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  1. Yup... crowd funding is a real thing. As long as you get the right mix of people it can work. Players who like the RPG side of things in general will drop a ton of money. Star Citizen is a great example of this.
  2. I agree... decrease capture timers. Yes, we will see more see-sawing of the spawnable CP (like we commonly did back in the day when we had faster timers). But that is not necessarily a bad thing. Increase the time for the AB bunker hot timer in severe underpop times so that you don't get crazy map rolls. Especially with 1.36 Open Beta coming, I say we just open up the entire beta for F2P to have access to all weapons, a welcome back soldier program for the full duration of the Beta, and lets adjust the cap timers to see what happens.
  3. ACHTUNG! All members please click on the green Join button on the top right to access the full forums. This is just a basic news feed, and the reason you only see the recruiting forum is because that is the only public forum. Even if you are part of the roster in-game the forums require a separate access request (I don't know why!)
  4. The 31st Wrecking Crew is a combined arms squad that focuses on land-air-sea coordination in a relaxed and laid-back squad atmosphere. Founded by Plastic in March, 2001 and led by ZZ the 31st has always been home to flamboyant leaders, Axis commanders-in-chief, glory seekers, all-around scoundrels, Luftwaffe aces, propagandists, playboys, grizzled veterans, and forum prima donnas alike. The one common thread binding this motley crew of misfits together is that only this squad will guarantee to get you to Paris in 24 Hours! Come rain or shine, advance or retreat, only the 31st will make you famous in the process. Do you want to be famous? 31st Wrecking Crew - "We'll Make You FAMOUS!" ------ Fly With Honor, Fight With Courage, Die With Dignity - Paris in 24 Hours! ------ NOTE! All Members: To access the full forums you need to click the green "Join" button on the top right. Even if you are part of the squad in-game, the forums require a separate join request (don't ask me why!)
  5. Tons. I've got near full naval rank as well. We'll plan something for this weekend
  6. *TESTED @ Andenne Docks* If you click to join a naval brigade but don't create a mission and instead hit the "back" button that returns you to the naval brigade page. Normally you should see: Andenne Naval Garrison 7. zerstroyerflotile 8. zerstroyerflotile And you should be able to double-click and return to the create mission page. Except the naval garrison doesn't show up, and the only way to create a mission is to join a completely different garrison, and then click on the map and rejoin the naval garrison. There are no issues with the Air or Ground Garrisons... if you back out of the mission screen you will always see the "Haybes Garrison" or whatever town you are in, and can always go forward and post missions. Hope this makes sense. Can get screenshots if necessary.
  7. Yeah that is a nice tank with a great gun.
  8. I play at 1440p and have no issues, but I think the 4K guys may be seeing this as a problem.
  9. Not to mention that most twitch viewers stay for the personality, and not necessarily the game. There is a reason why pewdiepie has millions of views of him doing pretty much nothing... ppl like his "personality"
  10. LOL WTF, you guys have gone off the deep end. Oh and BTW. No motorcycles???????? Need to go back to the drawing board fellas! EDIT: I took the bait and actually clicked on the link. Man OT hasn't changed much has it. At least I didn't get Rick Rolled or something. EDIT #2: Actually I take back all I said. Your idea for having Staff Cars is brilliant. Added it to the sub perks/microtransaction thread.
  11. hmmm... could I get access to the builders and the beta forum? Only have HC forum access.
  12. Another successful Ju52 air assault hotdrop which shut down Allied attack on Chaumont GJ all around!
  13. I would be careful here. This isn't a situation if "build it and they will come." You have to stream good action on Twitch to attract viewers. As far as WWIIOL is concerned since it is a more slow-play MilSim game you are really looking at meshing multiple accounts with live editing.
  14. I think some sort of pontoon bridge PPO wouldn't be a bad idea but I think we need to think really hard about how it is implemented and how it can be gamed. In RL it was very difficult to create a bridge head since the entire length of river would be defended. I. Game you just drive 1 km N or S of a town and you will never see an enemy defender.
  15. Great idea. I accidentally spawn into dFMS all the time or other rando missions because I do t always know. And no, the solution shouldn't be "just ask over mission chat." That is a slow and inefficient process, and something that a new player won't understand. Moving forward (WWIIOL 2.0) I would hope the spawning would be all map based with the spawn points marked/plus text descriptions on a map and you just double click it. Yes I know the players will raise the spying issue but you don't have to necessarily have a point icon with exact location, it could be for example a circle with a 500m radius that gives an approximate location.
  16. Would heavily disagree with this. One of the fundamental featured of the game is that it's a milsim. If you start fiddling with infantry health issue you go down a bad road, imagine the rage posts of "I shot someone point blank with a rifle and he turns around and kills me." The big issue with underpop is simply not having enough players to defend the bunker, and recap CPs, and take down eFMS/FB. Usually you can only manage 2 of those, and even then barely at times.
  17. Dunno I agree with matamor here. As of know the Axis in T0 have 69 peices of armor. Yes 20 of those are PzIIc, but that's still a lot of armor (especially given the game population numbers). One thing that I was most surprised about when I came back after my hiatus was the high tank numbers. I remember back in the day that the tank numbers were half of what we have now. I guess only time will tell and we will have to readjust as necessary.
  18. This gets my vote for the nicest looking post on these forums. That said I think the text showing the next step to operate a vehicle would be great for recruits. So many new players have a hard time figuring it how to do basic things. And yes to the idea of saving your password.
  19. KGBB a classic veteran squad. Unfortubately both KGBB and the Beastie Boys are no longer