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  1. Yup every day new tier! w00t
  2. Yep. Really a breath of fresh air after 12 years of holding my breath. Attrition is something that was desperately needed. Now we have lots of expanded gameplay rolls. Where pre-1.36 with ToE/Brigades all you could do is try to cap the AB bunker as fast as possible, that was pretty much it since supply was effectively infinite. Now gameplay rolls like players trying to play it slow and take out EI without dying matters. Resupply the town to keep up supply matters. Playing fast and capping CPs/AB still matters. Hanging back by the FMS with tanks/ATGs and letting EI come to you matters. Bombing the city to kill EI matters. Not having tank support and having your own infantry mowed down matters. Sniping to take out high-value infantry units (LMG, SMG) matters Funny how such a little thing like attirition and limited supply completely changes the way battles are fought. Now you don't have to AO hop, you can just settle in for a fun see-saw battle knowing full well that every EI you kill is one less than the magical 250 or however many in the spawn pool is making a DIFFERENCE in taking a town. LOL.... 12 years in the making. But big to CRS 2.0 for having the guts to rip apart what was the most sacrosanct temple CRS 1.0 ever created! If I could afford a 3rd Builder account I would
  3. 12 hrs in beta, so unchanged. Yeah I was surprised by the 2nd AO as well. I think that in very low pop when their is no neutrality this will make rolls worse.
  4. Nice that makes a cleaner look.
  5. Great. Ty xoom
  6. Let's give it a try. 24 hours. It's beta and intermission. Don't get too many chances to try crazy stuff.
  7. 1) open up the whole map to AOs (increase AO limit to 50 if necessary) 2) change table capture timers to 30 sec underpop, 60 seconds overpop. 3) TZ3 increase the bunker table hot time to 20 mins to see if that blunts late night rolls Lets just see what happens for 24 hours. Then we can go back to the normal state of affairs. What do we have to lose?
  8. Agree. Let's bump it up to the next their. That said I still like teir0 the best.
  9. Non FB connection are actually nice. You get nice fights between those towns.
  10. I would personally prefer to see armor getting towed back to base. Give it a decent amount of points (say 50) to give new players needing rank something to do.
  11. Nice list. A lot cleaner and easier to figure out what each thing has.
  12. I think INF numbers are solid as well. We just need to trim armored numbers across the board. And decrease the number of tanks that nobody enjoys playing with or uses. No reason to have more than a handful of R35 or Vickers in the spawn lists. Replace them with A13s and H39s.
  13. I would be interested to see what happens with a wide open map. Even today when there were 3 AOs, player simply stuck to the two big battles. 2 other AOs had light EWS harrassing captures. And 2 other AOs didn't have anyone on there.
  14. Just some fun multicrewing Stukas and blowing bridges
  15. Yup agree... been looking at many spawn lists today and gutted of all infantry. Armor numbers need to go down by ~50%. Players will need to learn to stop wasting supply too... but we'll adapt like we always do.
  16. No its a big where it appears as if the entire spawn list is empty. It requires you to exit out of the mission back to the brigade screen, and then come back into that mission. Its worse for mission leaders since in order to be able to respawn you have to relinquish control of your mission.
  17. Yup polycrew is a must, but more important is being able to spawn into a position in a vehicle that is already in the ganevworld. Would be great for bombers, but absolute necessity for naval gameplay.
  18. Hmm you are right. I just logged in and indeed it isn't showing a white flag. It may be possible that it takes a little while for the white flags to appear since I think willemstad was just captured in the past hour or so?
  19. Nope they surrender like before. All towns in the pocket however have Garrisons so you need to fight to reduce the pocket (no soft capping). However those garrisons won't get resupplied.
  20. And don't forget Boss Hogg Trucking another one.
  21. Yes please! This would be a great idea to cut down on the spawn list spam. 10/10! @XOOM @HATCH@ZEBBEEE
  22. This is my idea of the tank numbers (decreased substantially), but if you noticed there isn't a crazy amount of sappers in the spawn list (and they could be decreased if necessary). Some notes. For the Axis medium tank I would likely do 8 PzIIIF, 3 PzIV D, and 2 StugIIIB. I don't think the British have a true "medium" tank until the Crusader in Tier 2, thus they get more A-13s which are more in line with the H-39 and Pz38t. The S-35 is the better medium tank, so the Axis have slightly more Medium and Light tanks versus the French. This is also balanced out by the Char. Axis have more light tanks than the French to account for not having the excellent Panhard. Axis have more scout cars, which accounts for excellent allied scout cars which can knock out German armor (but no vice versa). Germans and French have no true tankettes, but I classify R-35 and PzII as such since nobody ever uses them; these numbers are kept to a minimum also for that reason The total number of "main battle tanks" is essentially equal with the Axis have 2 more "tanks" but in reality these extra two tanks are StugIIIBs. This seems like a pretty fair spawn list for all sides. Allies get their heavies is numbers where players can actually play with them. Nobody can zerg a tank into town knowing there are another 50 you can spawn. The Axis have slightly more medium tanks, but this accounts for them not having true heavy tanks. Thoughts?
  23. Agree here that the armored numbers are a pretty big tidal wave to try to break as an Axis defender. 9 Matty and 7 Char is a pretty big number to try to defend with 11 IIIF and 6 38t; IVD and IIIB are pretty ineffective against tanks. Then you factor in 24 A13s (!) for the British and 12 S35s for the French and its a tall order to defend a tow. Even pre-positioned 88s would have a tough time grinding down these numbers. I think the armored numbers are just high across the board... 65 for the Brits, 49 for the French (?), and 51 for the Germans. Think closer to 30 tanks per side would be more reasonable given the infantry numbers we have. If necessary cut down on ATG numbers. And if towns fall faster because of low supply. Hey whats the big deal. At least the map will move! EDIT: How about we just make the spawn lists uber simple. Does it really make sense to squabble over whether the Axis have 3 more SMG, or the French has 2 Mas40 in the spawn list? Im a fan of the KISS principle. If the French have the Mas40 then give them 148 rifles and 2 Mas40s, or 5... it really wont make a difference. And decrease the numbers of infantry players don't really use like the ammo guy, NCO, and mortar.
  24. PPOs overall have gotten actually a very positive reception outside of a few guys posting in the forums and a small handful of exploits which have more or less been solved. I know myself that my squad builds PPOs all the time and many other players do with great tactical benefit. Things like PPOs, resupply convoys, and other things are a great idea since they expand the gameplay possibilities and attract more players. I've said this before but in the 31st back in the day we had several players whose idea of fun was nothing but resupply and logistics. One guy actually had a notebook where he would bookkeep all the tanks that we had resupplied. Crazy. But he loved doing it. Every extra subscriber helps.