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  1. Hey all. Here's a small primer for Campaign 159 to give you a heads-up on what's brewing. Welcome to the hardest campaign yet. Spawn lists are now balanced against equal budgets per tier, and apportioned according to TO&E (Table of Organisation and Equipment) in roughly historical ratios. The numbers have been adjusted for gameplay and equality in some respects, such as for engineers and sappers. Numbers are ballpark equal in terms of bayonets/dismounted infantry and also pretty much equal in terms of aircraft and naval platforms - reflective of a well-oiled deep supply chain. Some differences will be noted between factions. These represent national characteristics and doctrine, such as the higher ratio of automatic weapons vs bolt-action rifles for the Axis and the greater dependence on infantry tanks for the Allies. What one side may lack in one respect is redressed in another - be it armor thickness, gun caliber, bomb weight, optics or speed - the trick here is to apply teamwork, to use your gear to best effect and to dictate the terms of engagement. Do not expect equality. Expect diversity. The fundamental change from previous campaigns is the return to differentiated units: armor brigades are more armor heavy, infantry brigades are more infantry and anti-tank heavy than ever. In the air, fighter brigades and bomber brigades are also more pronounced according to their type, with but marginal ground-fighting potential. Naval and HQ units contain a sprinkling of everything for basic sustenance but can not be expected to for hold long against a full brigade. These changes have been made to increase the WW2 flavor that is unique to this game, to give a whiff of the challenges soldiers faced in the real event. Challenge is what makes gameplay interesting: it is drama and desperation, it is the basis for opportunity and accomplishment. The decision to separate armor from infantry will - hopefully - lead to more infantry fights, more of that "oh sheet" feeling when the armor arrives and likely some amount of resupply and interdiction going on in the rear. We want intense battles in the towns but we also want engaging gameplay in the hinterlands: low-level recon flights, sneak ambushes, armor duels and company-size armor columns. The challenge for High Command is to use the armor wisely: the armor brigade is weak on infantry and should not be frittered away in line defense - keep it in reserve and only bring it forward when you really want, or need, to make your presence felt. What to expect in Tier 0 (1940) In the air L’Armée de l’Air gets a few Curtiss H-81, whereas the Luftwaffe sees the introduction of the 109-F2 in small numbers. The RAF gets a gaggle of Spits and Hurris - no surprise there. BEF Armor The bulk of British armor comprises A13 and Vickers light tanks, with but a few Matildas as blunt and heavy instrument. German Armor Plenty PzII, fewer Pz38(t) and PzIII-F core with PzIV-D and Stug3B stiffening. A hard tier that will require Flak 36 and Stuka cooperation for the Heer to survive and prosper. Blitzkrieg in France is a gamble, just like it was! French Armor This is the only tier where indigenous French armor has a fighting chance. There’s plenty of cavalry tanks and good supply of B1bis heavy hitters - but the 2-man turrets poses a tactical challenge and speed is not the French’s strong suit. The French tank force was a fearsome instrument in 1940, and it is so here too! Infantry German infantry brigades have a slight edge in automatic weapons. A few Pak 38 antitank guns is the ace card, beside the venerable Flak 36. Also, the Sdkfz 251 makes an early debut. For the French, a few Mas40 semiautomatic rifles have found their way into the inventory and they also get some support from R35 infantry tanks. The British infantry brigades have their particular ace: Matilda infantry tanks, produced in considerable numbers and doctrinally attached to the foot-sloggers for support. We'll get back with more intel on what's in store for tier1 and tier2 as they approach - in the mean time, Have a wonderful battle! (and as always, if you find a glaring error do please let us know and we’ll do our best to correct it)
  2. I've never had any trouble getting it out of the garage, but I'll take a look at the collider to see if there's a problem there. I've never attempted hitting anything at 2000+ meters because IMO it's generally a waste of ammo and needlessly reveals your position. Even so the allies doesn't have anything in the inventory except aircraft that will cause problems for an 88 over 1500 or so, the BEF in particular. I've mostly shot the french 47 mm - never farther than 1200 m for the same reasons. I certainly don't agree that the 88 is such a POS as you make it out to be. Plenty dead allied tankers will likely disagree as well.
  3. You'll have to ask Ohm for the details. I edit an excel document (a lot of hair-rising bleary-eyed hungry and ten-minutes-to-bedtime cross checking involved) and pass it on.
  4. It's not hard, except that the list was undergoing edits into the final hours before campaign start and is still being corrected for weird errors (it's a 1000 lines document, times 4, plus budget review). I woke up 6 hrs later, went to 10 hr IRL work, and have had no time at all for my regular tasks apart from desperate tweaks and fixes. We are >that< understaffed. I hope you have it in you to understand and give us some leeway if we don't always match your expectations.
  5. There should be no light tanks in the BEF inf brigades. Investigating.
  6. You seriously suggest that we should reenact distribution? Because by that standard we'd pull all panzers out of France and ship them to Yugoslavia, Greece, N Africa and Russia by tier 1. Leave some repainted R35s and the Luftwaffe to fend for themselves.
  7. You're not counting the panzers in the armored brigades. Lots of PzII, a fair number of Pz38(t) and PzIII-F, a handful of PzIVD and Stug3B. The Brits have lots of cheap, wafer A13s and lots of Vickers, plus a small handful of Matildas in the armored brigades. Their infantry brigades have a basket of Matildas with no other armor to support them. Remember that this is all balanced against an equal budget with quality tanks costing more, and with taking country-specific doctrines into account. The Axis have the unparalleled Flak36, a few pak38 and Stukas (and a few 110 f/b) with the most powerful bomb in gamel. No, the Germans can't afford head to head armor slugfests - they have to use combined arms to overcome the heavy tank deficit until more powerful stuff comes along, and the pendulum swings again. And again, we're going by raw factory production with no regard to where the tanks actually went IRL. If we did, 90% of all German armor would be romping around in Russia, not in France.
  8. A bit of work went into it xl2rippr helped out with the normal maps to get the "orange peel" effect. Wish I could spend some more time on fleshing out the vpit!
  9. They should have none - it's not even an item on their list. If they do, it's an error and will be corrected ASAP.
  10. It’s going to be tough for everyone in various ways and at different times through the tiers. ”Hardest” is a way of getting you pumped hope you enjoy the challenge, whatever it might be!
  11. The factories pumped em out, that’s all we care about. We don’t withhold panzers that went to Africa or Russia do we?
  12. Tier 0 is all of 1940. I don't have the number handy but the British produced far more than the 23 Matilda IIs that went with BEF to France. 3000 produced altogether, but that's into 1941. So yes, a considerable number. Tier 0 is not merely six weeks in May, it's all of that year.
  13. You don't ever ask "when" without getting the "SoonTM" answer. We've broken the code for that particular issue so I expect it "soon", as in when we've verified it as functional. It will bring all sorts of goodness with it.
  14. It is as it was, in terms of technology. We can’t change that or invent fantasy vehicles to create a (false) balance. Both sides have specific advantages/disadvantages that switch back and fro - if and how they are leveraged is up to the players.
  15. Yes, possibly with some amends made for gameplay. As you know the Allied naval and amphibious capability dwarfed the Axis but AFAIK both sides fielded appropriate craft in various categories and in roughly the same timeframe.
  16. Because the cargo must be in the hold. If you could hitch you would likely attach to the exterior hull or halfway thru it, which would look rather silly. The obvious solution is a RO-RO ship
  17. I cannot confirm or deny the eventual introduction of various landing craft. However they are clearly of interest.
  18. Next time tier 3 comes around you will have baby atg in FMS.
  19. Hands. Need more hands onboard. Interiors could do with a LOT more detail - ie polys. Textures alone only go so far. Case in point, the P40F vpit compared to the H81.
  20. I can keep t0 going into t2-t3 but it will be at the cost of less t2-t3 materiel, or increased budgets that will cause a (admittedly minor) glut of materiel. I do not intend to force you into purchase of DLC.
  21. It’s getting fixed.
  22. For scarcity of equipment I’m to blame. I’ve made Firefly and Achilles as rare as the Tiger for what I believe are obvious reasons. They were rare IRL, Firefly less so by end of 44. They have extraordinary punch, rendering the opposition nigh helpless at standoff range. The Tiger has extraordinary skin. If there’s a glut, as there has been, the game goes blah boring. We want to create that ”oh sheet” experience when they turn up. We do want rear-town traffic, in fact people are pining for it (resupply/overstock). — I did not however factor in the reduced number of Brit units, silly me, so mayhap numbers will be tweaked up just a tad (at the expense of other kit).
  23. W00t yay <uncorks small bottle of champagne> and yes it's a moving target. Next campaign will be a challenge for both sides at different stages of the timeline, and in various aspects.
  24. Largest texture atm is 2048x2048. If we could double or quadruple that it’d be neat, tho at the cost of a heftier DL. Not sure how much the current engine can take wrt loading, so erring on the side of caution.