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  1. On 10/10/2017 at 8:17 PM, budder8820 said:

    Pretty self-explanatory. Is there anything holding us back from doing this with the German 88...except some kind of coordinate, azimuth and ranging system?



    Aside from game mechanics, the Flak/Pak 88 isn't designed for indirect fire. It was originally intended for high altitude anti-aircraft work, if was found later on that the high velocities required for that task also made it a fantastic anti-tank gun. Those very same high velocities are what make it a bad choice for indirect fire. What you want is a LeFH 18.

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  2. 12 minutes ago, merlin51 said:

    I have to ask though.

    If a big chunk of dev time was set aside to do some big new fancy squad UI thing, would it actually get used?

    I ask this because back in 2001 2002 etc we had big squads, Huge squads actually.
    I'm talking squads that could roll 30+ tanks into a town with trucks full of infantry behind them.

    There were no special squad tools, each squad worked out those things in its own way, what ever worked best for them.
    And they would run some pretty damned well organized ops.
    And they had to teach EVERYONE how to play because everyone was a n00b then.

    So i am wondering, if they did then with nothing, but we can not do now with better, will extra colors buttons and icons make some magic happen
    that is somehow been forgotten?
    Maybe i am just missing something.

    Missing something. I'm proposing a change to the mission interface, effectively forcing it's use. I've this sort of thing in action in Ro2. When a noob log on and as no idea what to do, he'll usually follow his squad leader around like a puppy dog simply because the game encourages it.


    And frankly, the biggest obstacle to teamwork in this game is the playerbase. I came in to this game expecting fire team based play. In two years of "on again off again" playing I've experienced it exactly twice. Once on the German side where the squad I was playing with packed twelve guys into an APC to cap Antwerp. And once on the allied side, when me and a friend tried to teach a handful of newbs we knew how to play the game.

    Any other time I tried to engage in that sort of thing with squads I've either been ignored completely, or expected to storm a CP by myself. Maybe the Axis does thing's differently, but the allies seem to have teamwork issues. It's gotten to the point where I only ever log on when my buddy does, as he seems to be the only one who wants a tank driver, ammunition carrier, bombardier, lookout, etc. Everyone else just wants Solid Snake it seems.

  3. Been thinking about this. Ro2 has a sort of command structure, with an officer in chief commanding lieutenants who are in command of a half section.

    This might be something we could use, as a sort of slot based command structure for every mission. Slots could be restricted based on rank.


    Mission Leader -- Overall command of the mission, appoints tasks for Sergeants.

    Sergeants -- The Cat herders, it's their job to get their squad to the objected laid out the the ML and achieve it.

    Privates -- Bodies, they do whatever the sergeant says, they don't need to worry about what the objective it, just stick with the sarge and follow orders.


    The question is, how to incentivize it? Ro2 did this by giving bonus points for sticking with your squad and by allowing you to spawn on your lieutenant. Would points be enough of an incentive? Do we need a big [censored] arrow constantly pointing to your officer?

  4. On 10/12/2017 at 3:31 PM, fidd said:

    The question you need to ask yourself, I suggest, is how prevalent you want PPO's to be across the game, ie, at every town, more or less equally, or, an available tool for players at towns nominated by the HC's? The latter is I would submit, far the better result. As for attacking PPO's - of the emplacement variety, in my view - and YMMV - it's daft they're available for attacking players within 2 km or so of towns, again, excepting the foxhole. Attacking players, could, however, fortify the area around their own FB prior the AO, to aid it's defense. There will always be a small contingent of players who enjoy doing their bit at these less onerous tasks, and demolishing enemy PPO's would become part of the process of strengthening it against counter-attack, or, at the very least, perhaps compelling the enemy HC to move their engineer companies back if it's retaken again. It's a tool, nothing more.

    As a student of trench warfare, (Been a research hobby of mine for 14+ years) I will not have High command question my defences. Nor should they be required to. HC has more important things to do then inspecting sandbags and gun bunkers.  In the real world inspections are handled by Captains and Colonels in charge of that sections. Not by Ferdinand bloody Foch himself!

    On 10/12/2017 at 4:41 PM, merlin51 said:

    I was kind of comical to see a PZ speeding toward the bridge and slam into a hedgehog buried in a bush, or flip over a longways placed sandbag section.

    I would like to commend your innovative use of sandbags. I had not anticipated their use as improvised dragons teeth. You can be sure that the Panzer Corps will find a fair few more obstacles in their way going forward. There's always something new to learn in the art of fortification.


    I would like to reiterate my call for proper trenches. Breastworks of course due to engine limitations. Give us barbed wire and proper bunkers as well. And let us clip the ends into each other that we may remove gaps in the line. Give us straight sections, and corners interior and exterior. Make them tall, that we may run along the length without fear of enemy fire or observation. Give them firing steps, that we may fire over the parapet. Give us wire that we may keep the enemy from us and control his movements. Give us PROPER trenches.


  5. Subscriptions are what have kept this game alive for 15 + years. No f2p money making model would have kept CRS alive through the "Dark Age". They didn't have the staff to keep cranking out special gear for the players to purchase, everyone was already top rank so they couldn't sell XP boosters, and pay to win is an abomination to gaming and CRS would have rather let the game die than resort to it.

    Subs work. And I would like to personally thank those that stayed subbed and playing through that period so that another generation could experience this Masterpiece of Online gaming.

  6. 8 hours ago, merlin51 said:

    I dont think we want to give everyone an assault rifle? in WWII that was kind of a german invention?
    France has the FN29 which is a good gun, it replaced the Chauchat.
    The Hotchkiss M1909 was used a bit, but i dont think it fits the bill?


    The french bought the H75's and ordered other US build planes, that is why they have them.
    There are some french planes that could get modeled later like the D-3801
    But in 1940, they have so many outdated aircraft the exist in tiny amounts, that could never be competitive with an HE-111 with 4 dead engines and no landing gear, let alone anything else, there isnt a wide selection of choices for widely available aircraft.

    They cant do much with tiger moths and helldivers, ya know?

    They had a lot of orders in with the US for DB7's and H75's and such.

    The US does not enter until a later tier, and by then the day of the vickers, and 232 and panhard and daimler etc are pretty much done.
    The US did not field any tanks that light, closest would be the M2A4's but those only got used in asia and the pacific, mostly until the stuart production had caught up.
    But the M2 is no vickers, it's a lot heavier.

    The vickers day is with the PZI's and the french AMR's which aren't in game yet but im sure will come when they can.
    One day T0 will be a very crazy place if you're french.

    By the way, no offense, but im not dive bombing in a Breguet 690
    That looks like suicide :) 
    The Blackburn B-24 Skua i might consider, does it come with a carrier??????

    Douglas SBD Dauntless would be cool, only downside is it wouldnt appear at least until US entry.
    But the french free forces did use them too.

    For tier 0 france, we'd have this, and im afraid it would die?


    I'm mainly trying to think of truly French candidates. I joined WW2OL to play French, I was not amused to find that most of the French arsenal was the same American gear I had been using across various games since I was 5. Unfortunately i'm not terribly well versed on kit so I can't say what would be the best fit, but I'm of the opinion that a subpar native option is better than a superior foreign option. If I wanted to be American, I'd be American.

    Not an Assault rifle necessarily, just something similar to the BAR/FG42. Help the French and British keep up in the later tiers instead of being shuffled off to the rear like they are now. FN and BREN could do it if they make them shoulder fire as well.

    The day of the Vickers is never over. Even in tier 3 I see vets using them for FB defence. You don't need anything heaver than an MG to kill an engie after all.

  7. France needs a french air force. We have one, ONE french plane in the game. The U.S. can just use the current FAF minus the Dewo.

    "R35" IS the french light tank.

    " VBCP Lorraine 38L " French Tier 0 APC. No need for lend lease. It is completely unarmed however.

    If we want to give everyone an Automatic/Assault Rifle. The french have the Chauchat to fall back on. Horribly outdated and I don't even know if any were used by the french in ww2. But they existed. The british have a variety of ww1 projects and colonial creations if we want to stretch things. Might just be better to give them the BAR.

    U.S. Need an equivalent to the Vickers. I don't think the U.S. ever used the vickers in real life. Closest equivalent is the M2A2 "Mae West". Never used in combat.

    Allies need dive bombers. Breguet 690/Blackburn B-24 Skua/Douglas SBD Dauntless would work nicely.

    Allied Medium Bombers Vickers Wellington/B25 Mitchell/Lioré et Olivier LeO 45 Perhaps?

    That's all for now. I have things to do.


  8. 1 hour ago, forrest said:

    It doesn't matter which side we bomb for...the response for a decade has always been the same.  If we destroy one side's factories, the team we are on cheers it.  The receiving end floods the forums demanding an immediate rule change.  

    Yall love it when we bomb THEM.  You hate it when we bomb YOU. 

    Maybe nothing is really broken at all.  Or maybe the Air War should be removed completely.

    Or maybe the game needs more than one bomber squad.

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  9. I've held this game in quite high regard for the longest time, but have found little desire to play due to my own personal failing. Namely, lack of certainty on the proper course of action to pursue in the heat of combat. (I.E How do I approach a point? Is now the time to bolt for the CP? etc. etc.)

    I'm currently looking for a squad whose method of play might ameliorate and mitigate this issue. What I am searching for is a squad that operates as a more traditional infantry or armour team might. With members in close vicinity of each other, providing supporting fire and intelligence.

    I find myself quite satisfied running ammunition for mortars, driving multi-crew land vehicles, and operating machine guns.

  10. Invisible wall? Hell no! One of the great things about this game is there is effectively no borders on the playable area. I can flank through the friggen Alps if I have to! I've been killed far too often because I ran out of room to manuever because of some silly artificial border that's nigh impossible to see (far too often it's a red line on green grass).


    Rather than trying to dictate a play area for other players, have you tried talking to them? No doubt some of those "cats" came because they wanted to play a milsim. Give them commands, be a team leader for a infantry squad. You will find people who came to do that, I know because I came to do that. This game doesn't nee Invisible walls, it need low level leaders to lead and inspire the rookies. I tell you this, as a rookie.

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  11. 15 minutes ago, brady said:

    I think I typed what HE charges are for like 237 times yesterday before I started to lose it, it would seam a few things could be added to the tutorial.

    A lot isn't covered in the tutorial. A short list.

    * Grenadiers

    * Engineers

    * !!Anything related to anti tank warfare!!

    * Aircraft


    *How to get on a truck

    * Basic Cover and Concealment

    * How to use anything related to the UI

  12. I'd actually like to see trenches as PPOs. They would be excellent for setting up a zoc if done properly. A well planned attack could surround their FMS' with trenches, hindering camping of them and providing a strong base to defend it from. The benefits to defense are without need of mention of course. They would be fantastic out in the field, providing cover for advancing troops and acting as a forward strongpoint if you can manage to build one. Combine with barbed wire to keep the enemy from popping in anywhere they like and you've got a solid and flexible tool. 

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