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  1. Congrats to the Allies for capturing 95% of the map! Campaign 166 will start on 7/16/2019 around 7pm server time We are now in intermission. Torpedo's are in! View the full article on
  2. Join us Saturday July 13, 2019 starting at 2:00 PM server time for a live campaign event of "Tank Battles." MORE TANK COMMANDERS NEEDED! Sign up on Facebook or join us last minute but don't miss the action Saturday. Also this week three veteran players have joined the ranks of WWII Online volunteers. Read on to hear who they are and the important jobs they will be doing. View the full article on
  3. TANK COMMANDERS NEEDED! RSVP now on the WWII Online Facebook Page (or click the picture below) and let us know you'll be making it. Please share (in facebook) to your WWIIOL friends and groups to make sure we have a populated and fun series of Tank Battles! 2PM Server Time = 12PM Pacific, 3PM Eastern and 8PM GMT. View the full article on
  4. In this weeks Community News we announce the "exceptional" player so far in Campaign #165. Click the Read on link below to see who it is. We then present to you a soldiers short story on the defense of "any town" WWII Online. And Finally, 18th Anniversary Awards are being sent out! Read the full article below... View the full article on
  5. There are some good things inbound with this next release ( Allied High Command officers are going to get some serious help with rear-line Garrison management, Russian language is being integrated for the first time in WWII Online and we have an interim solution to make accessing the keymapper interface with a single hot-key press. Pilots and AA Gunners, we have some good news for you about target acquisition. View the full article on
  6. Campaign #165 is officially underway and already the battles have been fierce. Get in-game as soon as you can and help fight for your side! Read further to hear a gripping story from the Allied front lines for the 10 hour battle to capture Frankfurt and for the #164 Campaign win! View the full article on
  7. Campaign 164 was won by the Allies after a hard fought 17-day war! For this intermission we have deactivated PPO’s and spawning from linked depots. This is old school driving to the fight. The map is set up for play in the new towns to the north and to the south. Plus, a push in the center with the US. So, there is a little bit of everything for everyone. Campaign 165 will start on Wednesday 6/26/2019 S! View the full article on
  8. We have a lot of things that are outlined in our Roadmap that we'd like to do over the next couple years. With that being said, I've asked our team to put greater emphasis on bugs and performance related issues that are negatively affecting your WWII Online gaming experience. Continue reading to see how we're doing this and why it's significant. View the full article on
  9. CRS is in the planning stages of finding out how we can handle network communication better with a dedicated focus on making game play experiences better. This would include a combination of reworking / adding code, and doing more to our infrastructure to enable best packet transmissions available. Effectively done, this would alleviate bad connection experiences more by sending critical information (like deaths) so that lag-death can be less of a problem. Today our goal is purely to make an acknowledgement here because we know that this is important for you to hear. View the full article on
  10. There were a few critical issues that were noticed by the vigilant players of WWII Online after the last release. This Hotfix patch remedies those issues in quick succession. View the full article on
  11. Version This release is a hotfix for a few issues that came up with the recent release. View the full article on
  12. The all new highly anticipated / requested "Career Based Subscriptions" are available through only, starting at $9.99! There are three new subscriptions being added; 1) All Infantry at $9.99/mo, 2) All Air Forces at $9.99/mo, 3) All Ground Forces (Army Persona) at $12.99/mo. Continue reading to learn more and get back into the fight now! View the full article on
  13. On this day 18 years ago, World War II Online was released. Thanks to our amazing community, you have helped us achieve 18 glorious years of hardcore WWII gaming on a massive scale. Together we have created some of the most enjoyable gaming experiences of our lives. We have made lasting friendships and memories. We have seen real relationships and marriages forged. We have seen how far online communities will go to come together and to ensure the longevity of it all. WWII Online isn't just a game, it's a family. And to everyone who has stepped in our door, you are part of that family. Today is a day to celebrate together the accumulation of all those experiences and it is a time to remember that we must stand together to continue the game forward so that generations to come can experience a continuously improving version of it. This game is here because you remain connected with and subscribed to it. Your support remains 100% the reason we are here and 100% of the reason why we will make it in the future. All of us here at Cornered Rat Software, and Playnet, would like to thank you for the memories, and the great honor of serving the very best online community we could have ever asked for. S! View the full article on
  14. On D-Day, Thursday, June 6, 2001 WWII Online was launched to the public .....and as you know the rest is history. This week WWII Online and Cornered Rats Software (CRS) celebrates our 18th year anniversary with 4 days of special offerings culminating with a 4 hour special event "Operation Rat Droppings" on Sunday. Read on for more details! View the full article on
  15. This release is labeled as a Maintenance Release and is geared to fixing some of the long-standing bugs. Servers will come down tomorrow night around 9:00 PM CDT/3:00 AM BST. View the full article on