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  1. I can answer tom's question - yes Arabs indeed did fight for Germany in the Desert War. Not in large numbers, but they did fight. Some as volunteers, some as pseudo-mercenaries, the list goes on.
  2. Ah yes, heheh, you are right. Wasn't looking close enough - nice touch! I have another sort of eh "more difficult" question to ask As you can see on the early model Tigers, they still had a series of pistol ports placed in the turret - these were deleted in the later E versions of the Tiger for reasons of turret armor integrity and because of their general (lack of) usefullness. My question is if Maj. Lindemann ever had to use said pistol ports (technically SMG ports), or if it was common practice really at all in the Panzerwaffe. Specifically what I am getting at is to know if anybody with half a brain would have either retreated with his tank to get back to protection of friendly infantry and not be mobbed by enemy infantry, thus neciessating use of the pistol port, or if disabled they would have bailed long before some American or British riflemen would come knocking. Also, what was the typical way to surrender a tank if surrounded by infantry. Did you pop the hatch and wave a white flag? Jump out and hope for the best? Wait inside untill somebody start telling you to get out?
  3. quick question in regards to the model... are you going to be drawing in kill rings or did he decide not to paint any kill rings on his Tiger?
  4. looks excellent can't wait to see the interior!
  5. fps

    what sort of system do you own?
  6. OK, here is another question that should be pretty simple, and not just related to the Tiger... did the tank crews stay cool while inside their tanks in the desert, and how much water "on average" would they drink per day ...and was this water brought to them by supply trucks or did they attempt to utilize "natural" landscape water sources/features as much as possible to conserve the supply that the trucks/ships brought in.
  7. Is it possible that somone hacked the FTP and added this malicious program? A immediate repsonse would be nice.
  8. I absolutely agree. But we will also need some sort of built in foward air observers/radar/EWS that is capable of tracking enemy aircraft so both sides have a chance of defending those supply lines. And we also need some sort of PSL (personal spawn limits) that is going to prevent people from suiciding airplanes into supply collumns like both sides now do into factories. I personally am really looking foward to supply and logistics on a truely grand scale (sea, air land) and the ability to attack them, and spawn into positions to defend them.
  9. I would do it - especially if you have always wanted to write a book. OK, I'm biased, and I love history... but I still think that telling the stories of our brave veterans is something we should all try to do as much as possible. I do my part by listening to a vet tell me about his experiences in the war during veteran's or memorial day, but if I could write a book, I would be all over that. Especially if it can tell the story of men who have long died and who time has forgotten. Like I said, I'm biased, but given the opportunity, we should never allow the memory of brave soldiers, and the comrades they remember, especially those who gave their lives and have no way of communicating with us, to be forgotten. This is our history and heritage, and we should cherish it.
  10. Actually, you should do that - ask Maj. Lindemann to write his memoirs. Its sad that veterans from all sides of the confluct are slowly dying away - and out history is going along with them. Their's are untold stories that should not go away into the dust of history.
  11. I have a question... Did Maj. Lindemann meet/know Col. Rainer Kriebel (staff officer 15th Panzer) and has he ever read his book? And if yes, is it pretty accurate? INSIDE THE AFRIKA KORPS: The Crusader Battles, 1941-1942 by Rainer Kriebel, Us Army Intelligence Service, Bruce I. Gudmundsson (Editor)
  12. I personally running a full system scan right now and moving all sensitive files to my external backup HDD.
  13. I would immediatly clear your Cache and any internet saved forms/passwords that could hold credit card information or passwords that access your online banking page. I would also remove to a physically seperate (i.e. external, removable HDD) all sensitive information on your computer. Identity theft IS a *VERY* serious issue, so nobody here should be fooling around if they already installed the patch. It might end up being nothing, but the 5 minutes spent clearing out sensitive information from your cache is much wiser than the potential headaches of being a identity theft victim and the hassles you need to go through with your credit card companies, and even the possibility of having a bad credit score because someone stole your info. I WOULD NOT take this situation lightly until it is resolved. Until we get a rat response telling us what is going on, everyone should treat this VERY seriously and take every precaution possible to protect their identity and financial information. I would: 1) move/delete all sensitive documents 2) clear cache 3) clear saved passwords/saved forms (these store credit card numbers) 4) update your antivirus software if it is not set to autoupdate, then scan all your HDDs 5) make sure that all youe firewalls are up and running (though this doesn't really help against a Trojan) 6) check financial statements this week in case there are any purchases you haven't made I CANNOT stress this more - I know people who have been the victims of identity theft/fraud and it is NOT a laughing matter. The more you are prepared, and the sooner you catch it and report it, the better off you will be in resolving the issue quickly and without risking a hit to your credit.
  14. Is it possible that the Trojan has been there for a long time except that it took a while for the guys at AVG to disover it and update out software in order to catch it? If yes thats kinda scary! Either way I am not downloading 1.20.1 or anything else and installing it until the situation is cleared up.