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  1. I thought that as well but to be safe - backed up my cfml file and uninstalled the BE and BE test removing leftover folders. Then will reinstall the game when the server comes up or redownload the next version if it comes to that.
  2. I'm too stupid for the above. Dumb it down some more if you can.
  3. Some turrets are slower than others by design I think. Personally I have switched to mouse for turret movement as you can get finer movement than for keys in my situation.
  4. I'm having a few issues at the moment. Some are possibly my internet. Some could be your internet (CRS). * Lag - warping infantry both sides * Game hanging at spawn in or mission results pending. Sometimes either hanging or leaving me with blank ingame screens to select unit type. * HCCP - moves not being seen in my chat but occur - very annoying and only sometimes fixed with a relog in. * Other HC complaining of same things, others not. Lots of variables. * Sound still a pita but waiting for patch to see if its fixed. Any suggestions or eta on patch?
  5. Broken me thinks at that time. Not sure what happened.
  6. As the title says. Price cant be too high and I have onboard sound if that matters. The ones I have are crapola apparently, the squaddies say it sounds like its raining.
  7. Gts250 owner here and have been having the same issues from Oz, on cable no wifi for me. I think it's the internet playing up not the machine as it comes and goes. I'm sure there is a cable somewhere that's been damaged that's causing it and when you consider the distances involved for some of us that's a lot of cable.
  8. I bought a mouse that you can tweak to 5 diff sensitivity settings or dpi I think it's called. Then you can have it way up high for gaming then adjust via the mouse to a lower dpi when web browsing or whatever.
  9. See you in game. This forum requires that you wait 40 seconds between posts. Please try again in 12 seconds. This forum requires that you wait 40 seconds between posts. Please try again in 2 seconds.
  10. Firewall and anti virus off when you install it ad they might be blocking it somehow. Are you the admin or in the admin account? Also what the above poster said. Plenty of help in here just need as much info as possible.
  11. Mine too. Maybe another patch?
  12. will try the 7.1 to see if it makes a difference. Still happy to spend 50-100 on an external card but I still only have a desktop pair of speakers as I dont really have the space for a surround sound system.
  13. Obviously onboard sound isn't cutting it for the game atm so I'm prepared to spend some cash (
  14. Dear Rats, Going to sleep now. Please have new new patch ready by the time I wake up. :-)