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  1. Agree with all except for #1: simply cannot have anything that is considered pay-to-win. Additional supply is the very definition of P2W and will [censored] players off to no end. Just imagine if you could purchase an extra supply if Matties or Tigers, the playerbase would (rightfully) flip out. we have this thread in the F2P forums Zebbeee posted something similar in barracks:
  2. can be as easy as putting the bunker surrounded by walls some no-one can cap it.
  3. Yep. Its much easier to defend if you are 80 vs. 100 rather than 16 vs 20. It a certain population level the marginal benefit of one extra infantry player becomes relatively low. You can even say it can be counter productive if you think to the times you have the numbers but there are 5+ infantry stacking the bunker to defend it.
  4. Troop transports are in the airborne divisions found in the army persona. Not the air persona.
  5. Yep I would love this. Take it one step farthur and make it with a custom squad decal and tie it to a microtransaction. That way ever squad gets one, but if you want to bling it out that's an option.
  6. 100% agree. I posted something similar a while back. I think a big side benefit is that CRS can spend the week of the minicampaign by make radical changes to spawn, capture, and timer mechanics and see how it plays out. EDIT: One thing that I thing is important for the mini campaign is to have major and minor victory conditions, where something like you said to hold out and maintain X towns counts as a victory. And naturally there should be a running tally of who has won the mini campaigns as well to give players incentive to compete for the win.
  7. New info in the squad forums = good excuse to bump thread
  8. What Merlin said... Cold CTRL when you move the mouse to reverse the axis. Oh and look into joining a squad to... Get on voice comms that way and learn quickly. Im biased but I recommend the 31st Wrecking Crew you get a sweet 401k plan when you join. and a lunchbox with a Paris in 24 hours sticker.
  9. Setting up a real flak battery is very difficult in RL, no way that players could do it. Not to mention the 88 was designed to shoot at large, slow bomber formations, and not fast moving fighters. Honestly thinking a fuzed charge would be a complete waste of dev resources.
  10. Keep the tail locked when you are taking off. The tail lock releases the little tail wheel to let it swing side to side... it is meant to allow the plane to maneuver in tight places during taxiing when it is unlocked. For takeoff you should always keep it locked. I would also highly recommend getting a joystick. Although you can fly with mouse and keyboard, this is a simulation, so your game experience will also be much better with one. You don't have to get anything expensive. A cheap Logitech joystick... just make sure you get one that allows your to twist the stick (its called the Z-axis... make sure it has one!) to control the rudder on the plane. I would recommend the logitech extreme 3D pro... it costs $35 and is a great entry level stick (its what I started out on myself)
  11. Shhh... its the Axis secret weapon for Campaign #163
  12. From the latest news release there is a bigger builder plan option that builders can switch to. From what I see the builder perks are the same as the current builder perks. Is there anything different that slipped through the cracks? Will the regular builder plan still be available as well? I am co spidering to switch my primary to the SuperBuilder, but since I have 2 builder accounts already I won't be able to swing making both SuperBuilders.
  13. If I log into the account page it doesn't show up anywhere to click. (I just have the standard 4 options under "HOME" and the usual under "SPECIAL OFFERS"). If I manually put in the URL it indeed works.
  14. Yeah was just wondering how to do that. Ty. Ticket sent.
  15. Thanks! Ironically today is the day my primary account is up for Hero renewal so I'm gonna jump for the SuperBuilder
  16. It's still BETA, but it's running as a mock real campaign. One thing that I was thinking about that will help late night rolls in the change where capping the bunker really does nothing except shut down tank spawning. I think this is a bigger deal than we all think since before all you needed to do was cap the bunker and rush the linking CP and [censored] down any enemy spawning in town since you booted the brigade flag. Now you need to capture everything.
  17. Exactly right kilemall. Only the town linking to Leuven will be overstockable going from Bruss > Leuven. Only if Leuven falls does the Brussels linking town become frontline and the remaining brussels "towns" become rearline. I would be interested to see how much resupply happens in that situation since it will be a pretty short drive from say the S Brussels AB to the N Bruss AB. For cities like Antwerp (and if Liege, Gent etc get split it) it will become important to bomb the bridges to prevent this from happening. Will add an interesting dynamic to the game.
  18. I guess lets try it out for at least a tier or two when the real campaign starts and see what happens. I don't think you can completely trust what happens currently in beta now since most players are just messing around with units and not really playing "for the win."
  19. Yup every day new tier! w00t
  20. Yep. Really a breath of fresh air after 12 years of holding my breath. Attrition is something that was desperately needed. Now we have lots of expanded gameplay rolls. Where pre-1.36 with ToE/Brigades all you could do is try to cap the AB bunker as fast as possible, that was pretty much it since supply was effectively infinite. Now gameplay rolls like players trying to play it slow and take out EI without dying matters. Resupply the town to keep up supply matters. Playing fast and capping CPs/AB still matters. Hanging back by the FMS with tanks/ATGs and letting EI come to you matters. Bombing the city to kill EI matters. Not having tank support and having your own infantry mowed down matters. Sniping to take out high-value infantry units (LMG, SMG) matters Funny how such a little thing like attirition and limited supply completely changes the way battles are fought. Now you don't have to AO hop, you can just settle in for a fun see-saw battle knowing full well that every EI you kill is one less than the magical 250 or however many in the spawn pool is making a DIFFERENCE in taking a town. LOL.... 12 years in the making. But big to CRS 2.0 for having the guts to rip apart what was the most sacrosanct temple CRS 1.0 ever created! If I could afford a 3rd Builder account I would
  21. 12 hrs in beta, so unchanged. Yeah I was surprised by the 2nd AO as well. I think that in very low pop when their is no neutrality this will make rolls worse.
  22. Nice that makes a cleaner look.
  23. Great. Ty xoom