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  1. Lets relax a little guys. Merlin has been playing this game since 2001, just like many of us here. I'm pretty sure he knows how to build a town. Personally I like the layouts. They look true to the period (which is very important IMHO) and I don't see anything egregious like a CP building in the middle of an empty field. If you look closely there is a very clever way the grass is used in many cities in a type of crosshatch pattern which allows ingress/egress. Theoretically speaking you could crawl your way all the way from outside of town into the city center thanks to the tall grass.
  2. Agree! Would increase the possible chat slots to 8 from the current six. I have the same issue you do: Mission/Target/Side/Squad/10/20... nothing left for Channel 31 (31st non-squad comms), or the help channel. If you remember back in the day we had I think 4 slots, but you could tune 4 channels per slot. So you could have say 10/20/30/31 all tuned to the same slot. The only drawback was that you would broadcast to all those channels... not sure if the ground guys care to hear that DB7s are in BQ37. I've been doing a lot of squad recruiting lately and its a huge difference if a new player is under the wing of someone who knows the game. The Help channel is something that new players will logically try out if they have a question, but I would say the majority of the vets ingame don't tune to the channel for the exact reason mingus said.
  3. I like the list. I think the most important is the mission/spawning overhaul. The "Mission>Objective" system that CRS 1.0 create was in theory a good one but it was never used for that purpose by the playerbase. Better we just simplify it it one mission per town and simply spawn out of whatever spawn point you want. So rather than a list of missions, you would see a list of potential spawns (including mobile spawns).
  4. I don't think that an AA LMG would need to come out of the infantry pool. I think the easiest way is to simply model a tripod, and when you deploy it you can spin around 360 degrees and go completely vertical. Lot easier than dealing with a PPO IMHO. Make them only be able to fire when deployed and have only a very short sprint to simulate the heavier loadout of the tripod. Now as far as effectiveness... as a pilot that has no problem strafing AA guns, I personally think it will be next to useless. BUT, I also realize that there is a big difference from infantry not having anything to defend themselves with, and at least having something. A lot of this game is pure psychology, and just the option of being able to fight back makes you feel less helpless. Its like a tailgunner on a bomber. Next to useless, but it makes me warm and fuzzy knowing I can at least try to fire back
  5. I think its important to distinguish between most prevalent unit used and most popular unit used. I play infantry the vast majority of the time, I enjoy it, but there are things I enjoy more. But I spawn it because that is the tool you need to win battles and move the map. Boots matter, the rest is gravy. It is only natural in a competitive game where infantry hold the keys to the kingdom everyone will be using it. I think the point @montyuno was trying to raise is that players don't seek out WWIIOL because of infantry combat. But rather they seek out WWIIOL for the combined arms aspect, and by catering to the infantry via the FRU you can do serious damage to the vehicle game, thereby decreasing the use of combined arms, and eliminating the one hook that WWIIOL. All of a sudden a prospective player logs in and finds out it is an infantry slugfest in town and quickly moves away to PS or BF due to their superior graphics and infantry play in a map that is effectively the same size as our cities. I am of the opinion that when all branches do well, the entire playerbase grows and does well. The Infantry FRU is great for attacking infantry, but it pretty much ruins the game for everyone else.
  6. Look at my join date and factor in that I played this game in college. Will give you a rough idea
  7. Quick Q Merlin. Any plan to add an extra ground tileset for the cities? I always found it really weird how urban-looking buildings awkwardly site right on top of a grass texture and lack things like sidewalks etc. Minor issue but was wondering if there was any plan/discussion to make that kind of addition.
  8. One funny thing is that the top 10 tankers have players with a k/d < 1.0
  9. I don't like it when we aren't the first squad on these forums...
  10. Does anyone know where they got all these sounds from?
  11. I don't know about you guys... But I'm mostly interest in the 12 tons of biscuits stowed in the upper left. When do we get those?
  12. Looking better every WIP I see! For the looks of it we have the new terrain in as well, along with Malta and the Meditteranean.
  13. To followup on the other idea. You could even give players the option to choose via the ingame poll. So for a hypothetical example. After Campaign 160 there would be a short 2 day intermission, followed by a mini-campaign w/victory conditions, followed by another intermission, and then campaign 161. Poll options (ingame): -Battle of the Bulge (Tier 3) - Zeelands Battle (Tier 3) - France Invades Germany (Tier 1) - Dieppe Landings (Tier 2) - Degense of Sedan (Tier 0) The players all vote and we go with whatever gets the most votes. To keep it fresh that option drops out of the running the next go round and get cycled out with another option. Added benefit is that CRS can use these mini-campaigns to test out new spawn lists, capture timers, etc.
  14. But why not have a time-limited (7 day) mini campaign with victory conditions? You could start in any tier and have any scenario, including hypothetical, that can be imagined. Players who like all the tiers (like me) still have the usual grand campaign. Those who want later tier stuff also get to play but it's not locked in like that for 2+ months.
  15. Berlin is all caps too. Paris is not.
  16. The key is mini-campaigns in between the grand campaigns. Not an extended intermission. But 7 days of some scenario with whatever tier weapons we choose for the scenario.
  17. As has been said before, without alternative ways to monetize the game FTP won't support itself since subscribing players will simply start playing for free instead (though I still support a slight expansion to F2P). That said I think the cosmetic avenue is somewhere that CRS needs to go. And it should be expanded to pretty much anything in game. Want to rename the Dinant Factory as the 31st Sausage Works? SOLD! Only $24.99 for a 12-month lease on that name. Want to rent an ingame billboard to advertise your squad? SOLD! Only $5 per billboard, per month with towns/locations of your choosing/ Want to put a Shark's Mouth on your Stuka? SOLD! Only $3.99 for a decal. Want to have a semi-custom building/compound for your squad in Paris/London/Berlin? SOLD! Only $199.99 with options to expand the compound. Want to change the camo one your tank? SOLD! Only $5.99 to get Zimmerit paint on your Tiger. Want a custom squad patch on your infantry? SOLD! Only $59.99 to upload the squad patch after we approve your design and then $5.99 per member who wants to buy it. This list goes on. As the Star Citizen experience shows us. If you offered to build a gigantic statue of someone dropping a grenade into a toilet for $15,000; I'm sure you would find someone crazy enough to buy it.
  18. Agree. But tanks should also fear ATGs and other tanks engaging them at range. Which currently with over-tall bushes and massive treelines means an exposed CP/depot will be nothing more than a camp fest by tanks. Agree. But tanks should also fear ATGs and other tanks engaging them at range. Which currently with over-tall bushes and massive treelines means an exposed CP/depot will be nothing more than a camp fest by tanks.
  19. Call BS on that. Night and day difference. I left because of the old-team (mis)management and communication. The amount of communication here compared to other studios is a different world.
  20. I don't disagree that the depot should be placed farther away from the CP. I don't mind if it is close every now and then... nice change. But you simply can't have exposed CPs as it will be impossible to attack and/or defend. Especially now with the 6-ft high bushes and general jungle canopy that surrounds towns it is nigh impossible to engage a tank that is inside town from outside of town without going to point blank range. IMHO CPs should be a place where infantry fight it out with few avenues of advance for tanks. But yes, agree that CPs and depots should be spaced out a bit.
  21. My concern is this will lead us exactly where this thread began. Infantry FRU was dead and buried. Then it was suddenly reintroduced with not a whole lot of discussion regarding its implications. Now there are calls to expand it to non-HC and allow SMGs to spawn. What is going to be the next call? Similarly you let them get placed by 4 infantry as a team anywhere, the next thread is going to be, "you know, it would be easier if we only needed 2 to place" quickly followed by it going down to one and we are back at square 1. It is only natural human nature that players who predominantly play infantry will want a spawn point that gives them everything and will work hard to achieve that (this thread is an example of that). There are simply too many ways to game the FRU and destroy the vehicle game. The FMS combined with Depot spawning works fine and is something that is blocked by natural obstacles and choke-points in game while the FRU has none of those limitation. Not to mention the whole behind-the-lines spawning, but thats an issue with both the FMS and the FRU (but exacerbate several fold by the FRU).
  22. Just to promote some brain storming here. What are you going to do if those exposed CPs are cut by tanks? One of the reasons CPs are placed close to buildings is because it would otherwise be impossible to get to them if there is a tank anywhere in the vicinity.
  23. Historical supply/introduction dates I personally think is a plus. I have always been a fan of historical introduction dates and adjusting the supply numbers as necessary to balance gameplay. However, that said I was surprised and continue to be surprised at the number of Matty in infantry brigades. I think we see this ingame where the infantry brigades are used as armored brigades while the armored brigades sit around collecting dust holding a flanking town or anchoring a multi-AB town. Hopefully as we move to 1.36 we still keep historical flavor in the game but work to balance out spawnlist numbers for gameplay. Lets not forget that with 1.36 there won't be any more infantry or armored brigades per se along the front. In that situation I think it is important to be able to balance out the respective offensive and defensive capabilities that each side has. I have nothing against the Allies having the Matty as it is a historical vehicle and they should have it even if the Axis have no heavy tank counter... thats history and WWII. But I do think the numbers need to be a bit more in line since even after some changes the amount of Matty in a brigade is still pretty high.
  24. Whose reply? Your squad or CRS?
  25. We had 3 AOs on Thursday night. I don't play Friday and Saturday do not sure what yesterday and today are like. EDIT: most times it is indeed 2 AO but 3 AO haven't been that rare. Certainly it is not the 1 AO/crickets chirping in an empty field that MJ describes.