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  1. I actually never saw a green tag get abused or accused during my short time here. I remember once, on my 2nd day in-game asking if such and such was a spy because I was just killed by them earlier and viola!, here he was on my side now. But then I was told that people could switch sides and it was during intermission anyway, so no, dude wasn't a spy. All the comments here about squads are dead on though. Believe it or not, the key to this game's success will have very little to do with Steam and almost everything to do with the existing player base coming out of their foxholes and looking around at their current in-game reality. Shut yourself off from your fellow man and continue thinking that this game was built just for you or your small group of friends and one day the Rats will have no choice but to pull the plug on all of it.
  2. Forgive me for seemingly passing over your response wockawocka. I did read your post and I appreciate the ideas and the kind words. Multiple squads working together towards a common goal sounds glorious and I did have very high hopes when I started this thread. It's ironic that so many people here complain about the game itself, but my exit had very little to do with the game. It was mostly the people. I met some very cool individuals in my short time here, folks who do this game proud. There's just not enough cohesion. Like you said, pride is a big issue and selfishness is another. I've seen it on both sides of the "war"...little groups of people mostly ignoring one another in TS or in-game. This digital world that the Rats have created is just too big and daunting for most newbies to go it alone. Even the "starter" squads (which is a pretty decent idea imo) lack cohesiveness. Sure there might be a lot of people running around, but most of them are new enough to the game where they aren't going to step up and start leading the pack and controlling the action. But I digress. The desire to play literally just evaporated in a matter of minutes for me. It angers me greatly that it happened, but at this time I have no remedy for it.
  3. I just cancelled the subscriptions for my son and myself. My son is his own man and may resub on his own, but I just don't know what he wants to do at this time. If you see him in game or on TS3 give him a shout-out. His handle is Trueshot22 and he's good people. Personally, I haven't played the game since last Monday. Maybe it was Sunday, I don't remember. Every single squad I've been in has wound up being a disappointment in the end. Mostly because 1 or 2 guys doesn't a squad make. But the last squad was the last straw for me. This game doesn't need me anyway. It's been around for 15 years and might just be around for another 15. My 2 weeks here were irrelevant. Good luck and happy hunting to all of you. I sincerely hope that the game winds up being a huge success in the very near future!
  4. I'm already finding the need to take a break from the game. I wish I could say it was because of the game that I haven't played in several days. But it's not. It's because of the people in the actual game. I had so much enthusiasm but it dried up pretty quickly. I look at this Platoon idea and think what a joke. Squads need to go bye-bye too. There only needs to be two chat rooms in TS3.."Axis" and "Allied". Get your orders from HC and follow them. Simple as that. The problem with squads are bountiful. There's either never enough on, they have their own agendas, their CO's get you all pumped up then don't log back on for days so you can't recruit new people and they go somewhere else, and most recently, they want to switch sides in the middle of a campaign. Or more accurately, allow squad members to play on either side before, during, and after a campaign. So now I either have to join the enemy to play with my squad mates or I have to kill them on the battlefield. That's unacceptable to me and just plain disappointing. As I've said before, I PREFER to be a lone wolf in every other game on the planet. This is the first one where I've actually sought out other people to coordinate with, to communicate with, to conquer with. And I've hit a brick wall every time. A squad with two active people is NOT a "squad", sorry. It's two dudes running around. A squad (or any group) is ineffective without its leaders. Even if the leaders aren't very tactically sound, at least the unit functions as a much more well-oiled machine than a group of individuals trying to get stuff done without any direction. I chose to post this here for a couple of important reasons. First, I created this thread and my rant is mostly "on topic". The second reason is because even though I'm super frustrated and may cancel my subscription, I STILL want WW II Online to be successful and to grow. That's why this isn't a new "condemnation of the game" thread, but instead a disgruntled player's post in a lower traffic area of the forums, on a hardly read thread. to you all. Keep fighting the good fight.
  5. Good stuff!
  6. My first 2 days in this game were just as awful. Maybe more awful because I dealt with being spawn camped on several different occasions. I almost walked away myself but didn't because of one person's voice. I noticed in your critique that you mentioned nothing about using Teamspeak 3. I've NEVER liked having to use a headset or voice chat in any game that I ever played but let me tell you something. Here, in this game, it changes everything. It takes a huge, almost overwhelmingly lonely virtual world and makes it much smaller and more manageable. Communicating with knowledgeable people in this game made the steep learning curve much less difficult to grasp. I went from dying without a kill to dying WITH kills to not dying nearly as much but killing much more. And I still think that I suck at this game. I have to tell you that relying on my hearing more than my sight to be successful in a game is not only a first, but unnerving. But it adds a layer of realism to the game that I never imagined could exist. Is this game still frustrating? Of course! Does it have its ugly little warts? Indeed. But this game, it's community, and its development team are unique in my opinion and I think that's why I'm starting to cherish this experience. I could go back to WoT, WoW, Heroes of the Storm, Hearthstone, console games, or whatever I choose. But none of them are Battleground Europe. This game has a decade and a half long history that I didn't get a chance to participate in. Maybe that's a good thing or maybe not but I'm here now and I want the game to have another 15 years. I want the game to succeed. For reasons I just can't explain, I think it's vitally important that the game does succeed. And maybe if it does take off, the people that run the game might become too big for their britches as the saying goes. Or maybe they won't. But I can tell you one thing for sure. Right now they seem more dedicated and driven than any team out there and they take the time to personally talk to a nobody like me. I can't tell you how good that makes me feel to know that the people at the top are actually listening to me, to you, and to everybody else. It's rare that gamers find themselves standing at the very same crossroads the developers are standing at. The journey has led all of us to this point. Whatever the outcome may be, I'm here to support my fellows as best I can. I think the reward will FAR outweigh the risks.
  7. Awesome news! I appreciate your efforts and the course you guys are plotting for the game.
  8. Like I said, the "starter" squads are great. Hell, this game is friggin' great! The experience is UNIQUE and that's a fact. I've stated before that I come from a long lineage of MMORPG's and nothing really compares to this. In the other games I've played, I ran almost exclusively as a "lone-wolf" type player. I rarely joined guilds, groups, cliques, or anything of the sort. I absolutely hated to use Teamspeak or Ventrilo. I felt like it ruined my gaming experience and my immersion. I rarely participated in anything that even vaguely resembled PvP or WvW. Aside from games like World of Tanks and Warhammer Online (where EVERYTHING was player vs. player) I always garnered my enjoyment from me vs. my environment, not from me vs. other people. After discovering this game, I was immediately reluctant to even try it out. As I mentioned above, it required everything I dislike having to do in games. But I tried it out anyway. Boy let me tell you that things got overwhelming REAL quick. When someone here says that the learning curve is "steep" I feel obligated to counter with "steep is the understatement of the year!" It took me a week to get a plane off of the ground and into the air for a few minutes without a major catastrophe happening to me, the aircraft, or my surrounding environment. I was so afraid of embarrassing myself that I refused to hit the "Enter World" button while having a tank selected. I'd like to tell you that my primary motivation for purchasing a subscription to this game was to "support the game and the team that keeps it running" but that would be a bold-faced lie. I definitely want to help maintain this awesome game but the REAL reason I subbed was to avoid being owned by the enemy while I ran around with my bolt-action rifle, 4 largely ineffective grenades, a pistol, and my cute little knife. I also really, really, really wanted my binoculars back! Anyway, the single, solitary reason that I didn't ragequit, uninstall the game, and tell the Rats, "screw you...keep my $18" is because of the starter squad I was placed in and the help my son and I received from ender24. He helped us even though he was under no obligation to do so. I accepted his help even though I don't like wearing a headset and don't particularly like PvP. He helped us without making us feel like idiots and he was courteous and friendly even after I switched sides, left his squad, and joined a new one. I appreciate him AND the other wonderful people I've met in my time here. Long story short, I believe that MOST of the people playing this game are sincere folks who are willing to help each other out. The problem is that we're all kind of scattered to the wind. In my opinion, the main reasons we succeed is because of good communication, great teamwork, and competent leadership. You can be the best shot in all of Europe but eventually you will eat a bullet and die a virtual death. Whether your death was in vain or not depends on how much you helped your team succeed. No one likes to lose, but I'd rather be defeated by a superior opponent as opposed to falling apart due to bad comms, poor leadership, and inferior teamwork. With so many of us in tiny little groups or all by ourselves, it's high time to come together again in Platoons. What better way to get a chance to work with your allies and mates from other squads while being able to retain the squad identity that you're so proud of and spent so much time and effort building?
  9. To elaborate, both WW2 battlefield drugs would allow a wounded soldier to function normally for a few extra minutes even with a mortal wound. After a set amount of time, said soldier would drop dead. Of course, additional damage to that soldier would also finish him off.
  10. The most historically accurate and realistic way to solve the "medic" problem is to introduce Pervitin to the Axis forces and Benzedrine to the Allied forces.
  11. I used to watch Jingles' videos when I played World of Tanks and World of Warships. He does have a great following. I think it would be great to attract just a fraction of WoT players to this game. Well, the good ones at least. Not the toxic soup of hatred and bile that much of the player base has become.
  12. I wouldn't want them to have to change much in the game itself and I think there are plenty of chat channels available for text messages for Platoons to use. I was thinking more along the lines of getting squad leaders to gather together and "merge" their respective squads with one another. And when I say "merge" I mean, keep their squad identities but also be a part of a larger force that is still smaller than brigades, battalions, etc. In other words, what if the Lancers were to join with the Jesters and the Lobsterbacks and the 777th Airborne and form "---insert cool Platoon name here". They would all hop on their very own Platoon TS3 lobby and work together.
  13. Hi. My name is Selvendar. If the idea I'm about to post has already been brought up, then by all means, please disregard the rest of what I'm about to write. I think the "starter" squads are great and I especially think that both the Axis and Allies having access to their own Teamspeak 3 servers is awesome. But as great as the starter squads are (I'm looking at you Ender24) they are fundamentally flawed because the new user didn't actually "choose" to join. But that's not why I'm here. I'm here because I found a great squad with a CO who has taken me under his wing and personally taught me a great deal about this game (I'm looking at you now Sal -- exlax). But right now, it seems like we're a squad of 4 if we're lucky. Lately, we've been in the TS3 lobby of a totally different squad while working with them. While this has been fun and productive, it is the primary reason for this post. I know we're all waiting around (and praying for) a new player influx. But in the meantime, why not expand upon the "squad" mechanic in this game? I think a viable way to bring people together and improve almost everyone's gaming experience would be to create "Platoons". They would consist of 2 or more squads and would really be a boon for players like myself who don't want to leave the squad they are in, but are often the only squad members logged on. The Platoon could have it's own lobby in TS3 and could become what squads used to be. I can only imagine how many tiny squads are out there with players that either have to go lone wolf or hook up with another squad just to be a part of a larger team. Larger teams are usually better organized, have better communication, and are ultimately more successful in whatever they do. The Platoon hierarchy would be exactly like a squad's and the cool part is that since every squad usually has a veteran leader type individual, the Platoon would never be short on commanders to lead the way. What do you guys think?
  14. This is a great idea. This game is wonderful, and despite all of the "warnings" that the game has a steep learning curve, I'm afraid it's just too steep for most. Like another poster mentioned, I too like having to "figure things out" but for my first two days, it was pure chaos. I consider myself a smart person, but this game is seriously hard from the start. And I'm not here to mention all of the warts that the game has, and there are many. But the fact that there are so many warts coupled with the steep learning curve, well let's just tell it like it is, they keep this game down. I'm 45 years old and have been playing online games for as long as I can remember. There's a reason I just discovered this game a week ago. And there are VERY big reasons why I almost gave up after just one horrific night of "trying it out". So feel free to call me a noob and feel free to be condescending, defensive, and abrasive OR take what is actually quite an amazing game and an even more amazing experience AND MAKE IT LESS UNFORGIVING than real war. Because other than the very important dying part, this game is way too merciless to spend $18 a month on (or even $5 a month on) for anybody other than those of us who really enjoy the punishment. I'm not saying, "Hey let's turn this very unique and glorious game into World of Warcraft" but c'mon I can't see the point of all you Rats getting together (along with Hatch coming back) just to putz around and not make the game better. The WARTS I can deal with for the time being. You have my $18 dollars (and $5 more for my son) but I just wonder how many have simply walked away since I subscribed because information (like intermission) was almost impossible to find and the learning curve was ridiculously steep? Lastly, when it is in fact, intermission, please stop telling us newbs to "Meh, enjoy yourself, this is intermission, it's like training for the campaign coming up." Bull crap. Not only does it make things even MORE CHAOTIC than they need to be, it just shows the new people that there is no organization, no teamwork, etc. Just a bunch of grizzled veterans having a grand old time camping FRU's and spawn points and just generally abusing new people. It's not cool, it's not fun, and it's certainly no way to retain new people. /end rant. I personally made it through and sincerely enjoy this game now. But like I said before, how many that signed up when I did have long since quit the game for the most preventable of reasons?