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  1. Lots of vital information here as we prepare to get into Closed / Open Beta, and the eventual release of 1.36 (Hybrid Supply). Every player needs to read this, save it, ask questions and prepare for what's coming. This is the low down of all important information and will be updated to answer any important questions that we may have missed. 1.36 Hybrid Supply discussion should take place in the forums (here). View the full article on
  2. Today we've returned the OPS or Operations channel as our primary way of communicating missions and directing fellow players to battle. Everyone's default F5 channel has been made to OPS. If you prefer to relocate that channel to a different selection, do so, but you'll want to keep that channel tuned going forward. Side channel has been replaced with ORIGIN chat (anyone coming from the same town regardless of mission or target), and may be retuned (if you want), but new players will not have it tuned by default. OPS is intended to be a focused communication channel to aggregate players throughout the game world for missions. Effective today it is now the standard and should always be tuned. View the full article on
  3. This Wednesday (3/20/19) we'll be releasing version 1.35.18. It includes big changes to player placed objects, such as placing mobile spawn objects closer to enemy facilities along with faster cool down timers so you can deploy more objects to change the game environment for all those around you. It also adds the recently discussed Lightmachine Gun changes (no reloading or shooting while on the move). We also have some bug fixes and a couple of small additions. This is the last patch before 1.36, which is expected to go into CLOSED BETA at the end of this Month. Please review this readme carefully, and join our 1.36 (Hybrid Supply) forum discussions. View the full article on
  4. Allied and Axis High Command Teams are requesting ALL players to login this Sunday for their Spring Awakening Event! HC Officers will be in force as they attempt to push their opponents off the map! ALL players will have PREMIUM subscription access for the event (rank restrictions apply). Call your friends, squads, and even those "parachuting dogs" and get them in on this one! View the full article on
  5. This Sunday (3/17/19) we have an important "all access" event (Operation: Spring Awakening) for anyone who's on the server. Simply show up and you'll be able to use all weapons available in WWII Online (includes Steam users as well). We're requesting maximum participation and upwards to 4 hours of your dedicated time so it can be one of those memorable events for the game. Please continue reading for those details along with information from our Side Commanders (Allied: Bondpaul | Axis: Lafleur). Patch notice: This coming week we'll provide a Readme on version 1.35.18 which will be released prior to 1.36. View the full article on
  6. We're breaking from standard front page news protocol, and report that today we have learned that one of our long-time friends and fellow RAT, Geof “Docdoom” Evans, has been diagnosed with Lymphoma (cancer). This news is difficult to bare and we want to do what ever is possible to help Doc in this trying time. If you know Doc, you know he’s not the kind of guy who asks for help. CRS, both present and retired RATS, have all come together in recognition that we need to not only make sure people know about this, but are provided with an opportunity to help mitigate the burden now placed on our friend, and brother in arms, Doc. Help him now by going to: View the full article on
  7. The highly anticipated 1.36 "Hybrid Supply" (the mixture of moveable supply and town based garrisons) is rapidly approaching Closed Beta! We expect a full release this April once we complete a two week open beta "burn-in" process to educate players of how 1.36 works and of course help us refine any last little tweaks so that we can have a very successful launch. This has been an extraordinary project and will dramatically improve the way the campaign is played. Please continue reading to learn a bit more about the software release process involved with this major update. View the full article on
  8. We expect to release a “Hotfix” tonight that will fix an issue that appeared in the last release where server data was not displaying properly in the client. This is a soft release and will not require any downtime. When you log in, the server will require you to patch when it is available. Read below for the official Readme... View the full article on
  9. This weeks Community Report is geared towards Campaign 161 and the changes that came in the patch (terrain patch). There were numerous terrain fixes, new towns, placement of the new (upgraded) bunkers in selected towns, and much more! Allied High Command (AHC) welcomes their new Commander in Chief (CinC) Bondpaul. Read the full article below... View the full article on
  10. 1.35.17 is primarily Terrain Expansion Release. We have added some towns in the north above the zeelands (including two new airfields) and towns in the southwest corner of the map. For those in HC, Area51 will now be the "Training Grounds" and that is where brigades will bounce to. This release will also be introducing the new "old" bunkers to some of the new towns. Both the Pentagon bunker and the AB Bunker. We hope you enjoy it and we look forward to your feedback. Enjoy! View the full article on
  11. Today (27FEB2019) we are performing some important server maintenance and cable swapping throughout the live game server infrastructure, to increase network traffic performance. This will require a couple of hours downtime at least, starting at around 4-5PM server time. It's very important and will raise the ceiling of our network communications greatly. We hope that this will have a visible effect on server performance but we can't guarantee that immediately. What we can say is that this will no doubt be a well executed due-diligence effort to provide an obvious (proper) solution. Thanks for your patience and support! View the full article on
  12. Congratulations to the Axis Forces on their Victory of Campaign 160. We are planning for Campaign 161 to begin February 28th. Campaign 161 will start in Tier 3, which will include all of the fun toys including the US Forces. We will of course be including British and French forces as well (expect to see 5 US, 4 British and 1 French Division on the map). Allied CinC: Bondpaul, Axis CinC: Lafleur. Version 1.35.17 which will be expanding the game world (see what's coming here) is scheduled for deployment right around the same time. We'll keep you up to date on exactly when this will be released, along with providing the full readme upon release. View the full article on
  13. There's quite a bit of information here for this Friday's update, with an all new Game World expansion (France and Holland), the re-introduction of the original City and Pentagon Bunker and several terrain bug fixes making up version 1.35.17. We also have some more Tiers in the form of half years approaching. And we'd also like to announce some Community Management changes along with our newest CRS Staff member additions. View the full article on
  14. Some conservative changes to the Lightmachine Gun class are coming to WWII Online. The goal is to reduce the run and gun nature of breaking immersion, without crippling their effectiveness. Please check out this write up and video demonstration by XOOM illustrating the changes coming to all LMG's. FORUM THREAD - Two Changes inbound to all LMG's (Allied & Axis) View the full article on
  15. Today I'll be cover various topics, ranging from the community (including commentary from your Side Commanders) to the 2019 roadmap currently in development. Tonight our Quality Assurance team will be conducting a 1.36 testing session that we will be live streaming, which will give you a look into the process and the people behind it. There's no shortage of outstanding efforts being made, please join me for this update. View the full article on
  16. This weeks report highlights several videos that were released this past week including a live stream as XOOM shows the progress of 1.36 Hybrid supply, an official tutorial video release "The Rifleman", and Campaign #159 Map and Stats video. Also in this report, I also discuss RDP bombing and how it effects the supply needed to attack/defend towns in the campaign, and a word from LaFleur, Axis CinC. Read it all here... View the full article on
  17. This weeks report highlights several videos that were released this past week including a live stream as XOOM shows the progress of 1.36 Hybrid supply, an official tutorial video release "The Rifleman", and Campaign #159 Map and Stats video. Also in this report, I also discuss RDP bombing and how it effects the supply needed to attack/defend towns in the campaign, and a word from LaFleur, Axis CinC. Read it all here... View the full article on
  18. WAR HAS ERUPTED IN EUROPE! The Germans have began attacking as of two hours ago marking the opening stages of Campaign 160. Report to a local command post for orders, your help is needed! The Army is recruiting and in need of more Rifleman. HAVE YOU ENLISTED? Join World War II (Online) now at "The object of war is not to die for your country, but to make the other bastage die for his." - George S. Patton Version (readme) will be released Tuesday evening, February 5th 2019. View the full article on
  19. Here's a quick review of version which will be coming this next week. Several bug fixes, two critical ones (DLL and DPI), increased player placed object lifetimes, some art updates, bomb ballistic coefficient updates and more. Plenty of good things going into this one. We're continuing to make improvements where available and these notes do not reflect the entirety of our efforts here at CRS (such as 1.36 hybrid supply [which is nearing closed beta] and finding network improvements). The #1 way to support WWII Online's game development, is to become a Hero Builder subscriber (learn more here). View the full article on
  20. Campaign #159 has come to an end as Axis Forces captured 9 Allied factories. Intermission will begin shortly, its duration will be announced at a later date. View the full article on
  21. CRS and ALL the team members have been more focused that ever! This article give a brief rundown of what the Teams are doing to improve your gaming experience physically and behind the scenes. There is literally too much to discuss in just one article! Along with the Team's synopsis is the introduction to the new "OCS Training Corps" created to streamline new HC applicants, CinC reports, and Squad of the Week! Read the article below... View the full article on
  22. Squads and High Command go hand in hand with everything that is WWII Online's gaming experience. Today we want to share with you that we want Squads back as part of HC, and how you'll get some recognition within the game world for doing so. We'll also discuss how being an HC officer gives you some content perks as well. Finally, Squad representation within the HC program helps your Squad achieve their goals by having people equipped with the right set of tools to ensure the Campaign goes the very best for your side / team. Okay let's get into it! View the full article on
  23. Welcome to our brand new Tutorial Video Series. In this series we will be taking a look at some basics of the WWII Online game play and game mechanics. Even though this series is going to be geared towards the new recruit in WWII Online, hopefully we'll be able to give some tips and tricks that both new and veteran players can use on the battlefield! We'll be covering various topics throughout this series, but please let us know if there's a topic that you're interested in learning more about! The first topic we'll be covering is the WWII Online keymapper. View the full article on
  24. Spawn lists are now balanced against equal budgets per tier, and apportioned according to TO&E (Table of Organisation and Equipment) in roughly historical ratios. The numbers have been adjusted for gameplay and equality in some respects, such as for engineers and sappers. Numbers are ballpark equal in terms of bayonets/dismounted infantry and also pretty much equal in terms of aircraft and naval platforms - reflective of a well-oiled deep supply chain. Join the forum discussion (here). CAMPAIGN 159 STARTS TONIGHT (Jan. 14) BETWEEN 7-9PM SERVER TIME! View the full article on
  25. A lot has been going on behind the scenes! CRS is working on fixes that impact your immediate game play, and tools that help you manage your personal accounts. The previously mentioned hotfix is getting close to its release, and is in the hands of our Quality Assurance Team for testing. Steam Store "live-streams" have been making a huge impact as many new players enter the battle field! Allied and Axis CinC's express their Campaign 159 messages to all players, and WHIPs is featured as our QOTW (Squad of the Week)! Read the full article below... View the full article on