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  1. Today we're sending a call out to technical and non-technical candidates interested in participating with Cornered Rat Software to help develop and improve WWII Online. Whether you're a programmer (C++ preferred), system administrator, marketing guru there are many positions for you to consider. Have a look at our volunteer page at and submit an e-mail. Look at the requirements of each position carefully, and consider that we ask for at least 10 hours per week. This is a great place to learn our industry, and if you're a die hard WWII Online fan, we especially want to hear from you! View the full article on
  2. That is correct everyone Campaign 144 has started after a little over 24 hour intermission. For this campaign the Free play subscriptions they will have the Light Anti Air Gun to use and the Starter Subscriptions will have the Light Mortar Man to use. Both sides will need help to achieve victory for campaign 144 do you part by logging in and supporting your side! View the full article on
  3. Axis Victory! The Axis captured the French factories to win campaign 143 in just under nine days, Monday night/Tuesday morning 16/17 October at approximately midnight server time. Intermission is in effect, and campaign 144 will be announced later. That's two in a row for the Axis in near record time. Will the Allies make a comeback? Log in and find out! View the full article on
  4. Congratulations to the German forces on their victory of Campaign 143 by securing three French factory towns at midnight, Tuesday October 17th 2017. More details on Campaign 144 reset from the game manager (stay tuned). Meanwhile we are going to intermission and enabling all forces (including the USA). Prepare deployments and be on alert standby for Campaign 144 start information. Salute! View the full article on
  5. Gratz To Axis For winning campaign 142 in 6 days! With such a short campaign we had a very short intermission in order for us to set up the next campaign. Both High Commands were consulted before this decision was made. We will not make any changes to the campaign as in what Free Play and Starter Accounts get for weapons to use. Operation Plunder Event Is on for 12:00 Server time View the full article on
  6. Our Production team is very focused on content delivery, in the form of fixes and features. Today we'll be going over some specifics and then generalize a bit about our approach and process. Now that we have crested the big "Steam" goal there's much more for us to do that players have been asking for, we hope this helps inform you that we're listening and taking action to, "make it so." One quick note for our Steam users: The resolution issues some have you have had, is being worked on with great priority and we have a hopeful fix currently in testing - thanks for your feedback. Also don't forget, this Sunday is OPERATION PLUNDER at 12PM Server Time. Okay, on with the production team! View the full article on
  7. Community Report for October 3rd, 2017 Campaign 141, lasting over 70 days, was finally declared a victory for the Allies, early on September 29th. Congratulations to the players on both sides for a fantastic campaign. Here's to many more like this, with our new players from Steam and returning vets expanding the rosters on both sides. Campaign 142 started Sunday morning, server time: Starter Subscribers receive the Sapper personas Free Play accounts receive the Grenadier personas We're back at tier 0 (1939-40). Get in the action! Operation Plunder! Operation Plunder is set for October 8th at noon, server time (US Central Daylight Time), players on both sides can sign up on the Special Event Forum, here. Featured Squad Of The Week - 12e Division d'Infanterie We'd like to welcome a new squad into the game. Just over a month old, 12e Division d'Infanterie (12e) is an Allied squad, primarily infantry, led by leon. Leon has answered some questions to help us get to know him. Q: In what part of the world do you live? A: The USA Q: Other than WWII Online, do you have any other hobbies? A: Writing code Q: When did you first start playing WWII Online? A: In 2009, was in high school Q: What attracted you to the game? A: The SCOPE!!! It's HUGE! Persistent WW2 FPS has a special place in my heart. Q: Have you been in other squads? A: I was in an Axis squad in 2009-2010, but I can't remember the name, I had a different username back then. Q: What's your favorite unit/equipment to use? A: MAS 40 Q: What's your favorite moment from playing the game? A: We stalled five Axis divisions worth of supply in Brussels, during Campaign 141, with only 23 men and one depot. Q: If you could tell all new players one thing, what would it be? A: Please reach out and talk. Communication is key! Q: Do you have any other comments for us? A: In 12e, we don't bite, but we do try to Twitch and spread the word for the game. If anyone is looking for a casual group of players to join, message me. Aside from that, VIVA LA FRANCE! Log in Soldier This ends this issue of the Community Report. You're done here. What are you waiting for? Get in-game! Don't you know war just broke out again, a couple days ago? S! View the full article on
  8. Campaign 142 begins this Sunday between 10-11AM Server Time (Texas - US Central)! This will be the first full Campaign for users on Steam. We'll be starting in Tier 0 (1939-40) and it will be the Germans versus the British and French. Tier's (years of the war) progress over a period of time and you can check the status of progression by typing .rdp in your chat in-game. The Allies won Campaign 141 very early Friday September 29th (congratulations to you all). PREPARE FOR BATTLE - PLAN ACCORDINGLY! See you there all, Salute! View the full article on
  9. News from the front, campaign event "Operation Plunder!", and more.... View the full article on
  10. This hotfix version further helps streamline the basic training process, details inside. We have found more and more users are opting-in to the optional training in order to learn more. This is really great and we're thinking about how else we can help new users learn WWII Online faster! View the full article on
  11. Well we're now 100% released on Steam and the team has done a pretty solid job at improving stability of the Campaign server. We're keeping a watchful eye on the feedback coming from new Steam users and how we can improve their onboarding experience to WWII Online. Today we're going to cover a bit of Production and things happening in the pipeline now that we've crested this major milestone of getting the game onto Steam. This includes us improving some legacy art, and today we'll unveil the new icon 88mm model that is inbound to the game shortly. View the full article on
  12. What a week! Steam dreams are being realized with more players bringing more AOs, more dogfights, and more action across the board. Now, it's up to US to get our new players up to speed, help them learn the game, and keep them after their free month is over. It'll take a combined effort from the soldiers, squads, and HC on both sides, but this is IT! This is the time we've been waiting for. Seize the day...err...month! View the full article on
  13. This update improves server stability, reduces the total amount of required training from new incoming users and has several other improvements. CRS is continuing to bring in player feedback and translate that into actionable fixes. Thank you for your tremendous support and patience in providing these fixes. View the full article on
  14. Good morning everyone. I wanted to come give you an update on the rollout status for today. As you know, we had scheduled the release of the game for Europe today. Unfortunately we've made the decision to postpone the full release to Europe in order to address some of the resolution issues that we've seen since the start of our Steam availability. One of the biggest things that customers have been reporting and one of the things that has been the most has been the most frustrating to them is an inability to save changes to the game resolution. Our development team has identified the issue causing this and has been working on a solution. The suspected cause for this behavior is non-standard characters in the file path (such as accented characters, for example). In order to allow for us to fully test the patch to correct this issue, we have decided to hold of on releasing to the majority of Europe until later in the week. We will be opening up access to the UK and Ireland, as we feel that the potential for this problem to manifest itself in those areas is relatively lower than in the rest of Europe. We know that you all have been patiently watiting for the game to be available to you, and we appologize for making you wait a little longer. One of the reasons why we have been staggering the release is to be able to address issues such as this. We hope that you understand the reasoning behind this delay and we expect to be able to release in the rest of Europe later in the week. We will keep you all updated as to when we expect this to occur. We do still expect to be fully released by September 22 as we originally stated. View the full article on
  15. Good Morning! This morning we will be bringing down the Campaign Server for some maintenance in preparation for the next phase of our Steam Roll out. If you log in to play during this down time, you will not be able to access the main Campaign Server, however the Training Server will be available for you to log in. We expect to bring down the server and start the maintenance in the next 30 minutes. We will let everyone know when we are bringing the Campaign Server back online. Thanks for your patience as we work to make the game experience better! S! View the full article on