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  1. Does Animal Mother count?
  2. Fully agree. I think CRS should consider this.
  3. The Lee-Enfield understandably takes a little while to reload, since you have to load two clips into it. But can't we have a quick reload function where you can load only one of the two clips? Also, you have to go through the whole loading animation to top off the magazine after firing one or two rounds. Is it possible to have something similar to the Lebel and Springfield sniper rifle coding? Something like if current load > 5 rounds, then only one clip is loaded, but if current load ≤ 5 rounds, both clips are needed to top off.
  4. @sorella These maps are great! Are they accessible freely online?
  5. Haybes. 88mms falling like raindrops, banzai charges flooding down from the south hill, and massive air strikes when 4wing gets arsed to do it.
  6. Any new aircraft ordnance on the horizon? It would be cool.
  7. Now they have a decent AA gun, can I have air-launched rockets?
  8. Sounds like a great idea. How hard would it be to implement?
  9. It's debatable whether they kill at all, period.
  10. Haha. Battlefield V is as accurate to WW2 as Wolfenstein, i.e., jack [censored]. Our game is 1000x more authentic. The only woman running around here with face paint and a cricket bat is aomercy.
  11. Guys, I just want to see it, if possible, for intermission. Just to alleviate the boredom.
  12. Is there a way at all to enable FF in this game? Or is the game coded completely without it? If there is a mechanic, could it be turned on for intermission, just to spice things up?
  13. For the last suggestion, turn friendly fire on and watch the epic carnage.
  14. Any chance the huge gap between Bad Sobernheim and Frankfurt will get filled?