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  1. Good luck CRS Crew. Giggy out till Monday night! S!
  2. **new information** So when the program loads, you can click on the OK button which takes you to the side selection screen. The mouse cursor moves, but no buttons can be left clicked. This includes selecting a personal or "X" to exit the software.
  3. Perhaps something pointing to your winsock and how the BE client talks to the BE server? Just trying to help, forgive me if I am off in left field on this one. Giggy
  4. Anyone have any updates on this? 8.1 is RTM this week, though I won't get my advanced copy as MS is doing away with Technet and have decided to release early only to those with a MSDN subscription. Giggy
  5. Seeing same issues in 8.1 Pro Bulid 9431. Mouse cursor is visible but not moveable. Annoying but likely not a CRS issue. Giggy
  6. See the same error. None of the resolutions suggested resolved the issue. Only thing different is I am running Windows 8 Pro. I am mystified CRS has actually convinced themselves that charging $17.99 / mo. is justifiable considering all the bugs still in the game.
  7. Well, keep posting information. I don't say this to slam CRS, but rather this players can try to help each other and formulate a consensus based on system configurations. Cavalier indicated in a thread earlier this week he had no issues what so ever. We have to help CRS find the common denominator here. My first question is I'm wondering if this might be a Windows 7 issue. I use (3) different PC's. 2 desktops, 1 laptop all with Win7 Ultimate or Pro. My CTD's and mission result pending bugs are occuring on (2) different ISPs: Comcast Business (work) and AT&T U-Verse (home). So, I do not believe this has much to do with my hardware configuration. Work: Dell quad core 6600, GTX8800, 3GB RAM Home: Dell Core2 Dual 2.4Ghz, GTX275OC, 3GB RAM LaptopL Dell Centrino 2.0ghz, GF 6800OC. 2GB RAM. Before people and CRS start firing off that there is another forum for this, I agree but it keeps showing up in the BARRACKS because most players consider this a SEVERE issue and exposing it to the most popular forum allows others to weigh in with what they know of this issue.
  8. I don't know. I've avoided the ATI cards specifically because of WW2 Online. I am of the **opinion** Nvidia plays better in the land of the Rats. But, I just read a review that ATI has retaken the GPU lead (CPU Magazine Jan 2010). The price point of ATI's top card is around $389.00 US. Tough call, sorry can't help you beyond that, lol.
  9. I have been running BE on 3 different machines. I just brought all the PC's up to Win7 RTM. But, you do have to run in Vista sp2 compat mode to quash a wierd "non-functional mouse cursor" bug. Again, setting Vista Sp2 fixed that for me. Running it on my laptop: P4 2.0, 2MB Ram, GeForce 6800Go (the driver is XP) Running it at work: Core 2 Quad - 6600? I think, GF8800, 3MB Ram Running it at home: Core 2 Dual - 4MB Ram, GTX275.
  10. I echo the props for BFG. I have a BFG motherboard and they have released 36 BIOS updates to date. They are constantly TWEAKING to squeek every bit of performance and stability out of their mainboards. Not even ASUS patches that often. Asus makes a fine product but the problem is they stop providing BIOS updates after a year-18 months. I also had my BFG board die. The cross shipped me a new board and it was an easy transaction. I don't have a BFG graphics card, but I honestly feel over the years that WW2 Online plays nicer with Nvidia code than it does with ATI. Thus, I just upgraded to a GF275OC because the price/performance ratio was finally in the price ranged I was willing to spend. The 295's are the top of the line currently in the Nvidia world, but that is usually short lived. My next ugprade will also be to the X58 platform. *S* Giggy
  11. Hello. I have a test box at work running a P4 3.4ghz, 2GB Ram, GF8600GT, Vista 32bit. We just installed SP1RC1 (for a laugh). Is it of benefit to the RATS or Community to try and get WW2 Online to run on this and report those results here? Giggy
  12. Installed WW2 Online on my work PC with the following hardware settings and couldn't get it to run: Vista Ultimate build 6000 SB Audigy 2 (RC2 driver) GF 6800 w/ 256 RAM (driver 96.85) Dell Dimension 8400 (P4 3.4ghz) 2GB RAM w/ 2GB speedready/boost thingy USB drive gobs of HD space. The load screen loaded at an odd resolution. Less than 640x480, but in at least 256 colors. I tried XP SP2 compatibility and turning off Aero, but no luck. So Rats, if your looking for Vista beta testers shoot me an e-mail I would be happy to cooperate. *S* Giggy
  13. Thanks for the comments, and to KFS1 for the response!! I'll scrap the AEGIS idea for now!
  14. Does CRS have any long term plans to support Ageia's new Physx card? Giggy was a longtime member of the Whitefalcons who roamed the Flavion/Philipville region from day 1 through the winter of 2005. Some of our former squad members play in game, but were integrated into large squads. Many of us follow the development of this game, and many of us are curious on how the engine re-write is proceeding? If this is posted in the wrong area, I beg your pardon. On behalf of the now retired WF from this game, I send greetings to RAFTER and the rest of the RATS, many allied and those few axis friends still playing in game. Sincerely, Giggyboo, Rtd. Whitefalcons