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  1. We're currently transitioning from one processor to a new one, to offer new reliable methods of payment and a completely new robust subscription management system. However until that is fully implemented, everyone will need to use our PayPal method to pay for your subscription. Even if you do not have a PayPal account, you can still use this method to pay with your card. Right now it is the only way to keep your subscription paid up to date. We encourage everyone to read the below tutorial and keep your account on track. HOW TO USE PAYPAL TO PAY FOR YOUR SUBSCRIPTION (click here) View the full article on
  2. Today starts our two week Welcome Back Soldier event! All inactive accounts receive two weeks of full equipment access. Use these weeks to catch up and play with old friends and squad members. Also, a reminder as of today perpetual free play has ended. It has been replaced by a free 30 day trial subscription which gives all infantry access and access to a truck. Finally, we still need more support for our 2019 funding drive! We are a 100% player funded game and right now is the time to step up and support our development road map and the moving of our servers. For more information on all these topics click here: View the full article on
  3. Attention WWII Online subscribers and supporters: We are pleased to announce that we will be transitioning our back office billing to a new and modern billing system called, "Braintree." This system will provide everyone with modern functionality and many more payment options such as Apple Pay and Google Pay in addition to credit cards and PayPal. This is a necessary change that will put our developers focus back onto Game Development as it will offload the need for CRS to maintain its own billing system. Please continue reading as there are important details on how to renew your subscription through our existing PayPal gateway. View the full article on
  4. Congratulations to the Axis Forces on securing 3 Allied Factories and securing a foothold in England, winning Campaign 168. The Allies put up a strong fight and overall it was a solid Campaign. We are now in intermission mode, preparing for the upcoming "Welcome Back Soldier" which starts on October 1st and will run through the 15th. All past subscribers will be reactivated during this time automatically - at no charge. Please be sure to spread awareness of this immediately so we have maximum server numbers. We have some other important information that we'll be sharing soon to our existing subscribers regarding the implementation of a new billing system that will allow us to accept new payments and offload a lot of backend billing management from our developers, so they can focus on developing the game ~ stay tuned. View the full article on
  5. There is a lot going on! Welcome Back Soldier (WBS) is coming up, XOOM is showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International Air Show, Operation Burning Skies is this Sunday, updates on 64 Bit (and other Dev updates), and so much more! Read the article below... View the full article on
  6. All pilots scramble! Strap yourself in for this months Community event - Operation Burning Skies! This Sunday, September 22, 11 am – 5 pm server time. In honor of XOOM and friends showcasing WWII Online at the Oregon International Air Show – our forces too will battle for superiority in Operation Burning Skies. High Commands are on high alert to rally their forces to victory! View the full article on
  7. Attention soldiers, airman and sailors of WWII Online! Start preparing for "Welcome Back Soldier" which kicks off on October 1st and will last through the 15th. All veteran players (previous premium subscribers) will be reactivated. We're calling for everyone to help spread the word and get players interested, starting NOW. Veteran players returning will simply need to login, and that's it. We look forward to your participation and invite everyone to come back to WWII Online and check out what's new to the game. For any account assistance, contact us at View the full article on
  8. Tonight's hot fix being released will focus on fixing two client crashes, an AWS issue and a couple of manuals got repaired. We'll also be adding some anti-griefing stuff and an automation to make mission creation a tad bit easier. Great for players, is the re-addition of the "Player Ping" information which has now been color coded for good - neutral - bad connectivity. We hope this feedback is used productively so you can make modifications on your end, such as getting off that WiFI / going hardline ethernet for best packet transmissions. Also new, you guys can change the color of green tags (new players) for the first time. Please keep reading for specific details. View the full article on
  9. Today we've officially launched the 2019 Funding Campaign for WWII Online, which is designed to provide the game with an entirely new server facility, built from the ground up with all new efficiency in terms of performance and power. It also means we'll be transferring WWIIOL from Dallas TX --> Portland OR, where CRS HQ is located. We'll also be renewing some critical game development software, and upgrade our SpeedTree server development kit to the latest version, allowing us to have enhanced graphics for terrain objects.There's a lot more, please check the funding campaign below for a video presentation and a detailed written explanation of what more is to follow. This is a very important event in WWIIOL's history! WWII Online remains 100% community funded. Your support is greatly appreciated, and funding drives like these help us move mountains in terms of progress made. WWII Online 2019 Funding Campaign (Click Here) View the full article on
  10. The World is at WAR! Campaign #168 is officially live! This Campaign will begin in Tier 3 Can the Axis put another notch in their belt, or will the Allies seek revenge? You decide - LOG IN NOW! Good luck to all SALUTE! View the full article on
  11. Good news everyone, our Quality Assurance and Dev team(s) found what was going on causing a crash for the Axis players during the tail end of Campaign 167. Long story short, this bug didn't show itself until the Axis pushed so far west that the server had an issue with the number of German garrisons being accounted for. This didn't happen for the Allies in reverse because the Allies have at any time 2, and upwards to 3, country owners, so the total ownership was distributed in a manner not achievable by the Axis due to the single country ownership for their side. CAMPAIGN 168 BEGINS TOMORROW, WEDNESDAY 8/27/19, AT 7:00PM SERVER TIME. We now know a work around to prevent this issue by hand, and our devs are working on a hot fix solution. The Campaign will be fully functional meanwhile. All soldiers requested to report back to their Squad affiliated side to have a balanced, healthy Campaign experience. WWII Online is at its best when we have balanced game play and hardcore dedicated participation from everyone, no matter the Campaign's conditions for your side. Work together and communicate. See you in the field! View the full article on
  12. A crazy couple days here at RAT HQ as we have battled "wack a mole" with issues on the live server. The campaign server has been degrading for the last few days despite our efforts to debug. We see no other option but to scrap the rest of the campaign as we are unable to replicate the DB issues on our test server. In effect, we need the live server game to keep testing and debugging..... So, since the Axis own 79% of the map and 3 of the 9 Allied factories we calling Campaign #167 an Axis WIN! Follow this link for UPDATES View the full article on
  13. Campaign #167 has been suspended and the game arena is locked due to a live server data base problem. Our teams are working on a resolution and as of now there is no estimate of repair. The Training server is open and operating. We will provide an update later today. View the full article on
  14. When creating the new set of city buildings I wanted it to have a town square feel. I had a lot of space to build with this block, and I really wanted to take advantage of that. There are various architecture styles from the 1920's - 40's sprinkled throughout the city block. I had a lot of fun concepting and building this set of buildings. Each building has it's own personality and style, and plenty of opportunity for tense battles. I'm excited to get these new city blocks into the players hands so they can experience all the hard work that has gone into them. Screen shots of the standing and damaged state within. View the full article on
  15. Soldiers, Sailors and Airman of WWII Online, prepare for the WORLD @ WAR as Campaign 167 begins tomorrow, Wednesday August 7th 2019 at 7PM Server Time (US Central, GMT -6). We are calling for all of our community to join in on the official WWII Online Discord servers to encourage maximum teamwork and operational execution. Axis CinC: Lafleur, Allied CinC: Augetout. Be sure to check out the new readme (version which was just released on Monday night. Let's remember to maintain a welcoming environment for new users and start building up our squads - turn on those recruiter flags. See you in the field, Salute! View the full article on