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  1. Christmas is coming, and we want to show you the self-propelled anti-aircraft vehicles inbound to WWII Online! A quick video (within the article) will show you instantly that these weapon platforms are going to have a BIG impact on the game for Pilots and AA gunners. One thing is for sure, we can't wait to see you guys go nuts with these things in-game. This will mark the first truly new vehicle that CRS 2.0 has added to the game and internally we couldn't be more ecstatic about expanding our development capabilities. So buckle up, it's Friday update time! View the full article on
  2. Today is the beginning of Campaign 148, report for battle troops! We have updated the timers for capturing facilities. Due to the speed of the last couple of campaign's we were a bit concerned things have been moving a little too fast. So now players will have to work more closely together to secure facilities. Details of capture timers inside. We'll also remind you of the promotional equipment access Starter and Free Play Subscribers receive for this campaign. View the full article on
  3. Congratulations to the German forces who won Campaign 147 at 8:30AM Server Time on November 25th, by securing two British and one French factory towns. You don't see that very often, and the Germans took a pretty substantial risk really extending their supply and burning it up. After losing three Campaign's in a row this is quite a come back, well done! Campaign 148 will begin around noon tomorrow (server / US Central time), Sunday November 26th. Meanwhile intermission is available for play, use this time to plan for a great kick off of the new Campaign. SALUTE! View the full article on
  4. Campaign 146 came to a close with an Allied victory. This capped off a three campaign Allied win streak. After a three day intermission, Campaign 147 began at 6pm server time (US Central time) Saturday, 18 November. For this campaign, rifle supply has been dropped from 250 to 200 and SMGs have been dropped from 100 to 75. The supply is being closely monitored and may be adjusted during the campaign. For this campaign, Free-Play players get to use the Grenadier and Starter Subscribers will get to use the Anti Tank Rifle. A number of Allied players have gone to "the dark side" for this campaign. This has resulted in an overwhelming Axis presence in game. After three days, the Axis was already across the border and into France. Will the Allies dig in and rally? Only time will tell. View the full article on
  5. Congratulation to the Allies for winning campaign 146! The campaign lasted for 2 weeks it may not have felt like it but it did and we did get to tier 2. After 3 days of intermission it is time to get back to the WAR!!!!! View the full article on
  6. CRS is back to the planning table with making big changes to the state of Campaign game play, and the High Command system. In addition we are opening up some new doors relating to content development (production), and some planning for CRS and our future. We're going into some details today about all of these subjects. View the full article on
  7. From the Front In the evening of 2 November 2017, the Allies emerged victorious in Campaign 145 by controlling 95% or more of the cities and towns on the map. After a very short intermission, Campaign 146 began. Nothing was changed for the new campaign and action resumed almost immediately. As of this writing, the Allies have staged a sustained offensive and own the majority of the map, but this one is FAR from over. Can the Axis forces break their rival's winning streak? View the full article on
  8. The Allies have won the campaign by capturing 95% of the map , this is one of two ways to win the campaign. With the short length of these campaigns we are having very short intermissions to keep the action going. Campaign 146 has started with no changes ... hopefully we will see the US Forces enter the war ! View the full article on
  9. Took a little longer than we wanted, but the resolution issue that users were experiencing should now be solved. Some progress was made relating to "death lag" users have been reporting. We also made some minor improvements (first pass) on updating legacy crew member artwork on vehicles. View the full article on
  10. Campaigns Proving the Axis is not the only side that can pull off a "blitzkrieg" (lightning war), the Allies completed a northern sweep ending in the capture of Frankfurt (the last factory town needed) just prior to 11 pm US Central time on 22 October for the win in just five days. Allies held 77% of the map and the Axis 23% when the campaign ended. This makes the third short campaign in a row. Since the Steam release, both sides are tied with two victories (including Campaign 141). View the full article on
  11. Yes another campaign has started ! Changes for this campaign are Resupply is now 12 hours (was 8 hours) Rifle's reduced from 325 to 250 Tier0 is set to roll over real fast (24hours or less) Freeplay and starter will have the same toys as campaign 144 View the full article on
  12. Congratulations to the Allies on a quick win to victory on campaign 144. The time was 4 days 4 hours and 55 minutes. We are now in intermission with some of the US forces on the Map. More info to come on the start of campaign 145 View the full article on
  13. Today we're sending a call out to technical and non-technical candidates interested in participating with Cornered Rat Software to help develop and improve WWII Online. Whether you're a programmer (C++ preferred), system administrator, marketing guru there are many positions for you to consider. Have a look at our volunteer page at and submit an e-mail. Look at the requirements of each position carefully, and consider that we ask for at least 10 hours per week. This is a great place to learn our industry, and if you're a die hard WWII Online fan, we especially want to hear from you! View the full article on
  14. That is correct everyone Campaign 144 has started after a little over 24 hour intermission. For this campaign the Free play subscriptions they will have the Light Anti Air Gun to use and the Starter Subscriptions will have the Light Mortar Man to use. Both sides will need help to achieve victory for campaign 144 do you part by logging in and supporting your side! View the full article on
  15. Axis Victory! The Axis captured the French factories to win campaign 143 in just under nine days, Monday night/Tuesday morning 16/17 October at approximately midnight server time. Intermission is in effect, and campaign 144 will be announced later. That's two in a row for the Axis in near record time. Will the Allies make a comeback? Log in and find out! View the full article on