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  1. They kinda look like (dare I mention it!) Waffen SS, with the different-looking uniforms that don't resemble Fallschirmjager BDUs. Please correct me if I'm wrong. (Never seen a Waffen SS trooper in a picture that wasn't black and white.)
  2. Are the Germans getting darker uniforms? Or is this some sort of special unit?
  3. You will sorely be missed, sir.
  4. If you get a kill with a knife, a skull should not show up, either the white kind on the map or the floating blue type, to simulate the stealth of killing in that way.
  5. Could we have a mini-event where everyone can only use pistols and knives? It would be an interesting tactical situation and encourage close-range, desperate shootouts with dinky little handguns. It would offer a novel, exhilarating event with little setup and wouldn't take too much time.
  6. Is there any chance that we might have an event friendlier to Asian timezones (UTC+5 to UTC+9)? I understand that most of the population is on TZ1 or TZ2, but it would be nice to see one event like this.
  7. Well, that was hella cool. Welcome back, Eighth. Looking forward to serving with you, and probably the rest of us ANZACs too.
  8. XOOM talking to colleagues in the RAT canteen (2016, colorized).
  9. Yeah, I would love to see things like air-to-ground rockets added to the game. I suggested napalm a few days ago, but it is a bit one-sided. Rockets, however, were used heavily by both sides. Problem is, they'd be hard to code.
  10. The cannon should make noise! It should scream in XOOM's voice, "I love sheep!"
  11. The problem is reconnaissance is carried out to see how the enemy has deployed his troops. Now, we already know which brigade is where and, because the map shows us, and we already can figure where the enemy is coming from because of fixed spawns and FBs. Recon to see how individual enemies are deployed is also kind of futile, because most people fight alone, instead of in squad, platoon, or company-sized units, and everyone spawns in and moves separately.
  12. There are several weapons in game, like the BAR, M1A1 Thompson, FG42 and the MG34, plus the upcoming STG44, which are only fully automatic. In real life, however, the user could switch between automatic and semi-auto modes, or "selective fire". Could this be applied in the game? This could add a good, realistic way to conserve ammunition, and I don't believe it would be too hard to code, though I'm no expert.
  13. I tried to play very briefly in 2014, and didn't like it that much. Tried again with this account in late May of 2016 and got hooked. Joined the ANZACs a couple months later, where I still am.
  14. According to Wikipedia (, napalm was used in the European theatre in mid-1944. It would be a good addition to the game, and be an interesting factor in gameplay. I'd understand that it would be very hard to implement and is not as important as some other changes, but I think it would be a good thing to think about adding in the future.
  15. Sounds awesome! Will try my best to play, though it's going to be 2am where I live. I'll join tentatively under another account, game name "morant".