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  1. Dear CRS Staff, Another bug report: ever since the garrison supply came into effect, forward bases are acting strange. You bust them, but then they automatically return to the Axis. What is this all about? In other words, if an attack is going on against an Allied town, and you, as the Allies, go out and bust the linking forward base belonging to the Axis, it will just go back to them, effectively making forward base raids useless, unless you're planning to prepare an attack. Before, you could go out and pressure the enemy at his forward base, and that could significantly affect in-town battles.
  2. Dear CRS Staff, As you work on the bugs related to the new garrison supply model, I wanted to let you know of a persistent problem: missions routinely get cut off from their leaders, becoming "grey" in the despawn menu and thus inaccessible to squadmates or other players seeking to join your mission. What happens is the following: you die and are ready to respawn, but then it says that "no supplies are available" and that the unit will be resupplied in some insane amount of time, like 4 hours. All of my squadmates are having this problem, and I know that you're working on it. I just kind of wanted to re-post it here so that you are aware that it's not resolved yet.
  3. I like Charleroi--not too big, not too small. Makes for intense street fighting.
  4. LMAO @ these "infantry" models. You guys are too much! Haha.
  5. Well, in the case of me and my guys (the 8th Chasseurs--by the way, I'm resubscribed for another month, work permitting), we focus on defense because we are logged on during less-than-peak server times. So, attacks are usually not effective. They become frustrating as we usually capture a spawnable depot, only to be camped by the enemy and immediately recaptured due to a poor Allied response. We only focus on attack during peak server times when lots of Allies are online. When you're down on numbers, defense is almost certainly more effective than offense. The only exception might be if you have a highly cohesive group of people--and I mean like 10 people--all on Discord, working tactically in a town. We average about 4 players at a time, which is not enough to make a huge difference.
  6. Dear Xoom, Check your messages. I just contacted you about this. I'd like to have the 8th Chasseurs added to the host squad screen. Let me know!
  7. I'm enjoying it, for sure. However, I miss the early equipment and struggle against the superior German starting equipment. I think it would be cool to start a campaign with the Allies in Britain, and have to naval invade that way. No German attacks allowed until the Allies land and gain a certain number of towns on the coast. The starting lines idea is also a good one. I'd enjoy that. The reason I say the above is because this is one of the only World War 2 games that includes early French and British equipment. No other game does it that way. I've never seen a MAS-40 rifle in any other World War 2 game.
  8. I think that before any of this cosmetic stuff, they should create DLC packs for specific weapons. $10 for the semi-auto rifles. $10 for the sniper rifles. $10 for the machine guns, etc. SO many of the newer players in my squad are purely free-to-play, and they run out of bolt-action rifles rather quickly, leaving them effectively out of the fight. The current DLCs already function that way: the "medium armor" DLC really only gives you access to a few types of tanks available at specific tiers of the game. It reads "medium armor," but it is most certainly NOT all of the medium armor. It's the Hotchkiss, the A-13, and whatever German equivalents they provide. That's 2 tanks for $15, if I got the price right.
  9. Dear All, You need to implement some kind of DLC for the other weapons in World War 2 Online, namely the semi-automatic rifles. Many of the new guys in my squad, unable to pay for a subscription, frequently run out of supply. Just a note to the developers. Perhaps make them pay for each kind of rifle: $8 for the semis, $10 for the sniper, or something like that. It would totally be worth it to all of the newer players who want to play with more equipment, but don't want to commit to a full subscription.
  10. Hey Y'all, I was playing around with an online tool called INFOGRAM, which allows you to create professional-looking infographics without having to bust your brains in Excel. This is what I was able to come up with for a "Combat Report." I think it could be a pretty cool way of evaluating how battles go, what the enemy is doing, what happened, etc. Of course, you could go as far as you wanted with the metrics. I kept it to a page for the sake of simplicity (and because no one likes to read these days). Let me know what you think! The data was all invented, but it gives you an idea of how it could work. The pictures are very revealing, especially that chart showing how the Axis penetrated into one particular depot.
  11. Hey everyone, I know the victory conditions, but I've always wondered: why do campaigns end with either the capture of factory towns or a majority of towns on the continent? We should let the campaign end if we don't succeed in a returning naval invasion, like a D-Day. I don't know, maybe allow a few days or a week for the Allies to land and establish a beachhead. If that fails, THEN the campaign ends. It would be super fun to have the entire Allied side cooperate in a naval invasion. It would force people to cooperate and it would incentivize more people to play the Allies, for sure.
  12. Dear New Players, Whenever I have time to play World War 2 Online, I like to create tutorials on some of the topics that I've had to learn about manually, through interactions with other players throughout the years. There are a lot of topics that you do not learn by merely completing the tutorial. So, in my spare time and out of love for the game, I've created some which you can find on my YouTube channel for sublimeswell (that's my Steam name, by the way; feel free to add me, though in-game I am "sublimesw"). Anyways, I just added a new tutorial on "How to Raid a Forward Base," an often misunderstood procedure for new players. I give an overview of how to put together a forward base tactically. Check out other tutorials on my channel here.
  13. I really only unsubscribe due to time constraints in real life. Working on my PhD means ebbs and flows in the management of projects and such. So, when I have time, I try to play and help out by recruiting new players / teaching them the basics of the game. By the way, you can check out some of the tutorials I made for the game on YouTube. I made these out of pure enjoyment and the realization that through the tutorial, new players don't learn these things. Often, instead of directly connecting with existing players, people prefer to watch tutorials online. I know that's what some of my online friends (younger folks, mostly) do in order to become proficient in any game. So yeah, plus life just happens . . . we can't exactly devote our lives to the thing. Subscribing and unsubscribing is a natural part of any online PC game, especially in role-playing games. By the way, I just made a new tutorial on "How to Raid a Forward Base" for you.
  14. Hey Y'all, Out of sheer love for this game, I decided to make some new player tutorials a while back. I am re-posting them here for anyone new who is interested in learning the ins and outs of the game. I'm talking about the depth of the game here--not just crouching, firing, and throwing grenades. If you really want to learn what the game is about, how to find the action, and what kind of action you should be putting together with your mates, watch these videos. You will learn a lot. Many of my squad mates have thanked me for these. They come with high praise! And again, I'm just a player who decided to help "greentags" (new players) out. Feel free to add me on Steam for help: "sublimeswell."