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  1. Hey Pete, Oh man, No idea , Have not spoken to him since then. Still talk to Dinker and a few fellas once in a while in world of tanks or on steam. Would love to join in some squad stuff someday , could prolly get 5-10 guys to come back and at least check it out. S!
  2. Happy Belated Birthday ! Is that the same badger from JG56 or 57 um can't remember been over 10 years, Axis flying squad ?
  3. Xoom, S! Geez Had to be around 2006-2007 maybe. Can't recall it's been so long. Got all 4 accounts banned for laying into Motormouth on the forums. Within a year after AO's and HC control of supply in towns. Did not think the game was still active. Would love to see what it looks like now. That said trying to get a few people to join me to come back and check it out. Going from high rank in all armies to rifle may be a bummer though. Was nice to see so many old names from the 1st 2-3 years of game when I started looking through forums Those early years were, and always will be the best gaming I've ever experienced in 20 years of gaming.
  4. It's been years , thought I would pop in and see if any old 3rd pz, Kgw or 94th people still play ......bring back Deadlock lol ! Khanute S!
  5. Miss the old days with this and many other squads..... Anyone still play ? Khanute
  6. Hey all , Anyone still playing ? It's been years , has it improved ? Opel Of Death ! Khanute