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  1. First of all, please don't kill me for suggesting this blasphemous idea but I really wish we can have more choices as a free player. I discovered this game about 2 years ago after watching a random video on Youtube where a bunch of people paradrop into a town and mayhem ensued. Ever since then, I've played this game on and off but never really stuck around for long because playing as a rifleman (as much as I enjoy it) kinda gets boring after a while. Now some may be like "Well, why don't you just cough up 15$ or so and enjoy the whole thing?". Well the problem is at this point in time, I'm still in college right now and money is not quite as abundant as I would like. In addition, I'm also stuck in a country with pretty mediocre to sometimes outright terrible economy. Just to give you some perspective, while in theory it may cost 180$ for a year's worth of awesomeness, I would have to pay around $704 (in local currency) to be able to afford that. Needless to say, I'm just making enough to get by so the 180$ price tag is infinitely beyond my reach. I know some would probably then say "What about the starter pack? That should be affordable right?". Sadly it still falls pretty far outside the realm of possibility with the price tag being somewhere around 375$. But I feel like if the free players gets slightly more options, then perhaps the playerbase will experience a significant increase as players like myself who love the game are able to enjoy it more. I'm not saying ditch the subscription and make it completely free to play. That's ludicrous with the bills for the devs and servers. But I do want to have a bit more chance against paid players who instantly mow me down with a SMG or worse, be in a tank and make me feel absolutely worthless. This raises the point that despite claims otherwise, this game does have pay to win qualities. I know I can kill a player with my rifle just as he can kill me with his SMG. But in close quarters, his chance of spraying a whole room and instantly nailing me dead before I even see him is absurdly high. Add to this the fact that free players never get access to tanks much less a way to defend themselves against tanks and it makes it painfully obvious that those who have money will always have the advantage against those who don't. I'm not asking for an instant unlock for all the classes and all the vehicles, I'm just pushing for some way to slowly reach a point where I can be useful to my team. Maybe the devs can add a system where as you rise through the ranks, you can unlock a class for every rank you reach. I must honestly admit that right now ranks are a bit pointless. You progress through them but they hardly add anything to the game. You don't unlock any new thing as you rank up nor is there any noticeable stats change (which I think is fair since this is not an RPG). To briefly sum it up, I'm hoping the devs give the common free players (the cannon fodder that we are right now) some better way to help our team. I understand the reason for locking 90% of the game's content behind a paywall to encourage more subscription (and like I said it's fair and I understand you have rents to pay) but there must be some form of expansion of options to the average joe playing this game. It doesn't have to be anything drastic like giving away tanks and planes. It simply need to expand the free players options so that they can help their team better. If the devs can implement this, I swear this game will see a massive surge in popularity. Thanks for listening
  2. So I recently bought a new budget laptop (a Lenovo Legion Y520) and decided I could finally play this game without lag. But when I was setting it up, I noticed that I could only pick the onboard Intel HD Graphics 630. I hope you guys can help me out with this so I can start playing this game again.
  3. I just downloaded and installed the game but immediately ran into a problem. Upon launching the game, it immediately display an invalid win32 application error. How do I get this game to run?
  4. Ok, thanks for the info. Btw the game is displaying a 'not a valid win32 application error'. I'm running a Windows XP 32 bit with service pack 3. How do I get it working?
  5. Hey, everybody! I'm new here and I'm really confused over how 'free' this game is. Is this game like you can play as long as you want without paying but you'll be stuck with limited options or is it like after a fixed time your accounts will be suspended if you don't pay?