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  1. They're both MMOFPS. one is free, one is pay to win. What do you think? Planetside has everything but naval and hold thousands of players on one map while WWIIonline barely fills a 64 man battlefield server some nights. I ask again, what's the draw here? Unless you really like a WW2 skin then what's the point of being a free player in this game? Do you think you can just summon all the old players back to fill the server up? There were something like 500 unique players when it launched to steam. All of them starting as f2p and 99% of them leaving.
  2. Planetside does everything WWIIol does except its completely free and not paytowin. What's the draw of WWIIol again?
  3. Audio, especially ground vehicles lack low end punch and rumble. The trucks are the worse offender, absolutely all mid and no bass and it just gets louder and more ear rapey the closer it gets. Maybe that's just the sound of trucks back then but it's very noticeable.
  4. Bombs should be realistic, if you have people suicide bombing maybe it's because it's so damn hard to get a kill without dropping last second? If you want to discourage suicide bombing, add a higher respawn timer for it. Don't artificially protect armor, armor already runs the show in this game, they need a counter-balance.
  5. Tiger wins. It's a no brainer. What is the argument here? Sherman couldn't pen a Tiger from the front at range. They had to flank or get real close.
  6. When the game was most visible (on the front page of steam under new releases) the #1 biggest issue was the f2p and people losing interest or getting angry that they had to pay the 15 dollar sub to continue playing. I know because I was involved with the #1 largest community promoting the game at the time. The thing that upsetted people the most was that CRS decided to remove all combat vehicles and all but AA guns from F2P just prior to Steam, which made it extremely hard to get our community involved. At best we could have them ride our tanks but aside from that they felt like cannon fodder for payed members and day after day guys went back to other games. Of course other things like clunkiness, not being able to exit vehicles, not being able to switch seats in a vehicle and graphics were a nuisance, but being this particular community was founded orginally under the game Project Reality, a mod for battlefield 2, an ancient title now; graphics and clunkiness can be forgiven for a game that delivers.
  7. Agreed on that. One thing is for certain, the game is improving in many ways. But the pay model is holding back it's potential. Equally so to what the meta is doing keeping actions locked to a subset of players who need to be playing ultimate general 24/7
  8. What they need is more players, numbers even on some primetimes are underwhelming. Catch 22 if your game doesn't have enough players to pay for the MMO aspect.
  9. I dont mind the $15 dollar sub. You get everything and thats what you should expect for the price. If you know you're gonna play for a while you can buy the year and its a lot less, which is great too, cheaper than most mmos. But the starter sub; I'm very distraught that I payed half the games value for 25% of the content, that 25% being all tier 1 and 2 which makes it even worse. If I knew it was this bad I wouldnt have bought it or just forked over the extra 8 for everything. Take that as you will. Me personally I don't play all that much but I will hop in on primetime. There's a lot of good suggestions here but how I would portion out the 3 accounts F2p: 25% (current starter sub) Starter sub: 60% (should get you half the tree in all branches, you're paying half the price) Full sub: 100% including but not limited to all new additions. You may argue that this devalues the full sub, but the starter sub is already devalued by half making it a completely lopsided comparison. Would anyone really drop their full sub if it meant they'd miss out on tigers, churchhills, 88s and the superprop planes? I dont think so.
  10. I enjoy the game and talk of adding another payment option had me wanting to try the sub out again just to see what's changed. I'm very disappointed in what I'm getting for the money and I can't imagine anyone using this for more than the first month. What you get is much less than half of the game, it's very scarce. This is what you're getting with the starter sub. 1.Infantry: Allies: rifleman 2.smg. engineer. anti-tank rifle Axis: rifleman 2.smg. engineer. anti-tank rifle to be honest I wasn't expecting much here. But no semi auto rifle? No lmg? Even grenedier would've been a nice addition but I'll just leave it to infantry being infantry, atleast the AT rifle is there even though it's extremely hard to master, the battle stops when a tank joins in and locks down an advance so that was nice. 5/10 2. Armor: Allies: Light tank, tankettes, light afv Axis: Light afv, scout car Ok I don't really have to say it, light tank>afv. Than panhard is a tough nut to crack and a pain in the [censored] early campaign. The panzer IIc is an anti infantry vehicle and doesn't compete with the allies light tanks. For what you get I was expecting a lot more. At least a medium tank somewhere. Seems unreasonably locked down considering how prevalent armor is in a regular battle. I thought there'd be more viability as a starter account but your still heavily obsolete, as far as armor goes. 3/10, 6/10 if a medium tank was added per side 3. Air Allies: 2 fighters (hurricanes) Axis: 1 fighter, 1 heavy fighter (bf109, bf110) I haven't tried the 110 so I don't know how well it faces other fighters. But the E1 I have used and it's the reason I'm not flying for axis. It has no advantage whatsoever and does everything worse than any other plane you'll see you're lucky if you can shoot something down with it the 4 lmgs on it shoot hollow peas and at best you can nab someones kill before it hits the ground with this plane. I only have success in the allied hurricanes and even though I'm not as fast as what's currently flying I can still maneuver pretty tightly and avoid being shot down. e1 not so much. Accounting for variety and balance I give air 2/10....4/10 with a ground attack craft and 7/10 with 1 mid war fighter. 4. Artillery Allies: 57mm AT, 25mm AA Axis: 37mm AT, 40mm AA, 20mm AA. This was the worse offender imo. I thought that surely the lack of mid range armor would be made up by the more cumbersome artillery pieces. And While I kind of got that with the allies 57 which is O.K. but nothing special. The Axis 37m is just to small to handle the job from anywhere but the direct side or back. You won't have any effectiveness in a head on attack and I was hoping to see the axis 75 and the allied 75 to makeup for not having any medium tanks, being artillery is so vulnerable. AA is alright, any caliber will shoot down a plane so you don't need to much firepower like you do against armor. Score I give it a 3/10 and a 8/10 with a 75mm+ for each side. I'm not fond of this sub and I most certainly won't renew it. I feel very short changed on what I got, spending half the value of the full premium sub only to get >25% of units. It actually feels worse than playing for free because I've spent money and i'm really no more useful in game than I was before. I think the biggest difference is that I CAN kill a tank as apposed to not being able to kill a tank my any means before. But that's a very big can, and most of which my money is going to is straight up obsolete half way through the campaign. I feel like lack of units in general kind of inflates that, the progression is very rugged and a jump between tier 2 and 3 is huge and all of a sudden you will be facing things that you can't compete with, with the units you're paying for. Favorite inclusion: AT-rifleman Things most missing: AT capability, competitive aircraft to use. Final grade for the starter subscription.. D-
  11. To yourself mostly. I mean you aren't winning any favors with the current f2p kit that's for sure. Don't even have the means to kill a freaking tank anymore, talk about fair.
  12. 1) . Better animations and movement, the ability to ADS without zooming in. More new player friendly controls, the ability to use combat flaps without having to do an .ini config, better HAT switch compatibility. I have to use the numpad to get all the angles from cockpit. Vehicles that are less tanky but with crew that are more willing to fight on, switching positions while your tank is still in fighting condition (russian doctrine Приятель) 2. New UI, better lighting, better destruction and more detail, more objects. 3. A return to F2P on steam, but this time with more unlocks to please the f2p crowd and get more players in. I think eventually when more things are added and the list of classes and vehicles grow CRS can put together a respectable kit for F2P that include 1-2 more infantry classes, a bomber, 1-2 basic tanks, a naval vessel, an a mid war fighter to keep up late in campaigns and still have 90% of the game behind the subscription; which is fair. I don't think many people will complain about p2w as long as they have access to a basic arsenal to play around with and still be competitive, filling necessary roles on the battlefield and whatnot.
  13. any news on potentially looking at new animations in the future? Inf combat is really hard to get into with how robotic movement is. I just want to be able to take a step backwards while aiming and if possible not have the feeling of my eyeball being pulled on every time I aim down sights, thanks!
  14. It's no secret that this game shows it's age well in the controls and button mapping. There's a few things that really stand out when playing this game compared to other FPS. For one when you ADS you're camera is zoomed. Why is this a problem, most games have this too? Well in those games you have an extra button to "focus" or "steady" your shot. Having this every single time you ads is disorienting and affects close range fighting because you're losing spatial awareness trying to accurately point your rifle. There is a non-zoom ads but it's only when laying down. I find myself having to resort to drop-shotting just so I can get that better sight picture when engaging someone at close range. The ADS should be default this non-zoom mode, while pressing shift would give you the zoomed in focused shot. Another thing that is midly irritating is how you drop ads when moving backwards. It really throws me off, I've never experienced this in any other fps before. I kinda see what the original devs where going for, but it doesn't translate well to game. Take a rifle if you have one, look down your sights and walk forward, then do the same thing walking backwards and there's very little difference. Your character should be able to aim while walking backwards. Lastly there's a few button mapping quirks that I think should get a pass. It wasn't too terribly hard to remap my inf keys but the keys should start off in the most optimal layout, which is in a way the most comfortable and intuitive for a person who's just joining. For example the default crouch key should be C. I know it's not hard to change your keybindings first thing when joining but it's also not hard to make the default keys less clunky and as a new players the last thing I want to do is rebind basic functions. That is all, thank you for reading
  15. arguably p2w, also that screen spamming you to buy premium is super annoying.