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  1. Fwiw, 20 mm fired by the Hispano imparts rather more KE than German 20 mm MG FF Minengeschoss. Which is historically accurate.
  2. Neat. Do know though that the spawn selection is dependent on several factors beside what’s available - and rest assured that the number of clicks to spawn (and mission creation) has been drastically reduced. The wireframe is largely set and we have come a long way already with content - far more than Xoom have revealed. Our overriding concern, beyond a polished design, is simplicity, continuity and flow. I think you all will be pleasantly surprised.
  3. The system that allows surprise and breakthroughs is fine, except that the map has far too few CPs, a non-existent rear organisation, a non-existent strategic reserve and is far too dependent on manual flag movement. The silly abstraction that the original Rats came up with - the low-res CP-FB mesh with a great nothingness in between - is the game's biggest weakness. I'm surprised that you even discuss the faults or merits of any one group of players - they are not the issue, the resolution of cap/spawn objectives is. If you don't grok that, it is this ridiculous abstraction that allows 10-20 guys to create (or close) a 20 km wide breakthrough in the course of a few minutes.
  4. The game is fundamentally flawed from the very beginning insofar as the tactical and strategical layer are both dependent on a too sparse capture mesh (CPs) with a big nothingness in between. The FB and FMS concepts are both incomplete attempts at patching this design error. Alas, rewiring it would require a complete rewrite of the game.
  5. You get to fix it, with your own A/c and with AA.
  6. If you rely solely on the FMS for your attack then you will never succeed. Blaming the (lack of) FMS for every setback is one-dimensional at best. Try harder.
  7. 6-pounder shot from the flank and rear. Artillery, including 3,7 inch AA and 25-pounder. Bombs.
  8. And what did the Germans have in Normandy 1944 do you think? The 1942 and the 1944 Tiger I are virtually the same machine (for game purposes) except for the cupola, the commander's AA mount and some additional roof armor. Yea, there were Tiger IIs in Normandy as well - a few companies worth all told.
  9. Nope. I'm in now. The Sdkfz 7/1 is one nice bit of kit.
  10. <slow clap> for missing the point altogether. In those other games you won't see aircraft at all, period. Nor experience awesome 30+ para drops. Or have the satisfaction of strafing trucks and infantry. Or blowing aircraft out of the sky with AAA. But go ahead, throw some more vitriol - or be part of the solution. If all you've got is what you've delivered thus far, I pity you.
  11. Am kinda busy with other stuff and I'm minus one capable PC, but I'll try to get some gun time this week.
  12. Moving out 200-600 meters is no guarantee against anything. Yes, you have to deploy in the least EI infested region. If there is no such thing, you have to create one and maintain it with other arms - but then again you might be better served defending the town proper. In the standard case though there is usually one wide free sector for you to move out to - and that sector is often the zoom-after-delivery space for EA, and likewise I-am-hurtling-down-looking-at-the-AB after they've reversed. That is not to say that every EA will fall into this slot, yet it exists. Now, if you recognize the truth in how EA operate here you will also recognize that staying outside of that shop window is the smart thing to do. You don't get to shoot at every aircraft but hey, you want kills right, not just a lot of bangs and death. So, when the EA is zooming after delivery, he's showing you your belly and/or flank. I love quarter shots btw. He's zooming, i.e. looking UP and/or BACK - not down at you. This is where you kill him. At close range. When he's not looking. If he survives he'll be coming back to the AB minus speed and maneuvrability, just looking to be rid of his goods. He won't know where you are because he wasn't observing. He thinks a lucky shot got him. So, after reversing, he comes back: he's now looking at the AB, 500 m off yonder. He's not looking down or down to the sides because the airframe and wings obstructs his view there, and he only has eyes for the AB. Shoot him again as he flies overhead, at close range. End of story. Just don't fire when you suspect that someone else is actively ogling you. You should continually analyze every EA for intent and observation direction. If there are friendly AC in the air, you can bang away somewhat more freely. Except that if you advertise overmuch you WILL be remembered and marked for destruction. You will become a better AA gunner if you can get inside the pilot's head and know by experience how he handles it. There's not a lot of gunners who can handle a negative parabolic pursuit curve (for lack of better term) by the way, which oldzeke appeared to be employing. If you can spot the energy and vector you will make a better shot.
  13. With the Bofors, a mere 200 meters from the AB, you advertised your location by firing excessively and ineffectually. The Hurricane spotted you while you shot at the Havoc, and you had no business shooting at that Hawk. And then you sat in the bullseye. Poor choices amply rewarded. For greater success, deploy outside the immediate observation window or some 5-600 meters away from the bombing objective. Don't fire if you see someone looking at you (you can usually tell by the wingline). And only fire when your target is busy looking at the bullseye - while you are outside his cone of observation. Further, you should fire at shorter ranges - the Havoc was in good range at 0:18 - 0:21. In addition, you didn't make allowance for his curve so all/most of your shots were high.
  14. It'd be kinda NEAT to replace FBs with hamlets and/or farm complexes that would offer somewhat more cover and variety of exits - in addition to structures in between towns, and in between FB hamlets and the CP proper. Said hamlets would be persistent with only the spawnpoints bopping about on destruction.
  15. The M9 bazooka rocket could acheive 120mm penetration under ideal conditions and zero degrees impact. Most models of Panzerfaust could penetrate 200mm. Factory proof testing was conducted by firing randomly selected Panzerfäuste at three 5.5cm armour plates with 6cm air spaces between each. As for angle of impact: