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  1. The updated barracks look great and I am looking forward to playing in the new bunkers. Are there plans to update the CP and depot? Those two buildings are two of the most frequently used buildings in this game, so it would make sense to either update it graphically or even functionality.
  2. Everyone at CRS should be proud of what they have accomplished. Merry Christmas!
  3. They have been accelerating the 12 Days of Christmas reveals (ex. Today they showed Days 10 and 11) so my guess is that the patch will arrive this weekend. No one wants to work on Xmas Eve or Xmas. Patch fever scale is now at 9/10!
  4. Yup. Field grass and Corn!!!
  5. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! I've played this game for quite some time and I agree that this game needs to improve on time to contact with the enemy and clunky infantry play. On some days, I have enough time to play in long battles, but on many nights I only have 30 minutes to log in and play. In those situations, I am looking for quick interaction with the enemy. The sluggish feel of the infantry movement has always felt different from other games and I agree that it could be a large turn off for new players. IMO it would be better to conform with the industry standard, if that is even possible.
  6. It would also be nice to get a status update on the remaining 2017 Roadmap items (.30 cal, M1A1 carbine, US paratroopers, STG44, 1.36, 64bit, and voice comms). Since we are half way into the year (from when @XOOM first presented the plan), CRS probably has clearer visibility into how much work remains for those items.
  7. Yes I am aware of those ditches near some forests. I was hoping for some trenches and foxholes designed around the town. From there, players could setup their defense with PPO barbed wire and sandbags.
  8. @merlin51 is it possible for you to design/edit a town with foxholes and trenches? These would be permanent structures in the terrain, not PPO objects. It would be cool to have foxholes and trenches outside the AB and around the perimeter of the town.
  9. @XOOM is the 6-12 months the current estimation to release 1.36? Is the 6-12 months the time needed to redesign/QA UI and write tutorial, or do the rules for supply need further work? IMO I think it is important to have 1.36 in before Steam Early Access, but not if there is a 12 month delay.
  10. I am a day 1 player as well and the look has definitely changed since 2001. Especially with how the trees/bushes look after speed tree was added. I think CRS has also retextured most objects since 2001. Your point is well taken though. It looks outdated and has not changed much in the last 10 years. I wonder if CRS could easily update bushes/trees with an updated version of speed tree.
  11. Rat Chat is on 5/27:
  12. It was mentioned in one of the recent updates that the road map progress could be seen here: 1.36 is currently sitting at 75%. How often do the percentages get updated? I don't recall anything changing since the new web page came out.
  13. The No. 2 guy would be a great fit for a new player spawning as infantry. They would interact with a vet and have the opportunity to learn infantry basics in live environment (build PPO, resupply ammo, move, shoot rifle, mark targets on the map, etc). "Give me more ammo, greenie!"
  14. I am just glad that the new Rats team genuinely considers player feedback