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  1. Can’t vouch for veracity but I heard that the number of US tank crew KIA in ETO were 2,500 or thereabouts. Majority of them would have been Sherman crew - still, a surprisingly low number given the widespread ”Ronson” myth.
  2. I like the idea. Can’t say whether it’s feasible however. @chaoswzkd
  3. Gang up. Bring bombs. Problem solved.
  4. Work of art Propa, seriously nice pics.
  5. I wouldn’t fly without it.
  6. I’m done arguing with you two. My intent is constructive and I regret that you choose to interpret it otherwise. Maybe I’ll tag along some day and watch you in action to better understand your modus operandi.
  7. BTW @madrebel, you didn't answer this one - how do you want it - no flak to better barcap, or flak to keep pilots safe around the AF? I'm getting mixed signals here.
  8. Keep it civil if you please. Like I said, I flew extensively the past 6-9 months so my understanding of the air war is as good as yours. And I can tell you that the general mechanics of it has changed very little over the years. People still fly out of the same airfields to the same targets, and act just like they did way back when. Bogol - dial it down. I was not addressing you personally, mkay? Sorry if it came across otherwise. Please look at my comments as directed to anyone who flies, casually or not, and maybe you'll see that they have some merit.
  9. Funny that you are offended by my (implicit) assertion that a wingpair is immeasurably more effective than any lonewolf. And yes, I DO have a clue. How does this offend you, and why? Edit: Oh, I didn’t mean you personally - I address players at large. My apologies for expressing myself badly.
  10. I flew quite a lot in the past 6 months, daily for hours on stretch, although much of it under another name. I flew allied and axis alike, in the lowliest a/c. And I don’t do RAF, except for the Hurri2C. At this juncture I don’t play at all - all my free time goes to producing game content.
  11. Challenging but no where near impossible. My guess is that you haven't really tried it properly. If closure is small you have all the time in the world to react. If it's a HO merge, let them blow through and kill them when they reverse to go after the bombers. Aircraft don't spawn there. Find them halfway. I suggested, half in jest, that we do away with AF flak. As I recall you were opposed to the idea. Barcap is about getting kills and stopping some of the enemy to filter through to the AO - not about draining supply. It IS effective, but I suppose you haven't tried it much, or properly enough. You want bombable airfields but no flak, but uh flak to keep you safe when you spawn, so how do you want it? You can't safely ignore a persistent RDP effort. Again I don't think you've tried it enough to comment with credibility. You don't have to be precisely at the AO. Somewhere in between works better. However you need DEDICATED people and perhaps you're not it. I practically made a living out of this, so yes, it DOES work. I did this consistently for years, and with H75s and D520s against 109s to boot. I can't help you anymore because I'm busy with OTHER STUFF, so now it's up to YOU. But if you're happier slinging mud and calling names than doing something productive... well, that's on you.
  12. FWIW, my recipe for bringing the Air War up to speed: 1. Bombers. You HAVE to have bombers that motor away to distant targets - and thus you need TARGETS in the rear with an incentive strong enough to go for them, and to defend them, without making their devastation absolutely crippling to gameplay at large. This is the #1 failing over time and it MUST be remedied. Jerry needs a fast bomber and the Allies need slow'uns. 2. Bombers begets escorts and interceptors. Nuff said. 3. More interdictable supply - at airfields, ports, RR marshalling yards (where ARE they?), bridges and roads. Pepper the terrain with targets and they will be blown up for greater glory. 4. Leaders. Lonewolves don't get to complain about lonewolfing practice. Just like bombers begets interceptors, formations begets formations. Team up! 5. Fancy new airplanes and fancy new ordnance. Rockets and Tallboys, what's not to like? HE/KE/overstress when introduced will make for a better game, but that alone won't fix the air war.
  13. First off, the idea that you absolutely HAVE to fight at the AO is just that, an idea that has taken hold in your collective heads. Like Bogol says, there are any number of ways of creating fights outside the AO - and there are still more, if you put your mind to it. I really don't wish to lecture on the topic, but since you asked: 1. RDP bombing is a two-way street. The Allies aren't doing it because you aren't doing it - one side has to start and the other will follow to even out the score. So, in order to produce bombers to intercept, you have to man up and do the same. You don't necessarily have to suffer the slow He-111, you can do a credible job with a formation of Bf-110s of which you have plenty. They are fast, faster than the DBs, and can defend themselves better in a pickle. As an added bonus you can and should fly an 109 escort and hey presto you've got an air battle, at altitude, on your hands. Once you've bombed a few factories you're likely to meet interceptors en route, and bombers going the other way. 2. Drag and bag isn't confined to AO's. You can do it anywhere. Show a bit of skirt and have your wingman sort out the dummies. Works every time, anywhere. You just have to show up. 3. Barcap - of course. You KNOW that every crate at the AO must perforce head out from somewhere, so meet them halfway. If you can't see them from nosebleed altitude, go down lower, and bring a wingman or three. If you don't want to risk it down below there, why, would you have a better chance at the AO? Layer your elements for greater pwn. 4. Vulchcap. Not my favourite on account of the flak, but hey it's up to you. A close barcap is better IMO, and a barcap that comprises two low legs and a third party at altitude is bloody hard to counter. Before you know it you have a real fight on your hands in a great swathe of the sky, just like you wanted - and the added bonus is that the AO is suddenly clear of EA. Need more? OK, here's a few: 5. Run a bait mission - know that the enemy will nearly always follow red boxes around, so mass up and create a fight of your liking on territory of your liking. Spice it with Heinkels or Stukas for laughs if you will, but you can do just as well without. If you don't get any takers, skirt an AO and see what you can produce. 6. Bomb airfields even though there's no payoff - it's certain to bring a low and slow reception, just like you want it. And you get to practice for future opportunities. 7. Set up a flak trap and defend it in the air too. You'll encounter a fair sprinkling of bombers and fighter-bombers intent on taking down the flak, so feast upon them. 8. At the AO, boom right through it and drag target-fixated enemy some distance away to waiting friends (a minute or two away from the AO is good enough, if you can entice them further away, so much the better). Works like a charm, if you have friends. When the herd is culled, your waiting barcap will have more than enough fodder. You don't HAVE to circle the AO just because it's there - use it only as a means to produce suitable targets. Do away with the lonewolf turnandburn mentality. Lead people, in formation, and you WILL be the force that produces fights. If you're not seeing any concerted action at or away from AOs it's because YOU didn't step up to create it. It's your choice really - you don't HAVE to succumb to the lowest common denominator.
  14. I’d be one of the crazies that actually try to jog home, or fly out below treetop in my Lysander to fetch someone. The harsh truth though is that very few will likely bother with it and the coding of it does not present a positive ROI, besides being virtually impossible without a major code overhaul (bailout is a decoration, a transfer of viewpoint - you don’t have a body per se, playing as a vehicle/gun/ship). IOW you ARE the plane/tank/boat.
  15. Uh, what? If you want to fight elsewhere, go and CREATE the fight. It’s in YOUR power, there are no restraints, no confinement.