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  1. I wish you the best of luck with your new squad, ryman. I've been a witness of your crazy exploits through your YouTube videos, and you do seem quite a lot of fun. Imagine, one day we might see thirty people charging into a town with knives drawn, screaming for blood and glory.
  2. Okay, so even for the tiniest hot fix I have to re-download, AGAIN. Merry Christmas to you too, CRS.
  3. On YouTube, it says the video is unavailable. Is it just a faulty link?
  4. Okay, so I saw this new patch, redownloaded the whole game again, and then I realised that the link provided on the Getting Started page was for the old, obsolete version. I have been asking for the last year now. I must now reiterate: FIX THAT MAC UPDATE BUG.
  5. I am an ANZAC and I can say that our squad is going strong. Just message the next ANZAC you see online and we'll see if we can get you in. Cheers, see you online!
  6. The kill credits system in this game is kinda wonky. I've had one or two kills that looked certain to me only to find that they were only scored as hits.
  7. Fix: Oh, please CRS, that Mac patch download bug! It takes me an hour or more to redownload the whole thing every single time an update is needed, no matter how minor. Feature: For a game that prides itself on realism, it places quite a large priority on suicide rushes into certain small, grey brick buildings that seem to be arbitrarily placed about (to the beginner, at least). A form of area capture should be the way forward, in such a way to allow actual combined-arms warfare, instead of the capping-camping-bombing mishmash we have now.
  8. That is a good suggestion. It really frustrates me when it looks like I've gotten a valid kill and then the AAR shows only a hit.
  9. To be fair, being able to swim at all with a ton of gear on your back is quite fortunate. A standard rifleman has his rifle, nineteen reload clips, four frag grenades, two smoke grenades, a combat knife, a demo charge, a pair of binoculars, and a shovel. Though I do agree that swimming should be sped up, at least just a little.
  10. Sounds cool. Maybe we could even experiment with area capture here?
  11. The guys lugging LMGs in buildings don't really need sights at that range. They spray from the hip, and at that range, it's deadly, if not particularly accurate. They're spitting 7.92mm Mauser rounds, and if you catch one, you're basically dead. If you have a bolt-action rifle, I suggest you try and stay out of the close-quarters fights. You'll be outclassed, even by the guy with a dinky little pistol. Try to find an area where you have a decent separation from the enemy (50m+) and pick them off instead of getting down and dirty in the buildings. My favourite range is the 100m-200m range, where you can get the drop on the enemies and use your range advantage, but not far enough that you have to factor in bullet dip. The best part is when SMGs think they can challenge you at that range, and spray rounds all around you while you calmly fire a large .303 into his chest. I do not profess to be an expert, just trying to give my best advice.
  12. Can't we fix the Mac patch download bug? I had to reinstall the whole game two days ago, then now again.
  13. AI is a defensive tool to help avoid sneaky captures and pre-camping, right? So why isn't it disabled once the defending side spawns in enough players to adequately defend the town? At this stage, sneaky caps and pre-camps are the fault of the defenders now, and AI is both redundant and irritating. Just throwing this out there.
  14. Yeah, sorry, my logic was a bit confused. I was thinking about the Jeep being a bit of a counterpart to the 251 HT.
  15. Yeah, Allies need the Jeep. I think it makes less noise than the prime movers? And possibly more manoeuvrable? The Axis could get the Kubel, but I think only after the rumoured introduction of the M3 Halftrack.
  16. Yeah, but walk within five hundred meters of Otto AI and your family's getting a telegram from the War Office. If AI only causes frustration, then what good is it for? As for using it as a kind of lookout, EWS and audio are there for defenders.
  17. We stand by his loved ones today. Thank you for your service, Mr. LeCLair. He made a difference both in the virtual and the real world.
  18. Twenty-one shots in salute of a great virtual warrior.
  19. Sounds cool, but the lag will slaughter my bandwidth.
  20. This may have been mentioned earlier, but a nice addition to the game would be combat shotguns. Though a powerful weapon, it would not be overpowered because it's a very situational weapon, almost useless at ranges above fifty meters. Some suggested models would be the Remington 31, the Stevens 520, or the Winchesters 1897 and 1912.
  21. Well, the Germans already have a shotgun. It's called their Grenadier class.
  22. The crash of a C-47 (or JU-52, depending on the side,) strands a team of paratroopers twenty kilometres into enemy-held territory. Can they evade the enemy and make their way back to their own lines, or can the Germans (or British/French) locate and wipe the team out?
  23. So, merlin, you're saying this has been done before?
  24. Why oh why did I miss this? I was busy. Why?????
  25. YAY! Sad that I missed the conclusion though.