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  1. Whips, see you from the other side of the field.
  2. My computer has problems accessing the Getting Started page to redownload this game. Is there a link that can be provided for full Mac Download?
  3. @CHIMM I'm pretty sure that's a war crime
  4. I wonder, how were you guys able to resist shooting at each other while standing that close? Wish I joined the event, but my timezone is a strange one. Here's to seventeen more years of a game like no other!
  5. Instead of having to re-mark enemy sightings when they move to a different place, why not have arrow marks, to show in what direction they're moving, to avoid confusion between a single moving enemy and multiple ones. I'm thinking of a short red arrow showing enemy movement.
  6. Do you mean the MAS36?
  7. The Italian rifle audio seems a bit off. It does't sound like a gun, or at most it sounds suppressed. In a battle it can barely be heard. Do you think it should be changed?
  8. This would be a "mini-event", of relatively small numbers. One side has an FMS atop a hill, and has one hour to fortify the position. They will get no reinforcements except for air support. The attacking side has to wipe out the people holding the hill. They have two hours to do so, or they lose. Tier 0 equipment. Hilltop defenders have a company's worth of supply, while the attackers have an army base full. Attackers can use tanks and gun support, but no air. Attackers get no FMSs. Does anyone like this?
  9. Why punish an entire side for a few peoples' slightly bad connections? And it wastes hard-earned points that one might have gained. Forced despawn now wastes supply and patience not just for the person involved, but for everyone on the side that person plays. If you are to despawn someone for a bad connection, at least RTB them, or at the very least RES.
  10. Yeah, sorry, Mac user here, didn't consider that the interface might be different in other software. Trust in merlin, he's been around here a long time.
  11. Hello, havermyr! Any sort of bomber pilot, whether alone or with a group, is very useful in this game. Bombers have a wide variety of functions, ranging from tactical air support to strategic bombing. Even a single bomber, piloted by one person, can change a battle if used correctly. And, yes, there is an offline mode if you want to get used to the equipment first. There is a button on the lower left of the startup screen that says "Play Offline". Welcome to the game, enjoy yourself, and good hunting!
  12. I wish you the best of luck with your new squad, ryman. I've been a witness of your crazy exploits through your YouTube videos, and you do seem quite a lot of fun. Imagine, one day we might see thirty people charging into a town with knives drawn, screaming for blood and glory.
  13. Okay, so even for the tiniest hot fix I have to re-download, AGAIN. Merry Christmas to you too, CRS.
  14. On YouTube, it says the video is unavailable. Is it just a faulty link?