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  1. As a noob playing the game I sometimes don't understand why we do things. For instance what makes an objective or Cp more important than others. I know it has to do with supply. Spawn points, or whatever. High Command makes all the decisions for Attack and Defense orders but never explain why in detail to us new guys. I don't see the overall objective in most cases. Is it possible to get some kind of mission statement informing us of 'why', when we join a mission, like "Where attacking this town and this cp because..." Mission leaders rarely if ever say anything about it. We need clear mission and objective tasks also. "Just spawn in and take CP's" don't help me much. "What CP, why that CP?" what happens if I take another CP? Ideally there would be tutorial missions or tasks to complete before we jump into battle. Hopping on the training server only showed me how to use stuff. Not how supply depots work in conjunction with other towns or forward bases. Or supply at all for that matter. Im so lost. A few are willing to explain it to me. I appreciate that. But do I have to join a squad or a discord? Is verbally, from another player the only way to get this information? Most of the vids are outdated and even then, don't cover these topics. Thx for all your help everyone and letting me rant! I look forward to seeing you In Game!
  2. hmm, I need something a little more advanced concerning the newer stuff and supply mechanics if possible