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  1. I’ll have a look at it. Do use .report if you run into this repeatedly.
  2. Haven’t checked lately but may be plunging fire against top armor?
  3. I’ve got enough pics thank you.
  4. Sadness. Condolences.
  5. I’ve previously noted the Churchill visual anomaly and intend to fix it eventually. It has no bearing on damage modelling - ie there are no holes in the collider. Most of our vehicles are in dire need of visual overhaul both internal and external, which is an ongoing task.
  6. Flak 30 - 280 rpm cyclical, 120 rpm effective Flak 38 - 450 rpm cyclical, 220 rpm effective (cyclical means continuous fire as if belt-fed, effective means fastest rate of fire including magazine reload interval) We'll get it in there. Can't say when but it's not being ignored.
  7. We can do anything (within reason). However with limited manpower and the time required to model, dress up, rig and validate any one item, we have to work along a very strict priority list. A rubber dinghy for instance may sound like a simple matter modelling-wise. I assure that it’d be anything but, and every hour ”wasted” on a non-starter or nice-to-have marginal-impact vehicle, causes delay of the priority high ROI projects.
  8. I’m not telling which. 1. Yes. And more than one. 2. Yes.
  9. You have absolutely no idea. <goes back to work on multiple entirely new vehicles>
  10. Some people get their adrenaline rush from dying a lot. I get mine from trying to avoid it. Paranoia is a great motivator. Nothing destroys my immersion as much as my latest victim coming back with perfect intel to avenge his death. Granted, I usually displace to cover my last spot from a convenient distance and get to kill him again, but it’s still effin gamey.
  11. Fair point. Back to square one. Team-based spawning? Lowpop gets to spawn smaller teams?
  12. I’m just floating the concept here. Yes, it would apply for infantry play. It might need a ”last-spawn-available” exception though.
  13. Which wouldn’t be a bad thing IMO. A slowing down of the general pace is good. If the lockout timer is relatively short - say 2 minutes - you have time to do one mission from a nearby depot (and die) before you can return to the original mission. Re depot-sitters, they’d get the message soon enough and get a prompt to actually contribute.
  14. The ability to die and respawn with virtuasly no delay and with near perfect intelligence wrt enemy location, is arguably a gamey feature. We die and respawn with abandon, which OTOH is necessary to keep battles going and to feed the action craving. In the interest of promoting a more realistic gameplay, and to act as a mild balance mechanism, would you accept the following? When you die you are locked out from your last mission and place of spawn for X minutes, and must select another mission/spawn location (in the general vicinity if available, or you will have to post one yourself) if you want to continue without delay. This keeps you in the battle but with less intel, less cohesion and potentially greater distance to the last place of death. This would put a premium on playing to stay alive, and brake the belt-fed zerg-die-respawn mechanic. The underpopulated side gets a lower lockout timer, down to zero if heavily outnumbered.
  15. The to-do list is kinda long and of course includes the Panther.