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  1. wasent me, squide did it
  2. nevermind, its fixed now, squad is the best
  3. something has to be blocking thos files, it was working fine before,im still working on it. maybe I just need to go to ww2 rehab
  4. well did the downloads, updates, reinstall tried all I know how to do, still same thing
  5. can you do a un update?
  6. tried that, dll files. still nothing
  7. ww2.exe bad image msvcp140.dll c:windows\system32\x3daudiol_7dll error status 0xc000012f
  8. I did, twice
  9. guess I wont be playing this game anymore
  10. yes did that
  11. everything was working fine until update, cant get into game now, anybody have a clue, I dont