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  1. Yeah, we do. You can occasionally hear one if it's high pop and there are plenty of pilots on. But it's rare.
  2. So, earlier today, I took off from Antwerp AF in a Hurricane and provided close air support at Aarschot-Lier FB. Over the course of the sortie I got eight kills (four enemy soldiers, three flak guns, and an anti-tank gun) in thirty-seven minutes. Pretty impressive for a mediocre pilot such as myself. Yet, when I returned to Antwerp to RTB the aircraft, which landed safely with no listed killer, the AAR showed that I had gotten exactly ten points for a long, successful, highly dangerous mission. Had I made those kills as an infantryman, I would've gotten at least six or seven times the points, probably more. Why is such little stock put into strafing? It's pretty difficult to get kills consistently (unless you're a monster pilot like eagle or rebel), and every pilot has to brave a maelstrom of anti-aircraft fire to put their own bullets on target, yet the points rewards are so low. Points for strafing kills should be upped. This would encourage more new players to get into the air game, since ranking up will be easier. Then, perhaps, we could get the sun-blocking air armadas which the old-timers talk about?
  3. Once I tried that with a precious Hurricane IIc during a live map. I suppose the only silver lining was that there was more scrap metal for the war effort.
  4. It's a great idea. Wonder how hard it would be to implement?
  5. I like it. It wouldn't be too hard to put in, I think. And yelling "I NEED AIR SUPPORT ON THE RED SMOKE!" in chat would be awesome.
  6. Yes! Victory at last! Great fight from both sides.
  7. What if you sap it with someone inside? Do they fall out and die?
  8. I want civilians!
  9. Good work as usual. Props to Propa!
  10. Update: Download link is now working. I don't think ingame link is, though.
  11. Mac user here. Tried to get into game, it went to patch download. While trying to download the patch, a warning message comes in, saying "An error occurred while logging in! UNKNOWN ERROR: 3 (An SSL error has occurred and a secure connection to the server cannot be made.)" The application immediately closes without downloading patch. On Getting Started (PLAY NOW) page, the Mac download link only leads to a "Gateway timeout: can't connect to remote host" warning. Both the in game download and the online link are not working.
  12. How about versatility? My absolute favorite is the BAR because it's a little of everything: decent at close range, greag at long distance, very accurate in semiautomatic fire even without being deployed, and almost as good as an LMG in the anti-personnel/light anti-materiel role. It's not #1 at everything, but certainly gives the user many options and lots of firepower. Same with the Hurricane IIC. It's not the best fighter or bomber, but it's the best fighter-bomber.
  13. These are good tips, all of them. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Thanks, Merlin, but I found the article I was looking for. Link:
  15. I once found a guide on how to properly lead a target with a rifle, I think it was on the Wiki, but I forget its name and can't find the page any more. Does anyone have the link?