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  1. This is a crucial update regarding 1.36 (Hybrid Supply) which is the combination of reintroducing "Town Based Supply" (or Garrisons now) and moveable Brigades that we've had for sometime. Today we're going to show you screen shots and a couple of videos demonstrating some key functions of 1.36. It's now safe to say we are rapidly approaching full testing internally and many of our key design considerations are, or already have come to life. This article is significantly important as a player to review, as it will dramatically alter the Campaign. Join our 1.36 forum discussions (here). Share this article with veteran players! View the full article on
  2. There is a known "Crash to Desktop" on loading the game issue that is affecting a small portion of our player base. We wanted to publicly and officially acknowledge that there is a solution currently being built for testing, and we will deploy it with immediate effect once ready. We estimate this patch to be ready this week and are working to expedite our normal development cycle to achieve that. If you are currently experiencing a crash while loading the game, please contact us asap at with your game name and crash details. Thanks for your patience and understanding, fix coming shortly. S! View the full article on
  3. So many good things are happening in terms of Environment Artwork, and today we're going to have several screenshots outlining what that work entails... let's just say this is a pretty big (awesome) update that you want to check out. There's also some investigation and discovery to see what we can do, some fixes to existing artwork, and brand new artwork as well, so let's get right to it. Special thanks to our environment artists: Xl2rippr, Mkw and Morganlines. View the full article on
  4. Our Colocation (where we store our servers) internet service provider has informed us that they are performing maintenance on November 8th, between the hours of 1:00 am through 5:00 am US Central time (7:00 am through 11:00 pm GMT). ALL WWII Online services will be effected and returned as quickly as possible once they've completed their work. Facebook, Allied Discord, and Axis Discord will be our means of communication during this time. This maintenance cycle is entirely out of our control and is presumed to maintain best performance. We'd like to thank you for your patience and understanding. S! View the full article on
  5. This Wednesday we released a critical CPU Fix that is already producing good data, resulting into an overall 40% reduction in the total number of automatic despawns, which occur when there is packet loss. In addition today we'll give you some short notes on how 1.36 is developing as the team has made some good strides. Finally, we'll talk to you about another hotfix that will be distributed relatively soon. View the full article on
  6. Game server will come down October 31st, at 9 pm US Central time for the CPU fix. We are anticipating a 1 hour downtime. The CPU fix will improve the auto-despawns, death lag, and overall game performance (read last Friday's report link). Here is the release notes of what's included: View the full article on
  7. Recent and previous player reports and .bug's led to an internal investigation of our Network system and found some alarming issues that spurring the need for the upcoming hotfix. SCKING, our Quality Assurance (QA) Team Lead, reports his findings below. View the full article on
  8. As a continuation to our Facebook poll released a couple of days ago, we want to continue the collection of feedback to determine our course of action come completion of our Roadmap. We believe it is time for us to plan a bold course of action to modernize WWII Online and bring it into present day standards to the best of our ability. So this week we'll be asking you to provide your valuable feedback to the table so we can better plan the path by which we can achieve maximum support. Please head over now to our [Survey: WWII Online's path forward and YOUR thoughts]. We need everyone to participate on this one. Development continues currently on our Roadmap and this survey is not stalling any effort. This is purely an exercise in planning and feedback gathering. The options provided may not produce the final outcome - S! ty View the full article on
  9. As we enter the last few months of 2018, CRS teams continues to make great strides on their Roadmap items. Our terrain breakthroughs have enabled us to repair many issues these past few months, placing new objects (bunkers, buildings, etc), and (soon) expanding the map with new towns. 64 bit conversion is nearing its final development stage, and was not an easy task. Hybrid supply is just around the corner with a brief overview listed below. We have an amazing volunteer team that is passionate and dedicated to WWII Online! View the full article on
  10. Congratulations Axis Players After 31 days of brutal battles Axis forces captured Abbeville around 0500 hours, the last remaining French factory. Well done SALUTE! Intermission is up. We will announce its duration at a later time. View the full article on
  11. This week we’ll discuss upcoming PPO (player placed object) changes to emphasize more building of fortifications, which is planned for our next game update ( We also want to give you an update on the Campaign state, and an upcoming High Command (AHC & GHC) combined summit to improve community planning. Finally we want share with you how your .Bugs and .Reports are an important component to our development lifecycle, and walk you through the process of what happens when we receive these. View the full article on
  12. Servers just went down to load up Tier 3 equipment. Downtime is expected to be short Call in the squads, the Americans are coming! View the full article on
  13. If you missed the Rat Chat, you missed a hell of a great chat! All sorts of unveils for new content coming down the pipeline, primarily vehicles and a good number of terrain assets as well. Did someone say, return of the old bunkers? We also provided an update on 64-bit progress and 1.36. Fortunately if you were unable to attend and want to see the whole thing, we recorded it and included it in this update. This update has LOTS of photos for what's coming. One thing is for sure, you can feel (and see) that development of WWII Online is rolling! View the full article on
  14. Attention WWII Online Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen! Requesting maximum participation at this Sunday's Rat Chat (12PM/noon Server Time, GMT -5), held on "Zoom Meeting." We will be discussing upcoming developments and showcasing our current progress on several items which have not yet been revealed publicly! Of course we'll be setting some time aside to answer your very important questions as well. We'll be live streaming this event on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch simultaneously. Full details on how you can join the interactive component of this meeting within the article. View the full article on
  15. Servers are down momentarily for the hot fix installation. Expected downtime 30 minutes World War II Online Version - September 2018 This release is a hotfix for numerous issues that came up with the latest release. View the full article on