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  1. Yeah, sorry, my logic was a bit confused. I was thinking about the Jeep being a bit of a counterpart to the 251 HT.
  2. Yeah, Allies need the Jeep. I think it makes less noise than the prime movers? And possibly more manoeuvrable? The Axis could get the Kubel, but I think only after the rumoured introduction of the M3 Halftrack.
  3. Yeah, but walk within five hundred meters of Otto AI and your family's getting a telegram from the War Office. If AI only causes frustration, then what good is it for? As for using it as a kind of lookout, EWS and audio are there for defenders.
  4. AI is a defensive tool to help avoid sneaky captures and pre-camping, right? So why isn't it disabled once the defending side spawns in enough players to adequately defend the town? At this stage, sneaky caps and pre-camps are the fault of the defenders now, and AI is both redundant and irritating. Just throwing this out there.
  5. We stand by his loved ones today. Thank you for your service, Mr. LeCLair. He made a difference both in the virtual and the real world.
  6. Twenty-one shots in salute of a great virtual warrior.
  7. Sounds cool, but the lag will slaughter my bandwidth.
  8. Well, the Germans already have a shotgun. It's called their Grenadier class.
  9. So, merlin, you're saying this has been done before?
  10. The crash of a C-47 (or JU-52, depending on the side,) strands a team of paratroopers twenty kilometres into enemy-held territory. Can they evade the enemy and make their way back to their own lines, or can the Germans (or British/French) locate and wipe the team out?
  11. Why oh why did I miss this? I was busy. Why?????
  12. YAY! Sad that I missed the conclusion though.
  13. How about Paris? It would be fun to have another capital besides Brussels.
  14. I like this idea. Several times I've landed on an open field near a town after running my guns dry strafing enemy Opels, and I really wish I could have a refill.
  15. Yes, it is. With both sides vying for the bridges, and the hills adding a third dimension to the fight, at high pop it gets pretty intense.