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  1. Here's a suggestion that I think would build up battles better than the current iteration. We have the Mobile Spawn, it spawns infantry, and light AA/AT. So it's an infantry spawn. How about a Vehicle Mobile Spawn? or Mobile Vehicle spawn but that may be a bit redundant. A tent object, maybe concrete that is spawned from a truck, just like the MS, and spawns these units. -Trucks -Halftracks -Light-Medium armor -Light-Medium mobile guns AA and AT The downside being this building is large, hard to conceal and must be defended as you would a FOB. How does that sound. Combined it would make the MS and VMS like player-made Forward Bases, and there will be trucks and tanks to haul units in to counter the effect of MS having to be spawned further away due to the large VMS that players are likely going to always be placing down alongside infantry.
  2. 500m it is then. Do you want people being trucked into battle like old days or do you prefer walking, solo?
  3. Currently, when ADS you are forced to be zoomed in like a scoped rifle, Instead, your sight picture should start normally, with little zoom, and using a secondary key binding you zoom in as a "focus" Here's what a normal sight picture looks like This should be the default, for every time you ADS. Now here's the zoomed in or "focused" sight picture Notice the massive difference in FOV and scale of objects. Very much like a scoped rifle. Currently the problem is that the normal sight picture is only available when prone. This makes drop-shotting neccessary in close range encounters where a non-zoomed sight picture is best. As for suggestion, the first picture should be the default ADS. The second picture should be a focus, and infact I think that that zoom is wayy to excessive. You're doubling, maybe even trippling the sight zoom on a standard rifle, when the difference should be at max 10-15% of zoom.
  4. As you can see the focused view from PS's ADS is much less zoomed in, not only that but the zoomed in view is activated at a button press (shift) and going prone is not required for a standard sight picture. I consider this in category of a bug/suggestion. Both sight pictures should be achievable regularly, and not require you to drop prone for.
  5. For comparison, here's screenshot's from PS's ADS Standard ADS: Zoomed or "Focused" ADS
  6. 300-500m minimum. Paired with the MS infantry would just truck in or hitch a ride with the spawning vehicles, so a higher minimum distance would work.
  7. It's a rewrite of the entire code. Take one big machine that does everything and split that work up into 4 machines, in a way that still communicates with the 1st. [censored] takes time.
  8. Do what you want, I'm just a player offering suggestion.
  9. Doesn't have to be large, take the absolute minimum distance between 2 points that you can find on the map, make that the new size. I would even add some standard PPO to outside these buildings for cover, as long as you can stand some feet away outside of the building then the problem with SMG's dominating CP is at the least reduced, and arguable capture is more fun and dynamic.
  10. Area capture is already in the code base. The capture building is an area right? All you have to do is extend that area beyond the inside of the building and that's pretty much it. The side with the most inf inside the zone is the one who's capturing, and you're not all stuffed into a single room waiting for people to run in, you've actually got rifles, lmg, PPO's and field guns covering alley ways and open fields, the building is just another fortification.
  11. While that's technically true it's not practically so, you won't be capturing anything without some support from armor/artillery. Problem is, why are captures limited to this tiny building? Should be the area around the building that is capturable, that's more conducive of an open battle.
  12. Area capture couldn't come soon enough..
  13. Not as a replacement. I'm saying we have the MS for infantry, add a VMS for non-heavy vehicles. Perhaps light tanks and trucks only. The reason I think this would work exactly how you say you want open spaces, MS are placed in most cases stealthly, they are not usually defended heavily and because of that there's rarely the open space MS/FOB fight we'd like to see. Making a VMS as a tie in with the regular MS, make it spawnable only within an MS, not independent of it, and is that not exactly like a player placed FB? You've got the infantry and the vehicles to take transport the infantry to the objective, where as before a good FB is within 500m, you'd want these ones at minimum 500m and in a good concealed area so equipment can spawn, PPO's will be very crucial in fortifying this position. This is the multiple FB idea people ask for, playermade FBs, and return of the days where you were often trucked into the fight, or alongside columns of tanks surrounded by field guns.
  14. Sorry I'm not too familiar with the Allies equipment. If your making a comparison to the panzer with 20mm gun, and one with the 37mm gun, then yes there is a difference there, there is also a difference between the 37mm and the 50mm Panzer. To use those as examples, I would give the 20mm and the 37mm to the f2p player. I would use the 50mm as DLC, a medium, mid gun mid armor tank, probably worth a good 10-15 bucks on it's own. Then above that, subscription. I don't mean that exactly as is, obviously different tanks have different purposes that need to be accounted for. The 75mm short nosed stug isn't going to be on the same level at the long barreled 75's, or even the standard long barreled 50mm. So tier 0 does kind of fill that sort of basic equipment niche, for the Axis at least. Some hand picking may still be necessary. There will always be demand for the biggest and the best and that's what the subscription should be offering IMO. 15 bucks a month is no short money, have enough people in game paying that then you really aren't hurting that much, if you pair it well with DLC but it all starts with the F2P experience. If it aint solid new players will fall through the cracks I think you could sell the half track AA's as a DLC, those things are damn cool but I don't see them used much.
  15. Well CRS is ignoring the player flow and only looking at money flow not realizing that the more players in game, the more people will be supporting. F2P games always hover around 30% spending 5-10 bucks a bunch, 70% playing for free maybe never buying anything, and 1% buying every single item. If we broke up our current playerbase into that it wouldn't work, there isn't enough people in game to warrant people paying money. The game is hardly playable some hours of the day there's so few people online. So attention needs to be brough to F2P because F2P is what wins the hearts and mind of people looking at this game to play, news spreads they get their friends in too, and next thing you know you have a decently sized pool of POTENTIAL customers to can offer things too, and a portion of them will ALWAYS buy, and a portion of them won't, but that's not bad like you make it to be, that's the goal is to have a large playerbase first and foremost, those people play into the CONTENT that sells this game, if there aren't enough players to play, then there is nothing to sell. Hearts and Minds, don't put commercials into your game. Seriously. Name one other game that has that that isn't a phone game? Come on now you have to act like you give a hoot about these people's time, no one wants to be bombarded by advertisement in their video games. You're not going to win over anyone doing that it will probably hurt your profit and your image more than anything. I don't believe this game sucks, I think this game is STUCK. Stuck as in not moving forward where it should in the model, and that's what's majorly preventing this game from seeing a take-off like it should've, would've gotten from steam if the F2P was enough. Alas it wasn't and 90% of the people who joined from steam have left months after release. I'm playing as F2P right now minus some DLC and let me tell you, it's painful. You can hardly do anything except cap and snipe people, it's like a third of a third of a third of what the game has to offer and it's not enough to keep me entertained throughout so as a greentag after getting sniped, strafed and blown up repeatedly by things I can't hope to kill, I just leave because clearly time is being wasted. In the end you feel like you've been used. You could play all the time, do everything you can and you're still just cannon fodder for people with tanks, planes and fast firing guns with explosive rounds. If CRS free'd up the light AA/AT, 1 tank and 1 plane tomorrow, in a month we would have double the Steam population. In 3 months the Steam population would likely overtake the home site population of players, and just like that population would be much less of an issue, and you'd have a much more marketable game. That's not speculation, you'll definitely get out of F2P what you put in and what you put in is up to you CRS.
  16. He's talking about on screen spotting through binocs for ML. Like the annoying name tags that flood the screen when there's more than 30 people in an area like OHHH LOOK HOW MANY NAMES ARE ON THE SCREEN OH MY GOD YES!!!. ..Campaign is war indeed.
  17. Lol, that's how other milsims games do it and it's better in every way. It's nerfed because it's a limitation of wwiiol's engine, and you use that to sell basic units. Imagine walking across a battlefield, coming across one of your units AT guns with ammo in a crate nearby, you walk up to it and press E only to have a message pop up and say "Sorry, not of sufficient subscription level to access this equipment! Visit out storepage to-yada yada yada. Pay2Win is a hoe and no one likes it in games. If I had a choice of all pay to win games, and no games, I'd pick no games.
  18. So after playing a bit more I think I figured out the difference in this game that makes the current F2P so painful. Rifleman is more nerfed than we thought, the average player is unable to make use of the equipment on the battlefield. It lays there, but you're not able to use it. You're locked into every vehicle you spawn, even guns, big guns like the AT guns, there is no capture. You aren't getting another player to help you push the big AA into position so other can shoot it. You do everything so when you die, you lose everything, even the equipment and the ability for someone to use it.
  19. You already had it, basic equipment for Reserve accounts, basic AA, basic AT, basic tank, basic plane. But I forgot, F2P is evil and just want everything for free, it's not because this game has a mid day population of 50 people. It couldn't possibly be any of the other way around and that you're over-valuing this equipment and that people aren't interested because of it. It's not hard to not be stingy, when CRS decides to put something into F2P maybe they'll finally get something out of it, wouldn't you agree?
  20. I've done this a lot so I kind of know how it works. I can tell you don't get around to many games so your opinion is pretty shallow and that's backed up by your inability to make a solid argument for Pay2Win. When properly done F2P makes more money and has more players than P2W games. That's on CRS though to do it faithfully and with integrity, without having the money get to their heads, which will be hard. Either way the game as it stands is ranked somewhere in the top 10 of worst P2W games on Steam, behind WoT and H&G. Pretty heckin disappointing that you don't see how that could be possible.
  21. You still don't get it. I'm not sure how to explain it to you. You just seem to have not played many F2P game besides this one. There is so much lacking here, so few players.
  22. Yeah so you have played two of the worst F2P games. Good ones are out there though. I like MechWarrior:Online myself. Not directly comparable to wwiiol though.
  23. FB fights in the open are underrated. What if a mission could place 1 FB from the static FB? That would be epic, and then have MS from close up. Oh my gosh that would be great.