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  1. I do. I often find myself the last living tank on an AO with the FB blown behind me - so I RTB to origin or whatever town's closest, normally a 30 minute plus drive. I frequently drive from AB to the boonies beyond the AO to clear the intervening ground, get good SA and flank the flankers. I don't mind the hours spent doing that. One good mission is better than ten fast commutes that ends in fire and tears IMO, but then I'm I realism nut too.
  2. Yup, identified and fixed. Thanks for bringing it to light.
  3. Ammo audits and improved ballistics modeling (including but not restricted to incidence and ricochets) might have something to do with this. The code is very detailed, more so than during the early years, and no single shot (at range and at different aspects/elevation) will be like another. This is kinda out of my league though so treat it as speculation.
  4. Sounds like an ammo issue? Note that what looks like a certain kill may in fact be hitting a sloped surface and glancing off. The "gun going wild" issue, do you reckon that is when firing in any azimuth? I've noted that it goes off kilter the more you traverse, which is likely due to the shorter side legs not coping with the recoil as well as the longitudinal base.
  5. Sad to report that there is indeed an issue with the gunshield collider being a tad too high but happy to notify y'all that this is easily fixed and to be patched in as soon as we can get it verified. One bug squashed, a few (lol) remaining.
  6. Glad to hear it - INF-vs- INF frequency was one objective. Would be interested to hear if there's been any improvement in the tank-vs-tank game too - and in the ATG game. Maybe population hasn't given opportunity for such effects yet. Note though that with 1.36 and TBS/hybrid (depending on how we treat the movable flags) this yield might not be long-lived.
  7. I know some garages have a short but steep ramp, might be part of the problem? Will take a look at the collider today - we've fixed the Bofors and are fixing other ATG colliders so it's part of the ongoing work anyway. Depends on the distance. I usually quickswitch to commander but TBH I haven't got that much playtime in any gun for some time.
  8. I've never had any trouble getting it out of the garage, but I'll take a look at the collider to see if there's a problem there. I've never attempted hitting anything at 2000+ meters because IMO it's generally a waste of ammo and needlessly reveals your position. Even so the allies doesn't have anything in the inventory except aircraft that will cause problems for an 88 over 1500 or so, the BEF in particular. I've mostly shot the french 47 mm - never farther than 1200 m for the same reasons. I certainly don't agree that the 88 is such a POS as you make it out to be. Plenty dead allied tankers will likely disagree as well.
  9. You'll have to ask Ohm for the details. I edit an excel document (a lot of hair-rising bleary-eyed hungry and ten-minutes-to-bedtime cross checking involved) and pass it on.
  10. It's not hard, except that the list was undergoing edits into the final hours before campaign start and is still being corrected for weird errors (it's a 1000 lines document, times 4, plus budget review). I woke up 6 hrs later, went to 10 hr IRL work, and have had no time at all for my regular tasks apart from desperate tweaks and fixes. We are >that< understaffed. I hope you have it in you to understand and give us some leeway if we don't always match your expectations.
  11. There should be no light tanks in the BEF inf brigades. Investigating.
  12. You seriously suggest that we should reenact distribution? Because by that standard we'd pull all panzers out of France and ship them to Yugoslavia, Greece, N Africa and Russia by tier 1. Leave some repainted R35s and the Luftwaffe to fend for themselves.
  13. You're not counting the panzers in the armored brigades. Lots of PzII, a fair number of Pz38(t) and PzIII-F, a handful of PzIVD and Stug3B. The Brits have lots of cheap, wafer A13s and lots of Vickers, plus a small handful of Matildas in the armored brigades. Their infantry brigades have a basket of Matildas with no other armor to support them. Remember that this is all balanced against an equal budget with quality tanks costing more, and with taking country-specific doctrines into account. The Axis have the unparalleled Flak36, a few pak38 and Stukas (and a few 110 f/b) with the most powerful bomb in gamel. No, the Germans can't afford head to head armor slugfests - they have to use combined arms to overcome the heavy tank deficit until more powerful stuff comes along, and the pendulum swings again. And again, we're going by raw factory production with no regard to where the tanks actually went IRL. If we did, 90% of all German armor would be romping around in Russia, not in France.
  14. A bit of work went into it xl2rippr helped out with the normal maps to get the "orange peel" effect. Wish I could spend some more time on fleshing out the vpit!