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  1. S! WWII Online Community, exactly 1 year since we've released our 2019-20 dev roadmap, today's announcement is a colossal amount of outstanding development information, and even better it's all REAL (no April fools!). We're going to talk about; Bomber Loadouts, a new Stug G model, aircraft gauges being updated, the new trench system coming out, the new combat engineer class, link-able PPO's, waypoints and server tracked objects for bombs + more! This is one of those articles you'll want to really digest and then share it with all of your squad mates - IT IS A BIG DEAL! Hope you've got your drink poured, get ready for the HYPE!!! View the full article on
  2. 64-bit client is now LIVE and Campaign 172 continues! *UNLESS your computer is not 64-bit capable* use the 64-bit client. This is a 64-bit compliance patch that will open doors to future updates, and our MAC users can now log in with their newest operating system update. Welcome Back Soldier ends later today. All players on the WBS - please check your email inbox (or spam folder if you don't see it) for a special message from XOOM. View the full article on
  3. What an amazing time I've had seeing all the "vets" playing! Thank you ALL for coming back during this time. Keep an eye on your email, XOOM will be sending you a message you won't want to miss! New closed beta links have been released, and is available for you to download, and Allied CinC Justinrot's awesome AAR (After Action Report) from Operation Mental Floss. Read the Article below! View the full article on
  4. S! Soldiers, Airman and Sailors of WWII Online. Yesterday we had our greatest online presence of users since our original Steam release, with over 2.5x the normal population and we got up to 6 Attack Objectives ~ which is seriously awesome! I have seen many great friends of our community come back, a wave of enthusiasm from our players who are here, and a request from many to continue WBS. Therefore I'm announcing today a free 72 hour extension to "Welcome Back Soldier," which will push the end date from March 24th (Tuesday) to March 27th (Friday). I am also announcing, that all Free Players will receive ALL INFANTRY access with immediate effect, until March 27th as well. We know that times are hard and we're happy to be one of the online services in a position to help ease the current burdens being placed on friends all over the globe. As WWII Online has a world-wide fanbase, we take this entertainment option quite a bit more seriously. I think it's also important to say that WWII Online has had a hard time in Q4-2019 and we're still coming out of recovery. So we hope that we've been able to show our willingness, in mutual tough circumstances, to provide the free service that we can to the extent that we can. I am also hopeful, along with all of my colleagues at CRS that we see many of you stay, and subscribe come this weekend. Veteran players... be on the look out for a special offer e-mail sent to you, we will do everything we can to accommodate these difficult times. This past weekend demonstrated that while WWII Online has been around awhile, when we have our players packed into the server, it's unlike anything else in the gaming industry. It was truly exceptional and I'd like to thank everyone for their participation over this weekend, we hope you stay with us for more! View the full article on
  5. From the Desk of the Game Manger (OHM) Eight days ago the campaign started out like any other. Over the past eight days we have seen the population rise. This is a welcome sight to see. There has been so many great battle's on the Ground and in the Air! WBS= the best fights in a long time The front line is moving BUT the total town count has only changed by seven towns in the Axis favor. The Allies have been pushing in the northern part of the map while the Axis have made gains in the southern part. With WBS going on and most of the world stuck at home get in game and enjoy the fun by support the side you love to play S! View the full article on
  6. Operation "Mental Floss" will be a live server event for ALL players! Welcome Back Soldier remains activated (veteran accounts reinstated until 3/24) and we're calling for maximum server participation this Sunday at 11AM (Pacific Time, GMT -8), which is 1PM Central and 2PM Eastern. The objective of this Operation is to provide an increased level of cohesion and participation, allowing High Command officers on both sides to rally troops and conduct large battles in WWII Online. We expect a very large turn out from now until this weekend. As of this article we are seeing 4 AO's in the Campaign server, which marks a significant boost in server population and participation. Meanwhile please let all of our veterans know that they can get in until the 24th. SEE YOU AT THE EVENT! View the full article on
  7. During this time of uncertainty and social distancing and quarantines we thought we could offer a mental break to our game veterans by starting another one of our Welcome Back Soldier FREE events. Effective immediately all veteran soldiers have been activated. All you need to do is download the game and login to WWII Online's Campaign #172 which just started less than a week ago. I'm not trying to jinx anything but... View the full article on
  8. This evening our team deployed a patch to the WWII Online server in an effort to stabilize things. That fix did work, but it broke something else. We are preparing for another deployment on our server Monday, March 16th 2020, and you may see some instability overnight until that server hot fix is deployed. CRS Game Management will be on alert for game crashes throughout the night. The training server will remain online and operational throughout that time. We will work to keep the Campaign online as best we can, but until this next hot fix is out (Monday sometime), anticipate additional crashes. Thanks for your patience and understanding, we are working on stabilizing this and will get it done. View the full article on
  9. A lot to update you on this week! WAR DRUMS...… Campaign #172 will begin Thursday, 3/12/2020 at about 4:00 server time (PST) or 7:00 PM EST. There are no planned changes to the campaign setup. We had some great fights this past Sunday during Operation Fury IV. Player pop was through the roof and really we received some really good feedback! We are deploying a hotfix to just the server that might fix the host crashes that have been driving us crazy.... And 64 bit open beta testing continues. Axis Commander in Chief Lafleur and Chief of Staff Dudecan have stepped down and transferred to CinC staff positions to make way for Googs and his leadership team. View the full article on
  10. After a hard fought campaign the axis won the map by capturing all the French factories. The campaign lasted 45 days and we ended it with a Special Event called Operation Fury IV. The event lasted about 4 hours and was enjoyed by many of our players. We are now in intermission . Currently the map is set for the far South West corner and the Upper ZeeLands. These are new towns that don't get much action. The Dev team is working on a Fix for the server cashing the MapHost that we have been having every few days. They think they identified the source of the problem and are currently testing a HOT FIX. If everything works out we will release it for everyone. Not going to give an exact date of the start of the campaign yet . but it will be in the late part of the week. More info to come Stay tuned View the full article on
  11. After some internal testing we are now ready to open up testing of to the player base. Ohm will open up the Beta server on Friday evening. We will announce on Discord and the Forums that the Beta server is open. Our goal for this open testing is to see if there are any major issues that have appeared in the 64bit conversion process. View the full article on
  12. This Sunday, March 8, 2020 is our huge live server event "Operation Fury IV." This is a Rat led event that will involve combined arms with multiple targets resulting in big battles! Campaign #171 is in full swing as Axis forces continue their westward push toward French factories. Read further to see messages from the Axis and Allied High Commands. Finally, and update on our 64 bit beta testing and a rough roll out schedule. View the full article on
  13. Today's Friday update will be focusing on the current status of our 64bit implementation, which is progressing and making solid headway. I also want to address the server crashes from this last week and continue to share what we're doing to help improve this both from a code perspective and a physical infrastructure perspective. I also want to discuss with you a call to action that several of you received through e-mail. Upcoming on March 8th is the big "OPERATION FURY IV," and we have an announce trailer that CHIMM put together (well done!). We need people to sign up for this realism-esque event in the forums at HEAVY265 will be leading the Allied forces and I will be leading the Axis forces. It'll be an EPIC time with mass-scale combined arms operations, you know the good stuff that WWII Online does best. I am going to double down on making the event awesome by opening up some additional game access, keep reading! View the full article on
  14. S! Soldiers of WWII Online, lots of great battles are underway and we're at day 34 in Campaign 171. I'd like to remind everyone to sign up for Operation Fury IV at which is coming up on Sunday March 8th and starts at 10AM Server Time. OP Fury is intended to provide large scale combined arms (and organized) game play, and signing up is essential! This report will include a written report from the Allied Commander in Chief "Justinrot," as well as a report from the Axis Campaign Commander "Eyeshank." Congratulations to the Officer(s) and Player(s) of the week! Keep reading to see more and join me in congratulating great player efforts! View the full article on
  15. The Development and Quality Assurance teams here at CRS are rapidly closing in on deploying 64-Bit Open Beta. Today we're going outline our general plan and help set expectations for release, but the short version is - we're aiming for the end of next week to start Open Beta. As a reminder, our first goal here is to make the WWII Online application(s) (PC and Mac) 64-bit compatible. This means that all Mac users who have upgraded to the latest OS can return and play WWIIOL, and it will future proof all PC users for the likely requirement of Windows have 64-bit clients. To our Mac users, thanks for your patience ~ we know this took longer than expected.This release will mark one of our most important promised deliveries from one of our funding campaigns. Please continue reading for more details about the Beta and release plans. View the full article on