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  1. <S!> Your continued support is the greatest reward - and motivation.
  2. Panther D, then Panther A, THEN Panther G. All in due time.
  3. We have an audit forthcoming, can't say when but every vehicle in game will be reviewed and hopefully improved with as great technical fidelity as we can muster.
  4. Crates that made it home. Russian flak German heavy flak Looks like 20-37 mm flak And of course Bob Johnson's P47 after having been scientifically drilled by 20mm and 7,92. Perhaps our damage model isn't tough enough.
  5. Not my field of expertise. Scotsman would know, and the coders.
  6. The wheel wells are not normally damage components per se, and where they exist they are not tougher than the external alclad (ie no significant damage threshold to overcome such as engines, control surfaces etc). There are differences between individual aircraft - as it should be - but they are not on the order of easyflame vs unobtanium. We're talking single digit or even fractions of millimeters of RHA equivalent here - stuff that may deflect at specific angles but get holed easily by ball and AP at angles above that value.
  7. Well what can I tell you - I can inspect the aircraft model and its associated data down to individual vertices, millimeters of dural and grams of PETN, so what do I know. The Spit2 and its tail is virtually identical to the Spit1. There. Is. No. Major. Difference.
  8. Sycophant eh? I know for a fact that the DM values for aircraft skin and component damage thresholds are virtually identical. There are no magick deflector shields, period. The only remaining causes of what your experience tells you are: 1. Less stellar gunnery. 2. Angle (ricochet). 3. HE not performing as it should. No 3 is being looked at.
  9. If you shoot a DB from dead six your bullets/shells stand a good chance of ricocheting off. At decent deflection it hurts just the same as any other aircraft insofar the DM goes, although internal damage component locations differ. And yes HE is still borked somewhat.
  10. Great to see the return of old farts! Welcome all <S!>
  11. Can’t vouch for veracity but I heard that the number of US tank crew KIA in ETO were 2,500 or thereabouts. Majority of them would have been Sherman crew - still, a surprisingly low number given the widespread ”Ronson” myth.
  12. I like the idea. Can’t say whether it’s feasible however. @chaoswzkd
  13. Gang up. Bring bombs. Problem solved.
  14. Work of art Propa, seriously nice pics.
  15. I wouldn’t fly without it.