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  1. Subscriptions are what have kept this game alive for 15 + years. No f2p money making model would have kept CRS alive through the "Dark Age". They didn't have the staff to keep cranking out special gear for the players to purchase, everyone was already top rank so they couldn't sell XP boosters, and pay to win is an abomination to gaming and CRS would have rather let the game die than resort to it. Subs work. And I would like to personally thank those that stayed subbed and playing through that period so that another generation could experience this Masterpiece of Online gaming.
  2. I'm mainly trying to think of truly French candidates. I joined WW2OL to play French, I was not amused to find that most of the French arsenal was the same American gear I had been using across various games since I was 5. Unfortunately i'm not terribly well versed on kit so I can't say what would be the best fit, but I'm of the opinion that a subpar native option is better than a superior foreign option. If I wanted to be American, I'd be American. Not an Assault rifle necessarily, just something similar to the BAR/FG42. Help the French and British keep up in the later tiers instead of being shuffled off to the rear like they are now. FN and BREN could do it if they make them shoulder fire as well. The day of the Vickers is never over. Even in tier 3 I see vets using them for FB defence. You don't need anything heaver than an MG to kill an engie after all.
  3. France needs a french air force. We have one, ONE french plane in the game. The U.S. can just use the current FAF minus the Dewo. "R35" IS the french light tank. " VBCP Lorraine 38L " French Tier 0 APC. No need for lend lease. It is completely unarmed however. If we want to give everyone an Automatic/Assault Rifle. The french have the Chauchat to fall back on. Horribly outdated and I don't even know if any were used by the french in ww2. But they existed. The british have a variety of ww1 projects and colonial creations if we want to stretch things. Might just be better to give them the BAR. U.S. Need an equivalent to the Vickers. I don't think the U.S. ever used the vickers in real life. Closest equivalent is the M2A2 "Mae West". Never used in combat. Allies need dive bombers. Breguet 690/Blackburn B-24 Skua/Douglas SBD Dauntless would work nicely. Allied Medium Bombers Vickers Wellington/B25 Mitchell/Lioré et Olivier LeO 45 Perhaps? That's all for now. I have things to do.
  4. I always wondered how that worked. And now I know!
  5. A lot isn't covered in the tutorial. A short list. * Grenadiers * Engineers * !!Anything related to anti tank warfare!! * Aircraft *Paratroopers *How to get on a truck * Basic Cover and Concealment * How to use anything related to the UI
  6. Kills are shared.