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  1. Happy Friday! I had asked Xoom if I could do the Friday Dev report this week in order to talk about the development that is in the pipeline and my team is currently testing. We are working on which is our first release after the big release of Hybrid Supply. We aimed for this release to be a “Maintenance” release to try and focus on the little bugs that have been around. Both the production team and development team have been focused on these tasks. That doesn’t mean we have ignored adding a few features to this release as well. View the full article on
  2. So you've all heard about this big glorious patch called "1.36 Hybrid Supply." We've talked about it for the last couple of years and we're right now in the middle of the first Campaign of this, and we have some great observations to share with you. Here's the big news: it's working as intended, and has received an 84% approval rating from in-game polling. Players are now deciding where to go, supply is available for all personas on a greater scale, High Command officers are not overburdened and that old school WWII Online feel of battles is back! Let's dive into this update and get some more detail. View the full article on
  3. In todays Community Management news we will recap Operation Catapult and some of the huge battles we had this past Saturday AND Sunday. We will announce the two more “Top Player Awards so far in this campaign and finally a report from our Allied Commander in Chief, Bondpaul and the Axis Chief of Staff to the CinC Dudecan. View the full article on
  4. WWII Online is currently conducting an internal funding drive using our built in subscription system. This is a great way to consistently support development of WWII Online and ensure the Rats get the resources necessary to fuel development / operations. The Hero Builder Subscription is bar-none the very best method to help the team, and you'll be rewarded with in-game units only available to Heroes and recognition only available to Builders. Our Hero Builder sub goal is at 9% and needs some additional backing by the community. Keep reading to learn more about what you get and how this makes a big help. Remember: WWIIOL is 100% community funded - support the Rats! Check out our Subscriber Drive Announcement (here) to learn more about our current effort. To become a Hero Builder (subscribe here). View the full article on
  5. In today's Community Report we will give you the details of "Operation Catapult" our next live server event and also unveil our new weekly Top Player Awards. We have also included a report from the front lines from Redlegs. View the full article on
  6. We've made some changes to help stabilize time zone 3 (lower population period) Campaign operations, and we've made some adjustments to how the number of available Attack & Bridge objectives are available. We have also provided a quick fix to a random instant-capturing issue that popped up this morning. These changes are effective tonight. Please continue reading for more details. View the full article on
  7. If you didn’t make last Sunday’s Rat Chat then you missed a doozy! Matt “XOOM” Callahan held a 2 hour rat chat with over 100 players in attendance in our online meeting room or watching as “Bearededmitch” broadcast the meeting live stream on Facebook. Many of the Rat volunteers were in the meeting to answer questions that fall within their CRS duties. Every single player in attendance could ask a question of the Rats and many did. Continue reading to see the full Rat Chat and player questions inside. View the full article on
  8. Deploying tonight around 8PM Server Time will be version It's purely a bug-fix patch with a couple of issues being corrected specifically focused on Hybrid Supply. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we launch the first official Hybrid Supply Campaign, and on Wednesday we launch Welcome Back Soldier. Remember to do your part and start contacting Squad mates NOW and get them back into WWII Online. Things are going to be very exciting and we're going to see Hybrid Supply with lots of players, as it should be, across the whole game world. Keep reading for patch notes. View the full article on
  9. All Veteran players and new players signing up are about to receive FULL - PREMIUM ACCESS (for free) starting May 1st and running through May 15th. Now is the time to begin spreading the word, getting our veterans back into the forums and getting new players signed up ready to go in advance so they can have as smooth of a launch as possible. PREPARE FOR BATTLE - GET THE TROOPS FORMED UP! This will be the first welcome back soldier we have done in awhile and it will be the first with the all new "Hybrid Supply" system which is restoring old school WWII Online battles where attrition and supply truly matters. Reminder: This Sunday is a Rat Chat with Xoom (details for that here). Keep reading for more details on the WBS event launching May 1st! View the full article on
  10. This coming Sunday, April 28th 2019 at 1PM server time (2PM Eastern, 11AM Pacific) I invite you all to participate in a direct Rat Chat with me personally so that we can have some effective dialogue about WWII Online - bring your best questions! Additionally, we are happy to announce that we'll be offering a Welcome Back Soldier starting May 1st 2019, and it will be available for both organic and Steam channel veterans and new players signing up to the game. Please continue reading for details on the Rat Chat and WBS, and hear a word from your High Command leadership teams. S! View the full article on
  11. This release is a hotfix for an issues that came up with the latest release. Servers will be coming down around 9pm Server time... 30 minute downtime is expected. View the full article on
  12. Attention all soldiers of WWII Online! With the release of our 2019-20 Roadmap we’re calling for your support now to help us deliver on our goals outlined. We’re going to keep this Subscriber Drive within the WWII Online billing framework and ask for your support in the form of subscriptions - because that helps us maintain and further grow our operations. It is also a great way for you to get the maximum game access possible. Each and every subscription matters now and will be contributed to two primary goals: 1) Hero Builder Goal, 2) Premium Subscriber Goal. Continue reading and lets help push new exciting content into WWII Online! View the full article on
  13. In this weeks Community News we will discuss the roll out of game version 1.36.0 and we have declassified a first day after action report (AAR) from the Allied Chief of Staff Colsmith which captures just a snippet of the opening days battles. Also, if you participated in either the Spring Awakening or Hells Gate special operations read further to get your game forum signature special operation decoration. View the full article on
  14. Version - April 2019 In this release, CRS brings back supply to every single town across the entire frontline. A fresh install is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for this patch. View XOOM's comprehensive 1.36 Briefing / Manual for more details. View the full article on
  15. Servers are DOWN for the next several hours (3 plus hours) as we prepare the Hybrid Supply (version 1.36.0). ***please*** uninstall/reinstall your WWII Online game during this time. We will post updates in discord and social media sites as they are available SALUTE! View the full article on