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  1. That's because S35's don't fly The gripe then fwiw was that new weapon classes should never be released to just one side. They (old CRS) learned that the hard way
  2. It’s not Red vs Blue. The difference in weight and velocity between Ca mle 38 and Flak 30 shells is real, and modelled. Sure, bring in moar. All for it. Recall though that for many moons the Allies had no AA gun at all, not even a repurposed one whereas the Axis basked in joy over their new capability (water long since flowed on, no grudges held)
  3. 1. The original HC was first instituted in the period May-Aug 2001. I was the first Allied CinC. There were no Brigades back then. Responsibilities were distributed through Country/Army/Corps/squads as you would imagine. 2. The system you describe was/is set up pretty much so, at some point in game history, far as I know.
  4. Here’s what I do: never or very rarely spawn AA in AB unless perimeter is secure. Spawn Cmle 38 from (noncamped) depot, FB or FMS and push quickly away opposite to main battle, at least 500 m, to secure the perimeter. Ltar - enough already. This is an unpaid volunteer crew delivering. What seems easy, isn’t.
  5. They'll be as visible (and vulnerable) as the HT and Crusader currently in game when stationary and moving, with the added bonus of "come shoot me" streams of 40 mm rising to advertise their position Good gunners with fire discipline will probably make a killing though. I think they'll be a great addition. More diversity is fun.
  6. SPAA, like all units, have pros and cons. They will make the battlefield somewhat deadlier and more unpredictable from a pilot POV. OTOH they are pretty easy to spot and less challenging to destroy from the air than a static or towed gun. It's going to take a number of 'em to really pose a hindrance. From a ground perspective they're big noisy targets that will likely draw a lot of attention from infantry. Frontline AF's have always been bothered by nuisance camping. I don't think SPAA will change that in any material fashion.
  7. Jeez I had forgotten about that one. Note how 56th FG members (woolef and tomcat) go on record as holding perfect formation
  8. Pretty sure it was in from day 1. And don't disrespect the historically accurate manoevrability of the unladen Stuka. It's very good against the unbeknownst and the overconfident, not so much against vets.
  9. Well, what can I say - that's one sorry tale. Certainly not my experience. I'm not saying people are playing wrong (nothing's wrong really), but I don't think it's too much of a stretch to say that some people simply play badly (i.e. with little tactical finesse) or without thinking much - and that's not reserved for the practice of setting an FMS. Please don't take this personally - we all do stupid/tactically inferior choices most of the time. Myself included.
  10. Again, place your FMS farther out and work your way in. Going straight in to minimum distance SHOULD be hard. Don't expect to live/succeed if you act with reckless abandon. Moderate your expectations of success according to the situation. And yes, multiple FMS/mission would be a nice addition.
  11. Dunno if it's been discussed previously (probably) but how about this for balancing: Catastrophically underpop'd side gets a tier shift up until balance is restored. Add a timer to that so that you will have to be underpop for some time before the bonus kicks in. Balance being +-10ish % I guess. If that doesn't help, remove all SMGs and LMGs from overpop side until balance is restored Disclaimer: Yeah, I know, people won't like any of it and it probably won't help anyway.
  12. I’m in the ”it’s the natural order” camp. I enjoy playing under any population circumstance and attach no value whatsoever to town win/loss or map win/loss. This does not inhibit me from fighting as best I can. Ask yourself, what actually do you win/lose? Do you lose esteem after 15 consecutive town/map losses (or deaths) and if so, why and in whose eyes? Perhaps the game needs more, or more segmented, objectives, besides more people, more gear and a lot more terrain (more terrain = longer campaigns, more strategic options, more opportunity for pop shifts).
  13. A-fricken-Men. Also dislike the marker feature and the universal GPS. Makes things way too easy.
  14. Er, no. With your logic a panzer with four main guns will do better than one with a single gun - which of course is preposterous. The additional barrels are of course welcome wrt volume of fire, however, if your tactics and discipline suck they will be of little avail.