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  1. True on the realism front. I'm all for realism on the equipment and ballistics front. However, spawning into the game world no matter how or where it is done is unrealistic. I was around when there were no FRUs and watched the population decline. The lack of FRUs meant that someone had to dedicate themselves to truck runs non stop. It was fine at the time because all one had to do was run up and touch a table to cap a CP or a bunker. FRUs were put in place as soon as capture mechnisms were changed. Now it takes a single infantry something like 8 minutes to cap a CP. Given the rate at which infantry die, the current server population, and the unrealistically loud nature of trucks these days doing away with FRUs would be the death of WWII Online.
  2. The problem is that infantry play suffers and people get bored due to lack of action and leave. The defender has a large advantage in the game because of the amount of armor that can be brought out in short order. Sometimes I think the game would be more interesting if when an AO is placed on a town no armor can spawn directly in town but rather from an FB behind the town. That way both attackers and defenders would have to drive to get to the fight. It might mean longer and more interesting infantry battles.
  3. I think it's so that can't blow FBs so easily.
  4. I noticed this is a problem with air missions too. Especially on the under pop side. At times none are available. You may have f2p folks who are trying out the game but can't access equipment due to lack of missions. That may leave a bad impression.
  5. I'm calling BS here. You lost me at "a girl I was dating once."
  6. If something like this was implemented you would need to allow people to still flow to the under pop side. Side locked while balanced but under pop side is always open for play. Over all I don't like the idea though. It will just irritate people.
  7. 1) Most of the models themselves are not that bad. The building really are not that bad. It is the underlying terrain that needs looked at on the graphics front. I know that is a massive under taking however. 2) This is your biggest problem. I don't understand how bombs had concussion effects in 2002 but are terrible now. I will never completely understand CRS's decision to allow players to get any air unit at any time while turning bombs into over rated fire crackers. It was an embarassment to a game that prides itself on realism. I too would like to see internal stress added to air frames. Twin engine bombers look silly at times. 3) See number 2. If number 2 gets fixed I would pay for two accounts again in a heart beat. I understand game mechanics to make this workable as a game. However, at some point CRS went off the reservation where realism is concerned. At that point it's just COD with a big map and crappy graphics. That's a losing formula. It's the brutal realism that made the game unique and interesting. 4) Town supply should fix some of the learning curve. New players struggle to find the action in the brigade system. It should be as simple as click on the town you want to fight in and go. That's how it originally was and it easy. The only learning curve was in the field.
  8. With both accounts. I paid for the game for 15 years. It no longer lives up to my expectations for the money. I wish the rats the best but I won't pay for a product I'm not satisfied with. Going f2p is a good option to jump in game every now and then.
  9. lipton Except the forums are for feed back to CRS. I would think they want feedback on the open forums to see what might entice F2P players to actually pay for the game. You know, those people who are in theory supposed to come in and provide population and an infusion of cash. Of course it's much easier to be high and mighty and suppress their opinions. The same stuff that happens on the closed forums.
  10. imsneaky, I talked to XOOM directly about some the issues you brought up with the 88. I took the position that either a PPO needs to be added that can hold the 88 or the Axis AF needs to be able to compete in the same battle space just above towns instead of operating in the stratosphere. XOOM didn't see the issue the same way. He thought that a PPO that only effects one unit is a waste of Dev time. He also said the situation between the two side air forces wasn't that bad an that maybe I should spend some time on the Allied side. My saronin account has 13,000 plus kills Allied and 15,000 plus kills Axis. I thought I had a balanced prospective, but I took XOOM up on the idea anyway. This campaign I've flown a f2p Hurricane the majority of the time looking for 88s to hit. To be honest I have not had much luck killing 88s. I've killed every one I've seen but they are like Unicorn on the WWII Online battlefield. I have a 3 . something k/d hitting trucks and infantry with the Hurricane but I've only killed or made despawn approximately 20 88s or so. I guess XOOM was right, it really isn't a problem. 88s really are not getting used anyway. It's a bit odd since the 88 is allegedly the answer to all things char, matilda, and S35.
  11. I've said that heavy ATGs should be added to depots forever. The last answer I got to the question on that was that it could ruin the tanking game. Apparently camping is what people want out of the game.
  12. Nothing about what you said sounds harsh. It sounds reasonable. However, some of us feel that we have done enough to support development. I paid for one account for 15 years. I paid for a second account to go along with that one for 10 years. I paid for the game when I knew I wouldn't play for 6 months at a time. I paid for the sole purpose of supporting development. I think I have showed enough loyalty. Now I would like to see some results. I, as well as others, could pay for the game. I chose not to because the game no longer lives up to my expectations. I wish the Rats all the luck in the world. I am open to bringing back both my accounts but I need to see some real change to entice me to do so. In the mean time I am perfectly happy with a rifle. The way I see it the Rats need to earn my business and my loyalty to the game through action. You asked. There is my answer.
  13. The game seems good to me for some reason now. I no longer have any complaints.