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  2. After a long battle (and several injuries lol), the servers are syncing back up. Huge thanks to the OPS team for their tremendous efforts, and to everyone for your patients during the outage. Campaign will resume in 30 minutes, Training server is live! Let the WAR commence! Salute! View the full article on
  3. Something has come up with the primary server that supports the Campaign server and requires the need to take all game related services offline in order to migrate over to an unaffected server. This process has already begun and is planned to take up to another 2 hours. Services that are currently down are: Campaign Server Training Server Authentication Service Billing Services After all services are restored, they will be brought back online and the war can commence. S! Cornered Rat Software View the full article on
  4. As a follow up to our July 31st announcement, we have some additional changes that are coming to WWII Online's product offerings. CRS is focusing on improving the value of our existing and upcoming offerings and working to provide a base entry to the game that is mutual for both Organic and Steam users. Also, all past Premium users of WWII Online now have "Rifleman" access to the game and the open forums to stay actively participating as a member of our community. Full details within the article, this is an important one! View the full article on
  5. Campaign 154 ended as a "Draw" due to the extensive terrain patch 1.35.14. MANY terrain bug fixes were implemented throughout the map, but dividing Antwerp and Brussels into multiple "Districts" View the full article on
  6. After the release of and the 24 hour intermission, it was found that two of the German factories were not acting as they should. These two factories were not producing RDP contribution and were counting against the total number of factories on the Axis side, thus effecting the resupply timers. The Development and Quality Assurance teams got the issue fixed and tested in the last 48 hours. There is also a new .dot command, .factories, which should help with both side's RDP bombing efforts. View the full article on
  7. One time purchases for Downloadable Content of WWII Online is coming to Steam! CRS has been looking for additional path's of monetization to help supplement the baseline Subscriptions that we offer, and the DLC's we're planning are the best thing we have to open up to a newer market seeking to make purchases they're comfortable with and interested in. Subscriptions (Premium & Starter) will continue to hold the primary access of the game and maintain its value, but we think many customers on Steam are going to be happy about this move. Read more about how Steam users progression path is planning to be updated in the near future. View the full article on
  8. Hey everyone, this is SCKING, the QA team lead. We are in the final testing phase of the latest version of World War II Online ( In this version of World War II Online we have focused on a new first for this team. Finally some terrain fixes and some changes to the map. Merlin51 worked very hard on this terrain over the past 9 months with a lot of discovery on how the terrain engine functions and then actually be able to make fixes and changes that are ready for release. This is a good beginning of things we have planned for terrain. Over the years there have been many bug reports of terrain issues, like bushes and trees into buildings, buildings going missing, berms into FBs and much more. QA team has been collecting many of those bug reports and putting them into our ticketing system to get fixed. And now many of them are. View the full article on
  9. This week we will be releasing patch 1.35.14 which incorporates elements of our Friday Update and much more. Some of the biggest changes will be the towns of Brussels and Antwerp as they will be split into smaller districts. We are also adding link Cps between the towns of Gedinne and Beauraing as well as Hannut and Egheeze. This also marks the first time, the new team, will be adding a new town to the map (Varengeville-sur-Mer). This sets us up for future expansion to Versailles, Paris, Londoln and Berlin, as those markers have now been included. You can read more here: Terrain Game Update View the full article on
  10. We will be having an Axis Squad and Allied Squad Rat Chat this weekend. View the full article on
  11. After an amazing campaign that let to an Allied victory, Campaign 154 is now underway! View the full article on
  12. The "Siege of Lille" is now live! We're currently in intermission, between Campaigns, and a special event has been activated to spice things up a bit. The Germans are tasked with attacking and trapping as many Allied units at Lille and the surrounding areas. Supply is limited, all units and vehicles are available for everyone to play. So if you're a free player or starter, hop in game and get the "Premium" subscription experience now and for the duration of the event. View the full article on
  13. Today's update is going to cover the adjustments coming to the TOE's or "Tables of Equipment," Death lag that you may be encountering, and the guns (AA/AT) that have been acting up by flipping over when they shouldn't be and what we're doing to correct it. These are among a few things that CRS is currently working on. View the full article on
  14. For sometime I've been thinking about the "WWII Online Moment." This is something that we all hold very closely to us if you've been captivated by the game, because you know this is what we all continuously aim to re-create. It's what sets our game apart from everything else... all of the hard work of setting up an attack, guiding your forces through the challenges of war, and bearing witness to the breathtaking moment of combined arms clashes. However the knowledge on how to create this moment, seems to be a fading art form that I think is vital for all of us to get refreshed on. If you want to experience the game at its best and have the maximum fun / return for your time spent, keep reading. View the full article on
  15. I would like to announce Westy91 as the newest member of the Community Management team. He will be an Assistant Community Manager and Allied Liaison to CRS and reporting to me. Westy91 joined the game as a free-to-play player in 2014, joining the 12th Royal Lancers on his first day and have remained there since. He joined Allied High Command in August 2016 and worked up to British Country Command, serving under several allied CinCs. In 2018 he took over as allied CinC and began to reform and bring in new officers in order to set up AHC for the future. Please welcome Westy91 to the team. View the full article on
  16. Over the last few months the COMDEV (COMmunity web DEVelopment) team has been working on a replacement toolset for the High Command. The current set was last touched (emergencies aside) in 2008, with some minor reworking in 2013. This new toolset is built from scratch, and will retain the current tool functionality, while also adding some additional features. Unlike the current toolset, the new HC Toolset will not be limited to only HC functions, but will incorporate some side wide functions as well. View the full article on
  17. Today we're releasing a small but important hotfix. Factory repair timers have been adjusted so that the air game will have a greater impact on the Campaign, Steam users will receive better feedback for any errors that they encounter, and bomb ordnance arming timers were adjusted based on community feedback received. View the full article on
  18. One of Cornered Rat Software's primary objectives for 2018 is introducing "Hybrid Supply" into the game. In case you haven't been keeping up with some of the forum discussions and news posts about 1.36, Hybrid Supply is a major change to the way World War II Online handles spawn supply. 1.36 remains a significant priority and is under active development. All contents within represent a work in progress and may not be the final outcome. View the full article on
  19. After the recent release of it was found that a wide range of players were seeing the ordnance timer error when that should not have been the case. The Development and Quality Assurance teams quickly reproduced the issue and were able to find, fix, and test the solution. View the full article on
  20. This update eradicates suicide bombers, resolves factory damaging via RDP bombing, allows Steam users to start joining our e-mail newsletter campaign’s (vital for direct communication and engagement) and several other smaller fixes. Please read for more details. View the full article on
  21. After the recent release of it was found that a wide range of players were seeing the ordnance timer error when that should not have been the case. The Development and Quality Assurance teams quickly reproduced the issue and were able to find, fix, and test the solution. View the full article on
  22. Happy Friday WWII Onliner's! Today we'll talk about how we're placing greater emphasis on the game play environment, and also mention that we're likely to make some modifications to infantry key binds so that they are more consistent with the FPS market. Infantry is the basis of any military unit, and for WWII Online, it happens to be just as critical that we optimize their experience. As such, we'll also talk about maintaining situational awareness, and areas of improvement as an infantryman that are currently being discussed. View the full article on
  23. 17 Years ago on this day, as the world celebrated D-Day, the Allied landing’s that marked the beginning of the liberation of Europe from the [censored] stranglehold... thousands of WWII enthusiasts and gamers celebrated the beginning of a dream game being born. World War II Online was officially released, and one of the greatest gaming community’s was assembled. View the full article on
  24. WWII Online 17th Anniversary June 6th, 2001, WWII Online was launched setting a Guinness World Record for the "First massively multiplayer online war game"! This past Wednesday, CRS hosted a special event in Anhee - where it all began! Special commentary highlighted the event from OHM, OLDZEKE, and ZOOM. Several "Year 1 players" also shared their experiences and reminisced from years past. Festivities included View the full article on
  25. After the release of it was found that there were a few apparent errors that needed to be fixed quickly. The Development and Quality Assurance teams have been hard at work the last few days to get the fixed applied and fully tested. View the full article on