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  1. Not so sure about that, since the default practice is yank-bank. P-47 desperately needs believable yaw modelling to execute its best [individual] move (lag roll attack), so until the physics and/or FM engine gets an upgrade it’ll be largely confined to diving and longitudinal combat.
  2. I recall a strangely rewarding sortie where I was battling a 109 of some sort (my recognition sucks) in a H81, on the deck, for lord knows how many agonizing turns and yo-yo’s - and won, to my amazement and relief (I was rusty). It was only upon glancing at the AAR I noticed that it was a G6, and I had been in a H87 <grin>. The guy was no beginner either. If I’d known at the time, I’da been toast. LOL.
  3. Technically speaking we could introduce it, in various ways. As far as ROI, gameplay and user/receiver experience goes, that’s a whole different kettle of fish. And in terms of dev/prod time and resources, I’d say it’s a pretty slim chance unless mgmt says otherwise.
  4. Begin flying with the most docile aircraft - Ju52, Dakota, then Hurricane. P-38 and P-39 are less affected by torque, they are easy to hold with rudder and brakes if need be. See link in signature to free pdf of In Pursuit - it’s a bit of a read though. Watch Youtube, there are lots of tutorials and combat clips out there. And do all of your pre-combat flying offline until you feel reasonably comfortable. Use drones (hit spacebar when flying) to supply you with static gunnery targets. Use the offline ground target range too for strafing practice. Best of luck!
  5. So, on average 2:1 axis.
  6. Whutlol. It’s a cabal I tell you, a cabal. AHC members are actually lizards with well-made human masks, but when you shoot them from 37 degrees the masks come off!
  7. Patience folks. We are aware, and working on it. It’s just going to take some time because we’re mostly volunteer staff with day jobs and nightly sleep requirements. More dev/prod people than me are in this project. And we’re going to make it as smooth (intuitive) and purty as we can get it. YOUR task in the interim, should you accept it, would be to s l o w down and try to grip and guide new players to a wholesome experience. Maybe try to self-balance sides and set up, well, ”fair” battles that are fun for both attacker and defender. Less gottawininitis and more letshavefun if you get my meaning.
  8. Keep at it DOC, your six is clear.
  9. No, we’re simply badgering he old drum in novel ways. The current list is WIP. FR should of course have Stuarts. I suppose I need to get more involved.
  10. No but I am now. Lists are managed by others atm.
  11. I preferred the old skool no-GPS map. No marks. No ”this is your position” heading and range circles. No realtime friendly team member map icons. THAT promoted teamwork because you had to stick close to someone who could navigate. More gizmos leads to more lonewolfing.
  12. I recall how it was in the beginning. ML had to confirm reports by anyone spotting, and a mouseover showed type, spotter and time. If reports were not confirmed, they would not appear on the map. It stressed the heck out of the ML, whose leadership energy was diverted and drained when it was needed the most.
  13. I seriously doubt a simple conversion would do the trick, as our hierarchy and dataset is probably unique. Would perhaps save some time, but likely require alot of reaarangement/data input akin to building from scratch. The polys are rarely the issue - everything else is.
  14. Who dat? (all planes in WB were cheap and infinitely supplied)
  15. Interesting. I’d appreciate the source if you can dig it up. I guess we’ll have to model court martials then