of players that are F2P with some DLC. And a lot of players (even old vets) use F2P to try the game out and see if their want to subscribe. That said the cost certainly is a barrier to entry for many players. We've debated this many times but my understanding the financials aren't there yet to let the price drop to say $9.99 premium/$4.99 basic. Maybe it would bring in more players and offset the loss in revenue from lower the price... or maybe not.
  17. Yes, agree. Only thing worse than typing .own is having to click on a different town/FB and reclick on the one you are intersted in to get an updated status
  18. Stats are something a lot of players like. Personally I don't care for them but many do. No reason to remove things from your product that appeal to certain customers.
  19. Yeah my understanding is that it's being worked on. Issue is to make it such a way you can't clip into buildings and fully block the bunker.
  20. Yeah that works for infantry and armor but almost impossible to do with planes
  21. Would it be possible to give builders offline access to the buzzard cam? Would like to take some offline pictures but camera angles are pretty limited with just the external views. Alternatively can give premium subscribers access.
  22. Well since none were even truly built outside of prototypes we don't know. But the Elefant could make about 30 km/h. But it was also heavier.
  23. I'm a bit confused by this. We have navy and air supply along with garrisons at every port and airfield. So what is the point of the movable flags? Seems like a needless layer of complexity for no reason. "Spawn Stukas at Bertrix" "Where I don't see any missions at Bertrix" "oh no, we're in the other mission in the air brigade that also happens to be in Bertrix"
  24. Confused on the Internet connection as well. If you are really running 5G that means you are on a wireless connection which will have issues. The fact that the antenna is hard wired to a router which is hard wired into your PC still makes it a wireless connection. Just side note on your rig, why two 360 rads? I see you are running a single 1080ti and a Threadripper. Are you doing some crazy overclocking in both the CPU and GPU?
  25. Well that is debatable. Will that F2P person continue buying 2 skins per month for the duration of his playtime with the game? Or would the subscriber simply stop paying the subscription fee, purchase say 5 skins, and then play for free for the next 5 years (or 18 years for that matter). I agree with you that there is money being left on the table, I just don't think the economics of it is as simple as you are making it out to be. There are a lot of potential minefields that can very quickly dry up your revenue stream.