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  1. ***reserved for future propaganda***
  2. Take it from me, I purchased a OEM A64 3200+ (939 pin) about 6 months ago, and it was a best purchase of my life. Coupled with 1 GB of quality dual channel DDR400 RAM (Corsair, matched modules), and a 6800 GT I OC'ed to Ultra speeds, I am able to play 1.19 at 1280x1024, 32bit; 4x AA, 8x aniso, size 8 shadows, max tree detail/distance, everything to max and of course vertex shaders on trees and water with vis limit set to max. With this, I can easily get 30 FPS in a town with a decent battle, 50+ out in the field with a few people around and over 100 FPS offline. Its a good choice, and I also must commend on the Zalmann 7700Cu - great choice. BTW I get around 5000 3DMarks on 2005.
  3. if someone set up a paypal account, I wouldn't mind pitching in to get this guy his model.