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  1. Check the deadband? In Preferences/Controllers tab, pull the Y and Z axis left yellow bar to the right and see if that helps.
  2. No, longer rebuild will prompt fewer sorties. Less bombers will be required to hold the factories down, with commensurate less opportunities to intercept.
  3. I saw a substantial initial Allied bombing effort that lasted all of 24 hrs, since abandoned, because it was driven by a single squad for a limited time with no one to carry the torch where they left off. You will not see a sustained effort because the knowledgeable Allied Pilot's Association is down in numbers, quite like, I guess, its Axis counterpart. You do not have a large pilot roster to work with. You cannot run RDP missions with greentags or F2P customers. I and a few with me have been flying long hours of RDP intercepts, alas after the bulk of damage had been done. It has been by no means a sustained effort, particularly as no-one in general is actively watching radar blips in the wayward boonies where sneaky Heinkels like to lurk. If you don't get airborne (in tier 0) with at least 5 squares worth of clawing to altitude, you might as well forget it. I'm not complaining mind you, t'is all fair and good. I got my scalps and saved (some) factories for hours on end, but I'm not cloned. WRT times, longer rebuild timers will likely lead to LESS bombers in the air, since intercepts aren't really happening. To rejuvenate the bombing game, you need several things, apart from a bigger (capable) pilot population: 1. More, and more diverse, targets. 2. A fast German bomber with smaller payload (Do-17, Ju-88) and a slow Allied bomber with bigger payload (Wellington, Lancaster). 3. A better radar system that is limited in detection by what territory you own, with individual destructible structures. 4. A payoff that motivates the bomber pilot to set forth without having catastrophic results for the game world at large, as currently. I have no immediate suggestions here, but, as it only takes 3-5 bombers to completely wreck the game for everyone, it seems that the individual contribution should be considerably lowered. If you have more targets, downtime can be drastic. With few targets, it's counter-productive. 5. Points for supporting missions. Factory patrol earns you nothing unless you score a kill after two hours, when you get 12 points. Yay, NOT. If you escort bombers but fail to score, you get nothing but satisfaction and praise (which, arguably, is worth more). The air scoring system needs an overhaul pronto. Adjusting points way up really cannot involve much work, no?
  4. True, the possible downgrade from full to partial is a risk that CRS cannot accept in its current state. It only works if you've done your market research AND you have a reserve to burn AND you have brass balls.
  5. My guess is that the hardcore flight simmers out there have already tried WWIIOL and moved on to greener pastures, where ever they may be these days. What we're getting now is a big influx of keyboard "pilots" with "experience" from WarThunder. If 5% of them stick around and learn to fly for realsies that'd be great. So far most I've seen are nothing but fodder. I love this game. Despite its flaws it's still the best show around IMO.
  6. I suppose not. Ah well. Just saying that some potential goes to waste. FWIW I think the whole pricing model stinks. Everyone knows that with lower prices you get more customers. Higher prices, less customers. Basic marketing really. Seen it work for and against clients more than I care to remember.
  7. Trying to re-recruit old squaddies into the game, sub pricing was identifed as a stumbling block. These guys (and other I imagine) cannot commit to balls-out playing such as in the old days but can only play intermittently. Dishing out $15 for full access then becomes way overpriced. Free accounts only get access to tier0 crates, which is, as you know, unfulfilling in the long run. So, how about setting up a Air Only Account - AOA (rather apt eh) – for say $5/month that gives access to all tier aircraft and nothing else? You will not lose that which you are not getting anyway by turning down the idea. With this new sub you will gain some revenue AND open the door for seasoned players.
  8. It's a known and thoroughly beaten issue with the FM that requires a massive overhaul for which there are no resources. It used to work as it should - you could do boat turns and all - but following an audit to get rid of floptastic 109 issues (and other anomalies), rudder was nerfed.
  9. I've tried to talk to a bunch of people over the last few weeks, running basic training missions and what have you. Most of them don't reply at all. I've tried PMs with them, still no reply. I've had ONE real success, with ONE guy who got up to snuff real quick, doing formation take off and climb, combat spread, tac turns, basic evasives, elevator trim routine, joystick setup and more. He wen't from rank newbie to decent wingman in a couple of hours. I'm pretty sure he'll stick around - but that's one HELL of an effort to retain ONE customer.
  10. It lives! LOL Slightly improved version (still with mismanagement of the English language) in sig below.
  11. Clean the registry. Defrag. I'm no tech wiz. Hope you get it sorted.