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  1. Exactly right. It's not the infiltration part... I support that and hats off to the guy crawling through the dirt trying to avoid contact. It's tougher than some think. What I am against is the resultant insta army that warps across a defensive line in complete security and attacks said line from the rear that is gamey. WWIOL gameplay, and really game design in general, rests on principles. And one of the principles of this gane is that you can interdict the enemy. If you do you win, if you don't that's your fault for getting out-played and you lose. But the magical FRU (as it was then and how the HC FRU is now) adds in a 3rd mode: uninterdictable enemy that can attack from any direction. So when you ATG position gets taken out it wasn't because you were covering your flanks or coordinating with you teammates, it's because a lone infantry snuck behind you and teleported the rest of his unit in. It's something that is impossible to defend and causes frustration because you lost not because you got out-played, but because someone used the game mechanics to their absolute advantage. I will give you a real life example. Back in the FRU days (before I left for the very reason of the FRU) I had an 88 set up in nice position, we had some supporting tanks and infantry at our flanks. Low and behind a ninja planted a FRU behind us and everyone got taken out by a surprise ambush by multiple EI. That is just game and frustrating. Then two maps ago I had an 88 set up in a nice overwater position about 2.5 km from town which is just outside of my effective engagement range. After about 30 mins of action I get taken out by an EI that made the trip up there. Hats off to the guy for doing that. I got tunnel vision and didn't notice him and I separated from the AA gun that I towed along that could have supported me. I lost that day but it was still fun because it was that special moment when both players know they invested thought and planning into their respective attack plans. The infantry FRU completely eliminates the tenability of making any sort of defensive line manned by soft targets (ATG, AA, infantry). You can expect someone to attack the enemy ahead of them and che k their rear all the time for the army that is going to teleport in any second. If you infiltrate through with 5 guys and take everyone out, great job! Hats off to you for a daring op. You deserve to win and that challenge is what makes the gane fun. But the FRU does nothing like that. It could have some potential if it was daisy chained to the FB or FMS at a short distance (100 m) to minimize the teleporting/warping over ZoC/terrain features/danger zones. But it would need to have some very severe geographic placement restrictions, require multiple infantry to place it, and be limited to basic infantry only. It should function more like the forward-most position of a light reconnaissance platoon. And not the rear-staging area of a heavy shock infantry assault company.
  2. Looks great. I like the ammo lined up too.
  3. Think its pretty spot on. A lot of it is morale and momentum. I have found at times I've look at the clock and been a bit... surprised. I think a lot of it is also what happens on the side chat. If there is a lot of social support and coordination players stay logged even if losing. But interestingly when the chat goes silent the wheels very quickly fall off and spawns start being capped and it quickly becomes a death spiral. My own personal view is that it comes down to communication and positive reinforcement. Sometimes you simply get out trooped or out played. But many of the losing towns I've been in have fallen exactly when the communication stopped and players stopped verbally supporting each other. You can almost feel the energy evaporate. With the number of over/under pop switches during the course of a day I think the gross numbers are pretty equal but the time players stay engaged becomes vastly different.
  4. Wait, you mean my plumber doesn't know how to change the coils and adjust the valve timing on my car??? The travesty!!!
  5. I like this idea especially since places the fight outside of the cities and means you have to take control on the "trench" before you can cap the CPs.
  6. Agree with all of the above.
  7. Hopefully you stick around for a few more campaigns. I was much like you on the fence and while we aren't anywhere near 2005 level numbers and gameplay I've seen lots of improvement and personally been having fun where in past times I came back to try things out the opposite was true.
  8. Very well said. Echoes my own sentiments exactly, especially the part of how the FRU warps soldiers over natural obstacles, prepared defences, and eliminates and entire subset of combined arms play.
  9. Scenario-oriented mini-campaigns that are 7-10 days long max with victory conditions between the Grand Campaigns. Lets give them a try! For the record I like Tier 0
  10. Holy [censored]... you joined in 2003 and only have 3 forum posts!?
  11. I don't consider "action" to be binary as you can have good/quality action, and bad action. A solid combined arms attack on a town with air support is good action in my book. Infantry infiltrating from every which direction looking for a way through the proverbial back door may be action but is it quality action? The latter system wastes the uniqueness of combined arms and longer engagement ranges since the whole point of the FRU to to cut out the need for tank/ATG/air support since it is easier to sneak in a spawn point and warp your troops safely across the battlefield. I personally love it when there is a good fight and even if my position is overrun I know it is because I got outplayed by the other guys. There is,m however, nothing more frustrating than having a solid position set up and be taken out by a guy from your rear that warped across your defensive ZoC and attacked your from behind. Just my own biased opinion, I guess we have to agree to disagree!
  12. Lets not take the eye off the ball... 1.36. With no way to warp in fresh brigades and a fixed supply attrition will be a real thing. Just want to remind everyone that "back in the day" before ToEs/Brigades attrition was a rear thing and it wasn't uncommon to burn through an entire armored spawnlist in the first 30 minutes of a heavy battle after which the battle become essentially an infantry-only one. The numbers right now look pretty solid to me. Things are going to be completely different with attrition. If anything we may need to increase the number of available tanks as they may be in short supply.
  13. Unfortunately the reality in how it will likely be used is that it will be placed all over the place with the intention of warping units across enemy held territory with the intention 1) camp a spawn point, or 2) ninja cap a CP. In the FRU days it happened all the time, a FRU got "too hot" and it was simply taken down and a new one popped up where that part of town was lightly defended. It was a never ending 360-degree battle of ant trails leading into town with attacking infantry trying to sneak through and place a FRU while defending infantry sneak through the bushes in order to ninja grenade it. That is how most FRUs were taken down. Not by some concerted combined-arms push to take it out. Players will naturally always take the path of least resistance. Which is to warp safely across ground to avoid getting killed and to hide as much as possible and take out a target by sneaking in. Its a similar model of how FBs get taken down. Very rarely is it done by a tank push, usually its engineers sneaking in and avoiding contact with the enemy at all costs. EDIT: @minky There are certainly ways to code the FRU and I think that requiring player proximity is a good idea. But there is no way to realistically defend 360-degrees around a contested town. We could barely do that back in the early 2000s, not to mention today. There simply have to be hard coded geographic limits of where a FRU can and can't be placed for the reasons I mentioned above, namely it will be impossible to set up any defensive line manned by soft targets (infantry, ATG, AA). Not to mention that enemy spawning to your rear is gamey as heck. If your fireteam managed to get through then hats off to you and go create havoc! But you don't get to invite your 20 unspawned friends along to the party as well. Just my own $0.02 on the matter.
  14. I completely agree with you on brigade movement which is why (thankfully) in 1.36 they are essentially going to the way of the dodo and we are going to get real supply and attrition back in the game. The FRU experience shows us exactly the opposite. It is essentially impossible to defend against and infantry FRU. You think you have a solid defense around town, and oh wait, some infantry snuck through the bushes and now 20 guys are spawning to your rear. That is an army out of a box and IMHO excactly the opposite of fun. If you want combined arms warfare and some semblance of infantry support you can't have a system where the battle is raging one direction and then all of a sudden the enemy magically appears behind you. You can get away with it as a tank if you limit the FRU to no anti-tank weapons, but infantry, ATGs, and AA guns will be destroyed just like they were back in the FRU days. There will be no incentive to set up any of those assets if somebody can place a FRU wherever they desire.
  15. The point I'm trying to make is that if we agree that attacking/defending is in some way broken, or can be improved, then address the source of the problem, rather than (re)creating a new system that was overall terrible for gameplay. It's pretty obvious what the issue is: AOs, HC availability, and CP capture timers. These are the fundamental issues that should be addressed. There are pretty simple solutions to all of those things I listed about. But creating an infantry FRU is not going to improve any of those, and all it will do is ruin an possibility of having frontlines or any semblence of a frontline/defensive line. How a FRU would be (mis)used is pretty obvious: MLs on second accounts would be hiding in the bushes and popping up a new one every time the previous one gets taken down. An infantry-placed object is essentially non-interdictable and is by its fundamental design something that is ripe for exploitation, avoidance of confrontation by placing them away from the enemy, and the opposite of fun battles.
  16. I think the DD is actually a great test vessel to try since you can put it in and try it out performance wise without players flipping out over some obscure imperfection. But yes, the Fairmile is in desperate need of help.
  17. I've been toying with the idea of having mini-campaigns with set major/minor victory conditions that are both strategic and tactical that would occur in between our Tier0-onwards Grand Campaigns. Pick a year or historically-plausible scenario, adjust the map starting towns and side distribution, and let it play out over a set time limit (say 7-10 days). For example: Operation Market Garden: Axis starts to the N, Allies to the S. with appropriate spawn pools. Certain towns/bridges are predefined key areas to control. Axis Major Strategic Victory: no key areas held by Allies Axis Minor Strategic Victory: Nijmegen and Arnhem held by Axis Allied Major Strategic Victory: all key areas held by Allies Allied Minor Strategic Victory: Nijmegen or Arnhem held by Allies Axis Tactical Victory: Arnhem and Nijmegen bridges destroyed Allied Tactical Victory: flanking bridges/town held by Allies This breaks things up a bit, allows players who would like to see more late-tier stuff to be able to use it, and gives the "losing side" something to fight for since the outcome isn't simply win/loss, so even if you are on the retreat you can know that the clock is ticking down and you can still hold the opposing side back to score either a tactical victory or at least force a minor victory on the opposing forces. This could be applied to starting in any tier, or even any "what if scenario" such as a hypothetical French attack in Tier0 Alscace-Lorraine across the Rhine.
  18. Bushlines in my view should be lowered in height so tanks can engage each other at range, and like you said adding in a stump, rock, or some other solid object that would require some navigation around it would do a lot to help the situation.
  19. Mostly because some enterprising infantry will jog around behind your lines and plant a FRU there, and all of a sudden there is a small army that has appeared to the rear of your defensive line. Trucks planting a FMS "behind the lines" are already annoying enough, but at least you can defend against them. Trying to stop every lone infantry from sneaking past is an exercise in futility. I agree that using the bushlines to help break of the terrain is a good idea, but the entire mobile spawn paradigm needs to be geographically limited to only certain parts of the imaginary front line to avoid the crazy 360 battles which hinge more on surprise capture than actual fighting. I vividly remember trying to defend a town with ATGs back in the FRU days. It was terrible since EI would literally come from every possible direction. If the problem is that it is too easy to defend CPs/too hard to attack and capture them, the solution shouldn't be, in my opinion, to create a new sneak-capture mechanic. Rather, make it easier to capture the CP by decreasing capture timers. Capturing CPs is always a question of how quickly the attacker can get to it after being killed and the same for the defender. We should work to promote solid battles for CPs that require combined arms and teamwork. Reintroducing the FRU I think does neither as it promotes the avoidance of battles by the very virtue of the FRUs design (easy to sneak in, spawns lots of units, no restrictions on where it can be built).
  20. That really looks fantastic! Really interested to see what the DD looks like with the new textures.
  21. Just for some perspective, I stopped playing before the FRU was introduced, came back during the era of the FRU, and left quickly thereafter. The FRU is a virus that should never be released from the lab ever again. Unless you have a mechanic where you prevent mobile spawns from being placed in any direction around a town without any regard to realistic front lines it will become a silly game of whack-a-mole like it was back in the day with ninjas appearing out of every bush. Limiting them to no AT-capability is nice for the tankers, but what about the guys who have ATGs set up? The FRU makes it impossible to set up ANY defensive line or perimeter whatsoever since the FRU will always popup at the point where the line is the weakest. If you can't place a FMS without a reasonable distance to town, sorry to say it but your attack has failed. Time to cut your losses, tip your hat to the defenders, and either come up with a new plan or (after 1.36 comes out) decided you want to grind out an attrition battle. All the FRU does is promote the paradigm of avoiding battles and trying to sneak-cap objectives.
  23. I think a lot of players would have an issue with the French only having the pan. I personally would t mind a Tier0 map but maybe that would be more appropriate for an extended intermission with some victory conditions.