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  1. We have a bunch of interesting naval additions both in terms of gameplay and of platforms in the works, alas we are slightly understaffed and overworked atm but hope springs eternal. Am taking notes of all suggestions.
  2. Doyle and Chamberlain puts the StuH 42 ammunition at 36. I'm more inclined to believe them over unnamed sources at any old website. The StuH 42's primary historical role was infantry support using that big gun, hence the dominating HE loadout. Remember the StuG is kind of cramped and the 105mm shells are rather much bigger than 75mm. External MGs for StuG's is in the works, however not for the B. Even so, you might not want to peg your hopes too high as the traverse on that thing is very limited, akin to the Sdkfz 251.
  3. FWIW, bugs and stuff that can be improved are dealt with: in due turn; as time allows; without bias. Last year we processed a great quantity of legacy bugs/issues of greater or lesser magnitude, from blocked TT gangways and PzII TC/gunner view disparity to missing Churchill interiors, gun shields and collider issues. This particular nonfeature (missing episcopes) is certainly one of the oldest and most debilitating, and I’ll be taking care of it as soon as current critical tasks are finished.
  4. If anything, the French tanks need another rather vital and loooong overdue overhaul WRT their suboptimally modelled observation. I have this on my desk:
  5. I’m glad you nailed the definition of functional vs dysfunctional area capture with this description. I believe, if we go this route, we should try out multiple variants of open cap points. Hilltops. Woods. Tight cityscapes. Exposed. Cul-de-sacs. Fieldworks. Etc. Variation, non-repeatability, is key to success IMO. With just a few standard solutions (as now) gameplay becomes very predictable and stale. Bravo Sir!
  6. I personally love this without reservation. Well argued.
  7. The US are getting the M1A1, not the M2. The French will likely get a few too, the Brits - none. There will be NO equal to the Stg44, but that seems to be OK with at least 60% of the playerbase.
  8. The grease gun enters tier 3, so no more time warp there. Nope, not more Shermans. In fact, a few less.
  9. I'd prefer if you didn't assume what I think and make up straw men as you go. So what do you think of the Stg44 then - will that lead to a hot influx of Allied players do you think? What will we balance it with?
  10. The actual fact however, beyond simple sound bites, is that (following slight revision) the gun-armed tank count for armored brigades for tier 3 are thus: DE - 61 (including Stugs, excluding PzII) FR - 85 (including H39 and Stuarts) UK - 68 (including Daimlers, excluding mostly harmless CS tanks and Vickers') US - 72 (excluding Vicker's, including Daimlers) I believe the numbers are quite balanced given sometimes very unequal costs and equal budgets. And yes, the Allied MBT in this era was the Sherman - in quite larger numbers than we have here and with much greater numerical superiority vs the opposition than we have here, while for the Germans it was the PzIVG and StugIIIG (of what we have modeled thus far).
  11. In the last 1,5 years I've been devoting ALL my spare time to developing kit. I'm surprised I even have 62 infantry sorties. What's more, it's both irrelevant and untrue - I have thousands of infantry sorties since year 2000, and the basic set hasn't evolved that much. I also don't think many would agree that e.g. French infantry kit is superior to German.
  12. Infantry weapons are however not created alike. Even bolt action rifles differ. The knife would be the most equal piece of kit. In the LMG class there’s a clear winner, and that superiority cannot be adequately balanced. Did the Germans have semis? Yup, however not in numbers approaching the US whose Garand was standard issue. The Brits are likewise handicapped, but have other things going for them. We incorporate that difference so that each side has its own peculiar set of pros and cons. Edit: When the Stg44 is delivered, will it be general issue or have an equivalent on the Allied side? No, and no. What we will (or should) do however is limit it to its historical distribution which was two platoons (Sturm-Zuge) per one third of the German infantry divisions by December 1944. This would make the Stg44 ultra-rare - and we will likely have far more of them than was historically available. How do you propose we balance that?
  13. In case someone wonders, there are numerous supply tweaks inbound for all factions based on customer input and ongoing monitoring.
  14. Good point. I'll have a look at this (among other things). Thanks.