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  1. It's debatable whether they kill at all, period.
  2. Haha. Battlefield V is as accurate to WW2 as Wolfenstein, i.e., jack [censored]. Our game is 1000x more authentic. The only woman running around here with face paint and a cricket bat is aomercy.
  3. Guys, I just want to see it, if possible, for intermission. Just to alleviate the boredom.
  4. Is there a way at all to enable FF in this game? Or is the game coded completely without it? If there is a mechanic, could it be turned on for intermission, just to spice things up?
  5. For the last suggestion, turn friendly fire on and watch the epic carnage.
  6. Any chance the huge gap between Bad Sobernheim and Frankfurt will get filled?
  7. Needs more Bibles to be believable
  8. Can't we dig up that old restaurant railcar?
  9. Thanks guys for the tips!
  10. I'm terrible at playing tank and I'd like to read up a little on some of the tips and tricks. Can someone point me to a good beginner's guide to tanking, please?
  11. The netting on the US Airborne troops is a bit buggy and makes the helmet look shiny. Is there a chance we could remove the netting until it's fixed?
  12. I really appreciate the balls of those fellas who flew them against the Bismarck. One of them got a crucial hit in which jammed the battleship's rudders, leaving the Bismarck at the tender mercies of the Royal Navy.
  13. I like the idea. Give the engineers a single chain of three wire PPOs each. If they want to build more, they either have to make them one by one or resupply by truck.
  14. I've noticed that despawn timers are 5 seconds inside any building, as opposed to 10 seconds outside. Does anyone know why? Just curious.
  15. I think we'd have to repaint the equipment first, though.