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  1. Did he win yet?
  2. We should be able to shoot while on a truck. I want to do a drive-by on an enemy AB and fire a MAS38 one-handed.
  3. @tazz It looks so cinematic. The infantryman flying off just makes it 100% better. CRS should use the clip for the Steam page.
  4. Our HC were complaining that Poperinge being neutral screwed up our options in the counterattack and funneled us towards Dunkirk instead of letting us flank it. The bug hurts both sides.
  5. Eyes off and hands off jlewis, dark siders. He's cool.
  6. Actual context: I was outside town on an Opel hunt, saw this guy drifting across with the engine cut, and marked him for a 25mm French AA gun who had a clear shot. The AA gun lit the Opel up, and he exploded at the very same moment my Wi-Fi bugged. The Opel went flying vertically as my game lagged out, and in the moments before it reconnected, I snapped off a few quick screenshots. Obviously, I edited the image to make it look older and more worn. Originally posted on our Reddit, r/battlegroundeurope.
  7. Downloading update, but the Mac link on the Getting Started page is for, not the new 1.36.2. Could the relevant RAT please check it out? Thanks.
  8. We also have a Reddit page (r/battlegroundeurope), where you can admire Propa's editing skills and my low-effort memes.
  9. I'd say that the majority of "trades" happen at close quarters with two enemies pumping each other with automatic weapons. But it also happens sometimes that two riflemen spot each other at 50-100m and pull the trigger at the same time. But have any of you seen trades happen at longer distances, like 200m+? Like two snipers blowing each other's heads off at 400m. Infantry experiences only, though. I don't think it's too uncommon to see tanks inflicting mortal damage on each other at 600m or two planes shooting out cockpits at a similar range.
  10. I was up against a Bofors in a Hurricane 2c, put somewhere between thirty and fifty rounds on target, but missed the gunner.
  11. I think it is totally unrealistic that a cannon-armed Hurricane firing exploding 20mm shells can knock out trucks and light armored vehicles but get killed by an AA gun which you landed fifty hits on but just barely missed the gunner. That AA weapon should be a twisted, totally unusable wreck even if the crew wasn't hit. Guns should have a damage model like all other vehicles. You should be able to kill an AAA or ATG piece like a truck or a tank.
  12. Imagine those graphics with our map and supply system. That's the dream for our game.
  13. I wouldn't mind hard forests and black nights, as long as CRS supplies us flashlights. I want flashlights!
  14. Does Animal Mother count?