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  1. Stop spreading miss information, Germany is the only choice.
  2. Why does everyone pitch a tent in their pants when it comes to American forces in this game?
  3. As someone ranking up an account again from scratch I quite like intermission, I can actually gain a significant amount of points in the air force or navy. So I quite enjoy intermission.
  4. I don't mind that they changed it but, they had to make a new plane that's the worst thing available for the greens to fly? I don't know why the 109e4 can't be used by noobs? It was that way for as long as I can remember
  5. Old ones die and new were born... only teasing this isn't an Allen Jackson song. I made this thread to reminisce about old things in the game that are now gone. I'll get it started. Remember when there was a particular type of tree that you could climb if you went prone and crawled sideways into it. Oh how I miss those trees.
  6. So this June I was snared by ww2ol again due to the free premium month. However when I go to resub, is there like a 3 month plan like they use to have? Or only month an year? Also why is trying to rank up in the air force so cancerous. How am I suppose to fight anything in a tier 0 plane when tier 2 and 3 planes are out. Keep in mind the recruit aircraft are the biggest joke of aircraft I have ever seen. Why can't they use the 109e4 like recruits use to? You had to make an altogether biggest turd for them to learn on? Bring back the good old spawn in sit at airfield despawnfor rank.
  7. "Veterans like myself" Joined jan 2016
  8. Good luck and hope for a nice turnout! Although I think the axis don't have much fight left in them. Constantly yielding 3 towns a night recently. See you all next campaign!
  9. He had such classics as shot up by a hurricane (rock you like a hurricane spoof) he also made many great satire drawings staring members of the community.
  10. Hello I have returned to this game that will always have a special place in my heart. Jrgrid was my original user name, but I no longer have access to the email I created that account under. I also have no clue what my old password would be. Is there anyway to recover the account?