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  1. If you missed the Rat Chat, you missed a hell of a great chat! All sorts of unveils for new content coming down the pipeline, primarily vehicles and a good number of terrain assets as well. Did someone say, return of the old bunkers? We also provided an update on 64-bit progress and 1.36. Fortunately if you were unable to attend and want to see the whole thing, we recorded it and included it in this update. This update has LOTS of photos for what's coming. One thing is for sure, you can feel (and see) that development of WWII Online is rolling! View the full article on
  2. Attention WWII Online Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen! Requesting maximum participation at this Sunday's Rat Chat (12PM/noon Server Time, GMT -5), held on "Zoom Meeting." We will be discussing upcoming developments and showcasing our current progress on several items which have not yet been revealed publicly! Of course we'll be setting some time aside to answer your very important questions as well. We'll be live streaming this event on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. Full details on how you can join the interactive component of this meeting within the article. View the full article on
  3. Servers are down momentarily for the hot fix installation. Expected downtime 30 minutes World War II Online Version - September 2018 This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release. View the full article on
  4. Today we'll be talking about rolling back the HE "Penetration Constant" portion of our recent audit, which will revert changes specifically how bombs are impacting hard targets (vehicles specifically). We'd also like to place a rally call for troops to show up online and surge the virtual battlefield by logging in at 10AM Server Time (US Central) on this Sunday, September 9th. Remember, all veteran soldiers have a FREE Rifleman account and are eligible to join even if their premium subscription is currently inactive. This is a great time for all to join up and play - set a reminder and let your squad mates know! View the full article on
  5. The World is at WAR! SPAWN DELAY IS DISABLED! -Factory Rebuild 48 hours -Supply timer 12 hours View the full article on
  6. Campaign 155 - Allied Victory Eminent After 28 days of intense battles, Allied forces have conquered 94% of the map (as of this report). Constant factory bombing hindered Axis equipment production for most of the campaign and has been a hot topic in the forums. Huge battles emerged, most notably in Essen, as Axis forces defenses were tested. Today we've also released our Downloadable Content Packs (on Steam only), and we're in the process of inviting our many veterans back to the game. Spread the word, things are busy around here! Keep reading for more news inside. View the full article on
  7. Today version will be released at 7PM Server time, which introduces the US Airborne with their own C-47, plus a revised Dakota (UK C-47 variant) and two new infantry classes available for Hero Builders + Steam Leadership DLC, the NCO and Ammo Bearer. It also includes several good bug fixes that you guys have been reporting. Steam DLC setup will occur over this week on the store page, meanwhile players are now able to join our game as a Free "Rifleman" only account effective immediately. To help clean up a series of patching from our Terrain update recently, all users will be required to do a "full" re-install of the game for this update to make sure you have a fresh WWIIOL directory. View the full article on
  8. Subscriptions and One Time Purchases (DLC) Next week's patch has a slew of bug fixes, adjustments, US Paratroopers, and the introduction of the DLC packages. Here's a brief overview of what will be View the full article on
  9. Bug Fixes While CRS continues their work on the massive 2018 Road Map, the teams have worked up a release that focuses on some known bug issues. SCKING and his team have been testing View the full article on
  10. After a long battle (and several injuries lol), the servers are syncing back up. Huge thanks to the OPS team for their tremendous efforts, and to everyone for your patients during the outage. Campaign will resume in 30 minutes, Training server is live! Let the WAR commence! Salute! View the full article on
  11. Something has come up with the primary server that supports the Campaign server and requires the need to take all game related services offline in order to migrate over to an unaffected server. This process has already begun and is planned to take up to another 2 hours. Services that are currently down are: Campaign Server Training Server Authentication Service Billing Services After all services are restored, they will be brought back online and the war can commence. S! Cornered Rat Software View the full article on
  12. As a follow up to our July 31st announcement, we have some additional changes that are coming to WWII Online's product offerings. CRS is focusing on improving the value of our existing and upcoming offerings and working to provide a base entry to the game that is mutual for both Organic and Steam users. Also, all past Premium users of WWII Online now have "Rifleman" access to the game and the open forums to stay actively participating as a member of our community. Full details within the article, this is an important one! View the full article on
  13. After the release of and the 24 hour intermission, it was found that two of the German factories were not acting as they should. These two factories were not producing RDP contribution and were counting against the total number of factories on the Axis side, thus effecting the resupply timers. The Development and Quality Assurance teams got the issue fixed and tested in the last 48 hours. There is also a new .dot command, .factories, which should help with both side's RDP bombing efforts. View the full article on
  14. View the full article on
  15. Campaign 154 ended as a "Draw" due to the extensive terrain patch 1.35.14. MANY terrain bug fixes were implemented throughout the map, but dividing Antwerp and Brussels into multiple "Districts" View the full article on