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  1. You already had it, basic equipment for Reserve accounts, basic AA, basic AT, basic tank, basic plane. But I forgot, F2P is evil and just want everything for free, it's not because this game has a mid day population of 50 people. It couldn't possibly be any of the other way around and that you're over-valuing this equipment and that people aren't interested because of it. It's not hard to not be stingy, when CRS decides to put something into F2P maybe they'll finally get something out of it, wouldn't you agree?
  2. I've done this a lot so I kind of know how it works. I can tell you don't get around to many games so your opinion is pretty shallow and that's backed up by your inability to make a solid argument for Pay2Win. When properly done F2P makes more money and has more players than P2W games. That's on CRS though to do it faithfully and with integrity, without having the money get to their heads, which will be hard. Either way the game as it stands is ranked somewhere in the top 10 of worst P2W games on Steam, behind WoT and H&G. Pretty heckin disappointing that you don't see how that could be possible.
  3. You still don't get it. I'm not sure how to explain it to you. You just seem to have not played many F2P game besides this one. There is so much lacking here, so few players.
  4. Yeah so you have played two of the worst F2P games. Good ones are out there though. I like MechWarrior:Online myself. Not directly comparable to wwiiol though.
  5. FB fights in the open are underrated. What if a mission could place 1 FB from the static FB? That would be epic, and then have MS from close up. Oh my gosh that would be great.
  6. Ads are a bad impression, have you have ever played a cheap mobile game on your phone? It's the same thing ads everywhere, ads in your face after every screen that you have to contantly click away, how tiresome. Not even all big websites sell ads because they're so ugly. An actual PC game that has repeated ads build into the code? I would rather die. Underpop situation is a tricky one. My question is, why not add a side dedication feature, where the side you choose at the beginning of the war is the side you fight for? Is pop so low that the imbalance is not 50/50? You should merge the ally nation to one, because 3v1 looks odd when you're new and choosing your side, just make it allies/axis and surprise people when they see british, french, and americans down the line. We already know the subscription you're planning, subscriptions for branches. It's not price, it's the subscription itself. BUT if you really wan't to support the game like a whale would you should buy this subscription. Right? So it's not all bad. You could be going backwards which you aren't. Just waiting for you to get back to decent F2P, it's only like 4 actual units in game while you go and give a whole tree away like a troop of air junkies high off compressed air, Don't even do the tank. Do the AT/AA guns. Bump up the DLC for these two to 1 (ONE) medium gun (per side) I do believe you will extent the playerbase noticeably within a month, and then you can decide.
  7. I say go back to your old F2P that you didn't try. I was still mad I wasn't subscribed (until I was for a year), but I felt okay while playing. It's irritating to know how bad the F2P experience is, so many players passing up this game all because the first impression is bad.
  8. Not exactly. A game's style is more important than it's graphics, for example minecraft, fortnite and other games. This game is about as dated as morrowind in terms of graphics, but with some mods you can make morrowind look better than default skyrim so The bigger barrier to entry is controls, infantry combat feels like you're constantly moving through mud, sliding around and whatnot.
  9. I shouldn't have to explain it. If you have eyes and a perspective outside of what goes on here, F2P is it's own unique genre, and many games (Like E.V.E) had made the successful leap over. Like just about every assumption you make about F2P PLAYERS is wrong, it's completely on the developer to do it right (which isn't hard if they just follow the memo) You end up making more money, not less. More players, more customers, and you only need around 30% to pay to make money, 1% will buy EVERYTHING. Like I actually can't explain it farther than that, you either play enough games to know it works or don't. I know it works well because I've seen it. Your idea of F2P may still be volatile because you don't play many games, which is pretty normal I'd say. But I've played tons of F2P games that do it right, aren't pay2win, aren't TOO giving and they have a great population and plenty of customers to expand. I guess it's how much faith you have in your game to hold up to the same standard, it is daunting and goes against your instinct, but once you get the first 300 or so F2P concurrent you realize there's something to this business model. What's big spreads larger than what's small.
  10. It's out of date as soon as the game gets any more than 400 population. You really should be locked to a side every campaign. An add every life? Sure if F2P gets the equipment for it like they use to have.
  11. Yeah when a whole mission gets locked down because the F2P have nothing to pull to combat the armor, so everyone just sits around and does nothing for a while or moves missions. Seen this too many times, it's clearly the wrong way to go about the whole combined arms. Not saying Rifleman needs to be ultra class, but F2P needs all the pieces of the puzzle or they're just going to have the soul sucked from them getting spawn camped with no way to combat. So many greentags coming and going, you almost can't even play early morning-mid day because there isn't enough players filling enough roles.
  12. No that's not a F2P, that's a trial. It's not the same. Point is F2P use to get rifle, AT, AA and a basic tank and you removed the AA/AT and tank prior to steam. E.V.E online had the same thing, they didn't call it a F2P, they actually added a F2P and removed the Trial, you can read up on why they decided to do that but it worked. Nothing is really unintended anymore. Plenty of MMO's have already paved the way for F2P being viable, it's just whether or not you believe their numbers. F2P has yet to be faithfully tried here, maybe that's what needs to happen.
  13. Of course I have good ideas, I do this A LOT. I have too much compassion to hold my tongue, if you don't want to get mocked then don't make your post so mockable! I don't feel bad when you say things like ban F2P players from the posting, but I do apologize because I know it's not always the most sensible thing.
  14. Allies about an hour ago didn't have enough players to form an attack. About 15 or so people, most in one mission with half greentags, the rest lone wolfs. Couldn't break an Axis line.