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  1. Time has expired on the 2018 WWII Online funding campaign and thanks to YOU, the greatest community on the internet, we have once again met our primary funding goal! View the full article on
  2. This weeks report features updates from SNIPER62 Development Team Lead, and SCKING Quality Assurance Team Lead. Players as these (and their team members) volunteer their time for the betterment of WWII Online, and are always looking for players like YOU to join their teams. Applications can be emailed to for technical or non-technical roles. View the full article on
  3. One of the biggest road blocks this new CRS team has had, was the ability to introduce new Terrain. While we still have some work to do, we are now moments away from getting NEWLY UPDATED TERRAIN into a testing environment, using a modified version of the terrain that is currently being used in game at this moment. Read more to see what we'll be doing with terrain, and what that actually means "big picture" wise to WWII Online. View the full article on
  4. Special Thanks CRS strives to stay in touch with our great community and allow everyone to voice their concerns. This past Sunday, XOOM held an informal Fireside (Q&A) session in Discord that stretched beyond 2 hours with over 100 players in attendance. There were several discussions from many "player concerned" topics that resulted with either an immediate action (i.e. our new Patreon site), or produced View the full article on
  5. By popular request of over 100 community members at our recent "fire side" chat, CRS has launched a Patreon page. This effort will directly enable players to have a direct option to garner increased time and talent effort for development of WWII Online specifically. If you've been looking for an option to increase development speed by directly assisting staffing of CRS personnel, this is the answer! You can check our our Patreon page here View the full article on
  6. The Friday Update is being taken over by QA Team this week. Currently the QA team is in the middle of a testing cycle for the next release of the game. The next update will include a couple new vehicles, the KE audit and several fixes. One of the new vehicles coming for the next release is a continuation of the C/S series tanks for the British forces. The Churchill V C/S is a dedicated Infantry support tank with a QF 95mm low velocity howitzer. We are also testing the KE Audit. This is one of the two audits we have been anticipating getting. The KE Audit deals with the Kinetic Energy of View the full article on
  7. Hey everyone, this Sunday April 29th at 4PM Central time I invite you to join me for a round table / fire side type chat to answer your questions in real time by voice. I'll be on Allied Discord server, General Chat room. All players on both sides, veteran or new, are welcome. This will be an informal question and answer time, and I look forward to meeting you there. View the full article on
  8. 2018 Fundraiser and Perks Special thanks to all that contributed to the 2018 Fundraiser primary goal! Stretch goal funding is still underway and is at 20%! The teams are working on fulfilling donation perks as we speak, so keep an eye on your email "inbox" for details. View the full article on
  9. Cornered Rat Software is looking for Marketing professionals who can help us get WWII Online more visible. If you have experience or a strong passion to help bring more players to WWII Online, we'd really like to speak with you. Some more details inside the article. View the full article on
  10. Here are the official patch notes for the small update that is being released to fix a couple bugs that cropped up with the last release! View the full article on
  11. The current WWII Online fundraiser is almost over and thanks to the incredible WWII Online community stepping forward to show support, we have reached our initial goal! We want to give a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has contributed to help us meet this important funding goal! If you have not contributed to the fundraiser and still wish to do so, there's still time and another goal to hit! View the full article on
  12. Fundraiser 2018 Our 2018 Fundraiser Campaign is absolutely vital for the future of WWII Online, with less than 7 days the TIME IS NOW to get us to 100% funded. Visit our Funding Page and show your support! View the full article on
  13. All Soldiers are requested to assist in the completion of the WWII Online funding campaign. With only 9 days left, we are 73% funded as of this writing. We MUST become 64-bit to ensure WWII Online's continuation. ACT WITHOUT DELAY! CONTRIBUTE NOW TO THE 2018 FUNDING CAMPAIGN (HERE) View the full article on
  14. In this week's update: WWII Online Funding Campaign 64% funded with 12 days left!, Upcoming Campagin Server event: Operation Fall Rot this weekend!, an update on the long anticipated HE/KE Audit, and more!... View the full article on
  15. Version is now live! Here are the release notes and the ReadMe! This Production Update adds even more NEW content to the game in the way of Fighter-Bombers, Close Support tanks, and even a few Italian infantry. View the full article on
  16. We've had some reorganization within the Community Management Team, the next Rat Chat is imminent, and we're giving you a sneak peek at the ReadMe for the upcoming 1.35.12 patch! Take a look at all the details in this week's Dev Update! View the full article on
  17. 2018 Funding Campaign is underway, Welcome Back Soldier has Started, and a Rat Chat has been scheduled! Lots of great information in this week's update! Keep reading for all the awesome details! View the full article on
  18. All veteran accounts at WWII Online have been reactivated to show the latest developments that have been made here and to raise awareness about our 2018 Roadmap and funding initiatives. Report to an active squad and get into the fight! For any account support please submit a ticket at and our guys will get you squared away. Read the article for details on upcoming events, important announcements and some of the latest developments we've made to improve WWII Online. CRS welcomes back all of our veteran players, we're glad to have you, SALUTE! View the full article on
  19. Are you ready for the biggest Welcome Back Soldier event yet? Starting 3/1, we will be activating inactive accounts for both Organic and Steam customers! View the full article on
  20. Cornered Rat Software is looking for an Assistant Community Manager (volunteer) to help us better manage our community. If you are great with people, know our game well and want to help us keep our game community vibrant and healthy, I'd like to hear from you. Details and requirements are within, thank you! View the full article on
  21. It goes without saying that our current User Interface is not only difficult to navigate for new users, but it's actually overwhelming and un-necessarily complicated (yes, we know). As part of the entire 1.36 hybrid supply plan, we also want to work towards making the User Interface extraordinarily more simplistic and sensible. Today I wanted to share with you a teaser of what our interface may look like in the future to generate discussion and thoughts. Do note there's a lot of detailed planning happening within that expands way beyond this screen. View the full article on
  22. We need your help to achieve some important goals this year! The WWII Online 2018 Funding Campaign is running right now! There's a new RAT scurrying around the battlefield, have you seen him? 1.35.12 Alpha testing continues, and more in this update! View the full article on
  23. Campaign 152 starts today and there's several important changes that you need to read about. We're introducing new critical balancing mechanisms to help improve our underpopulated side's situation to help maintain stability in the Campaign. We've also added 1 new division (per side) into the game to give High Command officers greater coverage and flexibility on the map. CRS is actively working to help make the game fun for all, and to give the underpopulated side (regardless of which side or time zone that is) to have a fighting chance. These changes are going into effect TODAY. View the full article on
  24. It's been another exciting week here at Rat HQ! We're working hard on the next content release for WWII Online and the Dev team was able to create the first alpha build for version 1.35.12 last night! Check out what we've been up to! View the full article on
  25. Campaign 151 has started! Changes to this campaign are View the full article on