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  1. Hi, in the account page, when I go to the subscription tab, I see the following... Our records indicate that you do not have a Battleground Europe premium subscription. You may signup for Battleground Europe from the link below. SUBSCRIPTION Not Subscribed SUBSCRIPTION KEY No Key Found GAMENAME No Gamename Found AVAILABLE CREDIT $0.00 This is very weird because for the last 6 months I've been charged every month...? Just go ahead and email Bloo?
  2. .
  3. I'm talking about 50mbps though when it's a 3gpbs drive...
  4. Hi, I've got 2 sata drives on an abit An8 motherboard and when I boot up I see 2 ata133 drives on the Post instead of Sata. After looking at benchmarks, they don't seem to be running at their rated speed... Anyway I can get at least one of the drives running at 3gbs??
  5. Horrible fps... amd 3700, 7800gtx oc, 2 gigs ram Get 14 fps in heavy battles... What's the deal, last patch was about 35-60 fps. Now I barely even get 40-50! shademode gouraud bdithering true bspecular true texturereduction false sound SB Audigy 2 Audio [9C00] bsoundenable true b3dsoundenable true video NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX resolution 1280x1024x32 bnoframerunahead false enablevsync false gammared 1.000000 gammagreen 1.000000 gammablue 1.000000 bshowinfo true shadowsizeselect 0 volumemultiplier 100.000000 musicmultiplier 0.000000 hudvisible 2 fogscaleselector 0 maxnumbersounds 32 suppressmuzzlesmoke false suppressmuzzlelight false suppresstracersmoke false lodfieldofview false lodlimitperframe false bcursorenabled false friendlycolor 16711680 enemycolor 255 squadcolor 16777215 missioncolor 8388608 missionleadercolor 7925840 language 0 ambientlevel 2 radialclutter false radialdensity 1.000000 radialradius 1.000000 visplayerlimit 3 fsaasamples 0 fsaahighquality false soundhighquality true soundforcestereo false soundconvertonload true capturealldisplays true enableh2oshaders true postrenderfilter false grassshader false normalmaps false waterreflections true reflectionupdate 0 wantmessagealert false usenetworkroute 0 wantsse2 false
  6. I ctd with them with loading the game up and in settings it doesn't allow me to use post render filter, normal maps or reflecting water. Going back to 84.21
  7. Ok, just installed a new seagate sata II HDD and after installing all the drivers and setting everything up I look at the temps. Cpu is fine, but my vid card is 57C idle?!?!? It used to be 50, but now 57?!?. I cleaned some dust out of it while installing the hard drive. Maybe I ought to go and clean it again...
  8. I was using tweaks-r-us, 84.25 and Nvidia beta drivers, 84.41 I believe.
  9. Ok, so I patched to 1.23 and everything was fine at first. I spawn in and I go out of the spawn then look at the new trees, as soon as they hit the screen my fps goes to low 20's/ teens. I went through my settings did a few things but nothing helped. I was on a tweaks r us 84.25 driver and decided to update to the beta 84.41 drivers. Still, there was a problem, so I logged off in frustration thinking CRS dropped the ball again Ok, so I read somewhere that someone downgraded their drivers to fix the bad fps. I said, why not Installed 84.21 drivers and everything has been fine. I'm getting a steady 40-80 with all the bells and whistles on.
  10. That "Haze" you call it on the PC is called post render filter. Are you sure it's checked on the mac?
  11. Download here: http://www.wwiionline.com/scripts/wwiionline/downloads.jsp Session ID info removed - Mod
  12. Yes, I just cleaned my computer yesterday and it dropped the system temp down 10 degrees, 7 degrees for cpu. It's really amazing how much dust get's in there over time. As zip mentioned those compressed air cans work great along with q-tips.
  13. Hmm, maybe try searching on another site like fileplanet or an equivilent? (god forbid)
  14. When moving the JS to map it hold either - or + on your keyboard. For inverting it hold down ctrl.