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  1. Have they enabled the new netcode yet? Last time I was on I was getting a message saying it was currently disabled.
  2. When you're able to, this would make a nice addition to the Steam guides when the community page is up and all. Anything to help newer players transition into the game would be a major boon for all parties.
  3. So what are you guys gonna say when we hit Steam and we have thousands of lone wolves running around?
  4. I like.
  5. I'm not having that much of a hard time ranking up. This is a new account, and while I miss cannons I'm not having too much of an issue. I think maybe there could be more to actually do in the air. I feel like there's few actual bombers hitting cities because their bombs do nothing to tanks, so it's basically fighter furballs with one side typically outnumbering the other 5:1. That's not going to be good to someone who is legitimately new to flying. When I last played, HC simply made AO's for people to blow up bridges on their own side and that helped them rank up. So there's that... Maybe a few points could be given for successfully returning to base after a certain length of flight time behind enemy lines or something. Maybe more points (instead of 1) for infantry kills while strafing. I think there needs to be more stuff for air to do. Shooting down other fighters really does nothing for the war, in my opinion. Fighters are simply just a nuisance to the ground, and battles are won on the ground. Never been afraid of a bomber, either. Give the air game more purpose, then more points could actually be issued I suppose.
  6. It does suck getting off work at 1AM EST on the weekdays.
  7. Maybe leave proximity chat the way it's planned, but require a radioman in order to chat with HC/Vehicles/Etc. Sounds like a good way to combat spam regardless, because I'd probably just end up turning voice chat off if I had to listen to a thousand different screaming people.
  8. I've been trying to hold out for the steam release, but being that I'm a mostly TZ3 player (I work til 1am); I'm kinda turned off by the player numbers at that hour. I wanted to play as Allies, but my heart always goes out to the underdogs in times like this. I'm used to the Axis side completely stomping the Allies. Hopefully we get a huge influx of players and even out the sides when the steam release hits.
  9. What about a mobile link to the campaign map? Can't see it on my iPhone.
  10. They're alright and more modernized. It sure was a lot easier to find things on the old forum, though.